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“Soaring”   oil on canvas   48″ X  36″   artist: Leslie Taylor

The Poet and the Plant

Mystical Experiences as Windows on Reality” from the book “Beyond Physicalism

Poet and scholar Kathleen Raine was gazing at a hyacinth on her writing desk when the following occurred: “I found that I was no longer looking at it, but was it; a distinct, indescribable but in no way vague, still less emotional, shift of consciousness into the plant itself.  Or rather, I and the plant were one and indistinguishable; as if the plant were part of my consciousness. I dared scarcely to breathe, held in a kind of fine attention in which I could sense the very flow of life in the plant’s cells. I was not perceiving the flower, but living it. I was aware of the life of the plant as a slow flow or circulation of a vital current of liquid light of the utmost purity.”

Consciousness and Reality

Are miracles, paranormal phenomena, and the mystical experience natural aspects of reality?

Consciousness permeates all things, all bodies (aquatic, terrestrial, subterranean, and celestial) including bodies of water and the space in between things, as in the gasses in the atmosphere. The endeavor to understand anything extends one’s consciousness from enclosed within its body to where or whatever it selectively extends its awareness toward. And, if wholly effective one fully knows, becoming one with the object of interest.

This is not easy, it requires that one consciously and repeatedly extend one’s self beyond the self toward the greater Self beginning with the realization that consciousness is not a product of, therefore not confined to, matter (but a brain and only a brain). This consciousness (here, there, and everywhere) is an active field of awareness. The conscious perceiver experiences the fullness of their awareness in the totality of their experience. In other words, all that he/she/it is aware of in any form, including day dreams, are aspects of their own consciousness (the plant, the chair, the child, dog, and so on). They, and we, are all filled with the Source of consciousness expressing Itself in infinite variations; infinite for consciousness Its Self is infinite. The true, the real, nature of consciousness is Love eternal – God. Not hate, fear, nor death even.

The varieties of forms as we perceive them are largely due to our beliefs about consciousness – experiencing all that we perceive as outside, other than, ourselves. We don’t see, experience, the world as it truly is nor are we aware of our consciousness’s effects on and interactions with the world around us, including our own bodies. In truth our very life, our awareness, our consciousness is like all else everywhere: God, Love, and wholly connected as One.

The question is, how do we experience this Divine state of awareness, of consciousness? A near death experiencer (in a state outside, not confined to, his body) reports that all he had to do is but ask himself, “I wonder what it is like to be that tree?” and suddenly he was that tree’s consciousness or anything else he enquired about thusly.

Divine Love is not experienced, thus knowable, through intellectual rational, linear thought processes. For such thinking can impede, cut off, Love’s nature to extend, to give of Its Self. Rather, Love is a feeling, a state of being. It knows not separateness, nor causal effects, nor space-time; entirely transcendent and beyond such.

How to know, to Love: Care for, quietly enquire about, let in and be with, resonate, attune with that which is present in your awareness and it will be known to you as no less than one with you, with your consciousness. It’s true nature, its perfection, its beauty and yours can thus be realized; when you least expect it even.

Leslie Taylor

There is no order of difficulty in the creation of a miracle. There are no great nor small miracles; they transcend measurement.



This is an online book. It is advisable (although not necessary) that the reader start here, then once finished with this page, read each chapter (listed in the menu above) in order; just as one would read any book. While reading this “Miracles For All” online book it will become quite apparent why this is the best approach. For example, the accounts of miraculous events experienced by the author of this online book featured in the “MIRACLES” chapters (A), (B), and (C), fit together sequentially even though the accounts are not in chronological order. As you read each chapter throughout MFA, your consideration of that which is possible, and of your and all of humanity’s great creative potential, will vastly expand.

The chapters listed in the menu above include additional accounts of mystical and miraculous events (many experienced by renown individuals), in depth book reviews (William James –The Varieties of Religious Experience,” “Rupert SheldrakeMorphic Resonance)  an abridged version of Rudolf Steiner – How To Know Higher Worlds,” meaningful excerpts from “Leo TolstoyThe Kingdom of God is Within You andA Course in Miracles;  all profound and important works. The chapters titled Brilliant Scientist / Philosophers andAstronaut Edgar Mitchell – The Way of the Explorer includes some fascinating laymen-level descriptions of scientific findings and concepts that are not simply mechanistic views of the universe, but provide evidence and plausible explanations of the often experienced paranormal, supernatural phenomenon, and as well, ponders the likelihood of a Creative Intelligence at work throughout the universe. Some of these chapters include videos of interviews with and lectures by scientists and pholosophers. Also, do visit the last chapter: Two Recordings – “Miracle Healing Recording” and “The World’s return to Love.” In the chapter titled “New Information, Miraculous events, and Book Reviews” are book reviews no less fascinating than those mentioned above. All of the artworks that appear on this website were created by the author of this site.

In Divine Communication – The Magic Penny [below] are two examples of miracles: one reported on television and another, similarly themed miracle that I personally experienced. There are other seemingly more astounding reports of miraculous occurrences that I or another has experienced throughout this site. However, more or less is not of significance here, for miracles are always meaningful to the experiencer.

As you read the content on this website you will begin to experience miracles; many and all kinds. Even those around you, even if they are skeptical and unwilling to believe, will begin to experience them along with you. Write these experiences down so you don’t forget them for they are personal and meaningful in the same way that dreams are. Writing them down brings more on. These miraculous experiences will change how you perceive yourself, others, and the world around you. They will contribute to the peace and joy and beauty in your life like nothing else can.

This website in an ongoing process – a work in progress. Therefore, you may want to check back now and then. For information regarding the latest additions on this Miracles For All website go to chapter (P) “New Information, Miraculous Events, and Book Reviews.”

Leslie Taylor

“A Stream of Music”

The painting above is titled “A Stream of Music”  an oil on canvas and  “36 X  48”  by Leslie Taylor.


MIRACLES – Two Examples

Divine Communication – The Magic Penny – Boulder, Colorado, January 2015

“It’s a Miracle” was a 1990’s television series about true miraculous events. The program featured the actual persons who experienced the miracles as well as actors who reenacted the events. The producers were careful to verify the truthfulness of the miraculous accounts. It was a good program and I watched a number of them. As Chad, my partner, and I were having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants I was telling him about one of the shows titled The Magic Penny.

The story was conveyed by the aunt of a young boy, perhaps around seven or eight years old, whom she was very close to. Tragically, he was murdered and, naturally, this was exceedingly painful for his family. The boy had a liking for collecting pennies which he kept in a jar in his bedroom. One day the Aunt, following the passing of her nephew, got into her car and either a penny or pennies (I don’t recall exactly) mysteriously appeared on the passenger’s seat. Following which pennies, sometimes several and arranged in a particular pattern, began  appearing to her and his parents in quite unexpected places with no logical explanation as to how they got there. The boy’s aunt stated that she and the rest of the family found this to be a divine communication from the child telling them that he was fine. These pennies did much to relieve them of their otherwise inconsolable grief and restore their peace of mind.

I was so touched by this story that it brought tears to my eyes as I was telling Chad about it. But also, as I was recounting the story, I was internally recalling that after my father passed on and I was with his wife, helping her and making funeral arrangements, I discovered pennies in the pockets of some of his jackets.

Chad and I left the restaurant, got into his car and, from there, drove to a nightclub for some dancing. When we got out of the car and, as we were walking through the parking lot toward the nightclub entrance, I felt something in the bottom of one of my boots. I commented to Chad, “How on earth could an object suddenly get inside my boot?” It was a boot after all and the object would have had to leap up from the ground into the top of the boot as I walked, which is quite unlikely. Plus, we had been walking entirely on barren sidewalks and in parking lots being as we were in an urban environment. We entered the club and I excused myself to go to the restroom to remove the object for I knew it would be a distraction while dancing. In the restroom I removed the boot, turned it upside down, and a penny fell out landing on the floor! When I returned to the bar area, where Chad was seated, I showed the penny to him and he was just as amazed as I was though he know not of my internal musings about my father’s pennies.


“Song of the Wild”


 “Song of the Wild” is a  40″ X 40″ oil painting by Leslie Taylor. It has since changed considerably and is now a wildlife painting titled “Return of the Wolves” and can be viewed elsewhere on this site.


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