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A Most Difficult Time continued (organized crime and pornography) – Boulder, CO

The three posts on MIRACLES (A) titled “A Most Difficult Time” pg. 22, “Downtown Art Studio” pg. 23  and “Menacing Entities” pg. 24 & 25, briefly describe my circumstances having been targeted, or victimized, for years by members of organized crime involved in prostitution and pornography in Boulder, Colorado, and up to fairly recently (as of this writing). As is mentioned in the posts, the tactics include severe menacing in the form of break-ins into my home, thefts, vandalism, hostilities, stalking,  photo 3threats of physical harm, etc. These harassments are systematic and involve the participation of a number of individuals. Some, certainly not all, of the thefts and damage to property, for example, can be quite senseless and rather minor. Yet, all-in-all they are constant and unrelenting to the extent that my life was reduced to little more than having to deal with these terrorizing, tactics. For example: search for, replace, repair missing items, take measures in order to protect myself and property, gather and provide evidence to law enforcement officials, and so on. The tactics are such that when describing to another (i.e., friends, family members, the police) what the various harassments are, the victim sounds paranoid, or crazy. And, the members of organized crime will contribute further to that impression by making false claims to the police and others regarding the individual’s behavior that would further the impression that their targeted victim is insane. Also, the stress and fear due to the extreme menacing is such that it does dramatically effect one’s state of mind to the extent that it may be apparent to others that the individual is not quite right with themselves.

Maintaining a rational state of mind throughout the ordeal was as much of a concern and required as much of my attention as any other aspect of the assaults. Fortunately, I had the good sense to contact early on the same therapist that my ex-husband and I had seen during the course of the dissolution of our marriage in an effort to save our marriage. As dangerous as my circumstances were, this therapist stuck with me when I had absolutely no other ally, confidant and/or advisor. Regardless, these tactics did take their toll on me psychologically (after all, psychologically breaking the individual is the intent) and I still experience to some degree, although it is getting better, post-traumatic stress disorder (as if this writing).

On top of all the fear and stress it is isolating for, some family members and friends will abandon photo 6the individual thinking either they are crazy or, fearful that they too will become endangered. And, the latter is a valid concern. Therefore, along with severed relations with my ex-husband and family members I did not date nor have friends for several years not wanting to imperil an innocent other or others. Along with doing everything I could think of to expose to local law enforcement agencies who these people were (members of organized crime) what they were involved in (prostitution and pornography) and the tactics they were employing on me, presumably to forcibly recruit (recall that they managed 1,600 university housing units), I focused mostly on intellectual endeavors and learning to play the flute (switching from playing the piano). I did lose interest in painting and to this day have no desire whatsoever to paint nor do I care that I have no desire to paint.


I shall also add (as dire as this may seem to some but, quite frankly, it doesn’t concern me in the slightest anymore) I was informed of what the Mafia does in cases such as mine. (I fought back relentlessly in any and every way I could think of and, I believe, I was not entirely ineffectual (although I know nothing of the status of the investigations presently). They’ll wait a couple of years until the dust settles, so-to-speak, and then the individual will meet with a fatal “accident” of sorts in retaliation.

My particular situation was and is somewhat unique; no significant family connections, including no husband nor children. If I had children I would have very early on said to these people, “What do you want? Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do.” Nor did I have nor require a job to pay bills and keep a roof over my head. I also possess some innate personality characteristics that I believe were helpful given the circumstances.

It was quite apparent to me that they did not conjure up these tactics for my benefit alone; in other words, they had done this to others before me, perhaps many others. In fact, I was informed by a law enforcement official that the police are quite familiar with these methods and that organized crime has been utilizing them for years. The officer went on to state however, that the nature of these tactics are such that it is difficult to prove a specific crime has been committed thus press charges.

Nonetheless, the police were not helpful. At one point, early on when seeking help from them,  they attempted to commit me for three days to the psychiatric unit of the local community hospital. I told the mental health professionals at the hospital what I was dealing with. They believed me, thank God, and not finding just cause to keep me there, let me go home. Some of the police reports (following my having contacted them for help) suggest that I am mentally imbalanced. I began to suspect that they were more interested in protecting the criminals from my allegations than helping me. Whether or not that was their intention they made matters worse, far worse. For years I felt as though I was living in an endless Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Eventually, the police made the mistake of including in one of their reports an email I had sent them informing them that an individual had encountered me and advised me that if I did not cease contacting law enforcement officials these members of organized crime would kill me. He advised that I watch “The Sopranos” (a weekly television program about the mafia) so that I knew who and what I was dealing with. I do not know who he was nor on behalf of whom he was speaking. It was apparent, however, that he was genuinely concerned for my well-being. The police had forwarded my email regarding the encounter to one of the individuals professionally and personally associated with my neighbors; the persons menacing me, members of organized crime. There was no legitimate reason for the officer to forward this email. The person she forwarded it to was not mentioned in my email nor to her during our interview. This email was [mistakenly] included with her police report I had obtained a copy of following the interview. Also [mistakenly I believe] included was a copy of the individual’s email response suggesting that I was insane and a danger to myself and others. The officer’s report also implies that I am mentally imbalanced; twisting my words (statements I had made during our interview).

Desperate for help, I had gone to the police department and requested the interview. I dressed conservatively and comported myself as calmly and professionally as possible thinking that the stress I was under was perhaps generally apparent, giving the impression I was mentally imbalanced thus preventing them from taking me seriously. I brought with me documents (approximately sixty to seventy pages by this time) which, I believe, provided substantial evidence supporting my allegations of severe menacing and assertions that these people were members of organized crime involved in illegal activities. The officer did not want the documents yet I insisted she take them. The police shredded these documents.

All this sickened me for my circumstances felt increasingly hopeless. I did not, once having obtained a copy of the police report following the interview, realize the significance of the copy of my forwarded email and the email response along with the police report. Once home, I made a copy of the full report then placed it with the hidden copies of all the documents leaving the other copy on my desk which soon mysteriously disappeared. I pretty much forgot about the report after that.

photo 3

The soon to be Museum of Boulder (referred to as the MOB) located in the heart of downtown Boulder on Broadway 1.5 blocks north of the Pearl Street Mall. 


Help From a Higher Source – continued from “A Most Difficult Time” above

As I have previously mentioned during the course of the aforementioned circumstances I was seeing a therapist and, at one point, I said to him, “I am completely alone here.” He responded, “Leslie, you are never alone.” I cannot tell you the strength these words gave me and I internally repeated these words over and over as needed; in fact, I still do on occasion. I also regularly referred to the book “A Course In Miracles” (see chapter (D) “A Course in Miracles” on this website or, better yet, get the book) and read “How to Know Higher Worlds” by Rudolph Steiner (see chapter (E) “How To Know Higher Worlds” on this website).

There were times when I am certain I got help from a higher source and, that help was essential and pivotal. Or, stated differently, my circumstances would have been, and therefore would be today, drastically different, meaning far more dire, without such help. And, I believe these two books, along with the therapist’s words, contributed considerably to my being open to receiving this help. I am going to describe but one example below, but, before that in the next paragraph, I shall refer to a part of Steiner’s book that, in particular, inspired me when I desperately needed a reason to carry on (although, there were several parts of his book I found quite, quite inspiring).

Eventually I was able to move out of the downtown Boulder location and, not wanting to live in Boulder after all that had occurred but, feeling I would be safer remaining in the area (given I had produced a trail of evidence and provided it to several local law enforcement agencies and others) I purchased and moved into a townhome in Niwot, twenty miles north of Boulder. Soon after the move someone had destroyed the rear window of my car and, after that my professional artist website had been converted into a porn site (among other nagging assaults). Also, it was at this time, again just after the move, I became exceedingly depressed. I had no desire to live whatsoever. What helped pull me out of this state was the part in Steiner’s book titled “The Three Trials.” Here, I urge the reader to click onto the “How to Know Higher Worlds” link above and go to the chapter titled “Initiation – The Three Trials” on pages 8, 9, and 10 and particularly, if you are in the midst of a most difficult time.


Once I discovered that my artist’s website (now no longer in existence) had been converted into a porn site I filled out an online form on the Denver FBI website enabling me to report an internet crime (I had already been in contact with the FBI regarding previous issues). Within 24 hours a deputy sheriff showed up at my door; not a Boulder police officer being as I was now in a different jurisdiction than I was while living in Boulder. I invited him in and we sat at my dining table. He had in his hand a hard copy of the very form I filled out on the FBI site and, handing it to me, he wanted me to confirm that I had written what was on the form: a brief written statement describing my circumstances having been targeted by members of organized crime involved in prostitution and pornography, and the conversion of my artist’s website into a porn site, and the possibility these two circumstances were connected. The deputy was at my home to confirm that I had indeed filed the complaint, that those were my very words and, to view my site which at that time was still a porn site. The site, then still titled “Leslie Taylor Paintings” featured on the home page, instead of artwork, a seductive young woman dressed in a scanty French maid’s costume along with several blatantly sexual and vulgar subtitles, or links to other pages on the site (presumably, I did not click onto any of them). I currently have in my electronic files a screen shot of the home page of this pornographic website.

Soon it was obvious, based on the deputy’s countenance and demeanor, not words, that he felt I should not have written what I wrote on the form. I explained that I had good reasons for making the statements; that I had not just made them up. I will not go into further detail here about that interview (perhaps 30 to 45 minutes long). However, I will say that when he left I knew that I was in even more serious trouble than I had already been in.

I then heard an internal voice, my own voice, strongly advise, “Leslie, you don’t have the time to sit on the couch with your head in your hands. You have to do something, anything, and do it now!” So, I decided to get the documents, the evidence, I had accumulated up to this point and go through them for, at that moment there was nothing else I could think of to do. I went through the papers for thirty minutes or so, viewing each page, finding nothing potentially helpful and placed them back inside the large plastic envelope I kept them in. Then, I noticed one had fallen out, although I did not see it fall out; it was just sitting on the counter. I picked it up and began to place it in the envelope with the rest of the documents. Next, I heard this internal voice, again my own, clearly insist, “No, read it!” I read it and it was the police report that included the forwarded email between the officer and me to the individual connected with my neighbors and his email response to her stating that I was a threat to myself and others.

She had no reason to send that email, and in doing so, she further endangered me. I then faxed copies of these emails to the FBI and the police did not bother me after that, nor did I contact them again for help. (Again, the deputy sheriff’s attitude during our interview seemed as though he was letting me know I was in serious trouble with them, local law enforcement officials).

Here is an excerpt from the third of the Three Trials referred to as “The Air Trail” in Steiner’s treatise “How To Know Higher Worlds” [page 10] :

“When a danger or difficulty is present and a misstep or carelessness would assure an unfortunate outcome, one who has developed the instinct of listening to the higher inner-self, maintaining complete presence of mind, has acquired the degree of maturity necessary for success in the third trial. Here, every situation is left to one’s own responsibility to discover within themselves what one has to do.”

Here is the link to the “How to Know Higher Worlds” Chapter (E) on this site:


Divine Message or Precognitive Occurrence –  BE A HERO – Estes Park, Colorado, July 2015

The evening following my having published my most recent posts [above] “A Most Difficult Time” and “Help From a Higher Source” about organized crime in Boulder, Chad, upon my request that he edit them, read the pieces and expressed his concerns thinking that publishing them on this site could further jeopardize my safety. We discussed this for quite a while with me, defending my position, expressing a number of reasons why I thought it was the right thing to do. And, while I agreed that it could cause me additional problems, perhaps very serious problems, I told him that having lived in fear for so long that eventually, I ceased feeling fearful. I also stated that all along I’ve felt that it was no mistake, nor random occurrence, that I was in that predicament and that I was doing what was intended for me to do. Although admittedly, I went on, “I felt not a hundred percent certain that publishing the above accounts were the right thing to do but rather, more like eighty-five percent; a  fifteen percent uncertainty.” As an afterthought, I concluded with, “I think there’s a part of me that wants to be a hero.”

The following morning in Estes Park, as we were hiking up one of our favorite trails there, about fifteen minutes into the hike, a couple passed us heading in the opposite direction towards the trailhead. The man was wearing a bright red T-shirt with large white block letters on the front that read “BE A HERO.”


“Science Daily” Article Synchronicity – Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Addictions – Estes Park and Niwot Colorado, July 2015

Chad and I had hiked in Estes Park along a most beautiful trail, Cow Creek Trail, for a total of 6.2 miles round trip. I must warn the reader tempted to locate and hike this same trail, there is parking at the trailhead for only about twenty cars and it was on our third attempt to hike there that we finally were able to find an available parking space and thus begin our hike. The other two tries we had to leave seeking another trailhead each time adding a good hour to our driving time prior to starting out on a hike. Regardless, it was well worth the three tries! There were wild flowers everywhere; more, far more, than I had ever before seen! Having noticed that many of our synchronistic events seem to somehow be associated with our hikes in Estes Park I thought to myself, while hiking along this stupendously beautiful trail, “I wonder what today’s synchronicity will be?”

Following our hike Chad and I were heading home in my car and on the way, for some reason, the topic of neurological processes involved in addictions came up. I mentioned how I had studied cellular biology on my own around three years ago and became so fascinated with the subject I wrote a twenty-five page paper describing cellular origins, division and reproduction, differentiation, intercellular (inside the cell) parts and processes, intracellular (between cells) signaling; specifically, the electrochemical signaling amongst neurons (brain cells) and between neural nuclei (clusters of neurons) which then led to my inquiry into neuroscience.

One source of study was The Teaching Company’s “Understanding the Brain” an introduction to neuroscience by Jeanette Norden Ph.D.; a college level, thirty-six lecture series. The Teaching Company does a fine job of selecting exceptional professors for their courses and Dr. Norden is a compelling and easy to follow (if one is willing to work at it a bit) presenter and teacher of this very complex subject. She devotes two lectures to the neuroscience of drug addiction that I strongly felt was something everyone should know. And, for two reasons: as a deterrent to trying addictive substances and secondly, and perhaps most importantly, for developing an understanding and compassion for those who are struggling with addiction (not just drug addiction but tobacco and alcohol as well as behavioral addictions (such as obsessive compulsive disorder)).

I know of that struggle first hand having been a cigarette smoker for several years. As Chad and I headed home I spoke of my addiction to tobacco, how hard it was to quit, and how it mystified me that two friends of mine could smoke cigarettes on occasion yet, never became addicted. Chad and I then pondered as to why it is that some people develop particular addictions whereas others do not. I elaborated further referring to neuroscience research and findings and the importance of this research for the understanding and treatment of addiction.

Once Chad and I arrived at my home I went upstairs to take a shower during which time he checked the Science Daily website and found that the top science news item of the day was “Molecular Mechanisms Contributing to Addiction Resistance Uncovered” (see link below). The very topic, and precisely so, we had just been discussing!

Of Note: So moved by what I had learned about addiction based on Dr. Jeanette Norden’s course I was inspired to write an editorial that was published in the local [Boulder, Colorado] newspaper, the Daily Camera in March, 2014 (see links below – cut and paste required).

Science Daily article “Molecular Mechanisms Contributing to Addiction Resistance Uncovered” :


The Daily Camera article “Drug Addiction is a Major Problem in the U.S.”  by Leslie Taylor:



Synchronicity – Pot of Gold – Boulder, Colorado – July 2015

It has been overcast and raining for nearly a week now (as of this writing). Over the last couple of days, Chad and I saw two superb rainbows in the direction of the eastern horizon as the Sun appeared briefly later in the day, in the west, over the Front Range Mountains. On both occasions I mentioned the Irish folklore tale claiming a pot of gold is left at the end of rainbows by fairies and guarded by leprechauns. I went on to mention that, of course, rainbows appear to be semi circles due to the obstruction of the Earth’s horizon. Yet, in actuality are full circles so there is no end to a rainbow and therefore, no pot of gold to be found there.

Yesterday, as I was editing and posting the “How to Know Higher Worlds” piece (go to the top of this page and click onto the page of the same name) I sought online an image of a person thX8VKSVU5meditating featuring the chakras and their locations on the physical body for the “Meditation Instructions and Intentions” section. And, amongst the nearly sixty images on the page I was viewing, seeking an appropriate meditation and chakras image, was a cartoon illustration of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow guarded by a leprechaun. It was completely out of context whereas nearly all other images on the page were thematically appropriate.

Rainbows Everywhere – Boulder, Colorado – July 2015

I had mentioned to Chad but a couple of days ago (again as of this writing) how extraordinary Bryce Canyon is; that it almost looks like the terrain of another planet. While it has been more than twenty years since I was last there, regardless, the visit made quite a memorable impression on me.

Another thing I point out often are the rays of light that can emanate from a break in the clouds. And, also but a couple of days ago, I mentioned that I used to wonder how this could be; being as the Sun’s distance from Earth is, on average given the Earth’s elliptical orbit, 93 million miles (or roughly, 150 million kilometers). Therefore, it seemed to me that the clouds should not produce the dramatic angles of the light rays. For, the appearance of rays converging at the clouds then broadening out it looks as though the source of light, the Sun, is directly behind the clouds, and not 93 million miles away. However, the clouds, or the break in the clouds, are a considerable distance from the viewer (relatively speaking) on Earth. And, like parallel train tracks one is standing on that appear to converge at a point on the horizon, the rays of light radiating from the clouds appear to do the same.

I also brought up how a rainbow can always be found when it is raining and yet the Sun is shining by looking directly opposite the Sun’s position near the horizon. Yesterday, July 28, two days following my comments, NASA’s website “Astronomy Picture of the Day” featured the photograph of Bryce Canyon (link below) along with an explanation quite similar to mine of the two phenomena; the rainbow and its position and the converging rays of light; anticrepuscular rays, according to the APOD article.

 ***photograph removed***

 http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap150728.html   (copy and paste may be required) 

Another recent rainbow connection, or synchronicity: A few days ago I decided to look-up the lyrics to the song “Moon River” (I mention another, different synchronicity on the home page of this MFA site associated with this song) being as I play the song on my flute and discovered that some of the lyrics are: “We’re after the same rainbow’s end, waiting ‘round the bend …”

Then next, While Chad and I were having dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, I mentioned the movie “The Wizard of Oz” for the waitress reminded me of the main character, Dorothy, played by Judy Garland. In fact, I asked the waitress if anyone has ever told here that she looked like Dorothy and she said “Yes!” then added that she would dress up as Dorothy for Halloween even going so far as to borrow a friend’s dog that looked just like Toto and would place the little dog in a basket on her bike as part of her costume. This then led to my thinking of the famous song “Over the Rainbow” from the movie. The song kept coming up in my mind that evening and throughout the next day. Then later that evening, as I was going through some old flute song books I had in storage seeking new music to play, I discovered tucked inside one of my song books, a few torn off pages of sheet music, one of which was the sheet music for “Over the Rainbow.”  I would not have consciously saved it for I’m not a big fan of the song.


Copyright Law Information

I had posted the photograph of the rainbow over Bryce Canyon (where the APOD link is above) featured on NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day site once having contacted the photographer and receiving permission to do so. He initially gave me permission not realizing at the time that my website was about miraculous events. Later, once he discovered the content of the site, he felt it was in conflict with his professional reputation “based in the camps of science communication and education” as he had explained then told me to remove the picture at once.

I contacted an attorney thinking that once the photographer had given me written permission to use the photograph and I had published it here it could remain on the site without concern for copyright violation. Below is my question to the attorney and his response:

Leslie: I saw an image on NASA’s APOD site on July 28, 2015. I contacted the photographer and asked him if I could use the image on my website. He said fine as long as it was not a commercial or for profit site (which it isn’t). He asked for the URL to the home page (www.miraclesforall.com) in the that  email but placed no restrictions on the site’s contents (stories of miraculous events). He then wrote the following day saying he had changed his mind claiming that my site did not agree with his scientific views. I had already published the photograph on the site. Am I in copyright violation if I do not remove his photograph from my website?

Attorney: Unfortunately yes, since there was no consideration paid then there was no contract and therefore the permission to use the item can be revoked and if it is not removed in a reasonable time the owner could pursue you for a violation.


Lucid Dreaming Progress (or lack thereof) – Niwot, Colorado, August 2015

In the post titled “Just Because” on chapter (B) MIRACLES, page 51, I mention my intention to develop lucid dreaming (where one becomes aware they are dreaming and can then willfully direct the dream to some degree). As a result of my efforts I’ve had two brief dreams where I became lucidly aware that I was dreaming, but awoke while attempting to direct the dreams. Not having much success, my desire to lucid dream has diminished somewhat. However, I had a dream this morning, my last dream prior to waking, where I was talking to a girl I knew in high school. I was explaining to her that the reason it is so difficult to experience a lucid dream is because the dreamer gets caught up in the circumstances of the dream and does not realize that they are dreaming and, as a result doesn’t experience a lucid dream. I then told her that the same is true of the waking state and went on to explain that if one is does not get caught up in their frustrations and difficulties, miracles are possible. I added that no one is smarter than me at which point she walked away and began saying bad things about me to others that weren’t true. This made me angry and I began to try to prove that she was spreading lies about me. Soon afterward I awoke having not experienced a lucid dream. Curses.

 Voodoo Curses Synchronicity – Boulder and Niwot, Colorado – August 2015

During a phone conversation with Chad he asked if I had anything to add to his list of global crisis issues (civil war, climate engineering, poverty, over population, etc.) and I responded suggesting that he add global health care to his list, which he did. He’s interested in the field of humanitarian aid. We then went on to discuss global health care concerns.

The next morning I went to the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Boulder and headed for the biographies section seeking new reading subject matter other than that which I usually read (science, spirituality, metaphysics books). The first book that caught my eye was a book by Tracy Kidder titled “Strength in What Remains” for, it was located in the first row of bookshelves in the biographies section and, at eye level. On the cover it refers to the author’s New York Times best seller “Mountains Beyond Mountains” and noted that he had won the Pulitzer Prize for that book. “Mountains Beyond Mountains”  is about a physician, Dr. Paul Farmer, and on the back cover are descriptions of his efforts contributing to the solutions associated with global health care issues. I purchased it thinking that Chad and I will both be interested in the contents of the book being as just yesterday we discussed the topic of global health care.

Later that same day, on the phone, I told Chad about the book I had just bought and he mentioned that a few months prior his mother, father and he had attended a lecture at the University of Colorado given by Dr. Paul Farmer. We both noted the coincidence.

During our phone conversation the day before, and following our discussion on global health care yet, on an entirely different topic, I had told Chad of an incident that occurred in a popular singles bar, Henry Africa’s, in San Francisco decades ago while in my early twenties. I walked through the door of the crowded bar and was walking past tables of seated patrons when a black woman suddenly jumped up from her chair and took my hand. She appeared to be in her late 20’s or 30’s, she was quite thin and had an accent. I recall being under the impression at the time that she was from Haiti. She spoke to me in a very loud and dramatic manner and most of the patrons in the bar were looking at us. She told me to think of what it was I wanted most in life following which she slipped onto my finger a large, hideous, silver and black colored metal ring featuring a human skull with red rhinestones embedded in the eye sockets. When I got home that evening I threw it in the garbage. I went on to mention to Chad that I later considered the possibility that the woman was attempting to place a voodoo curse on me (not something I was at all concerned about). Although, I will add: what I thought of when she told me to think of what it was I most wanted in life has never come about. And, this is probably a good thing being as I was young and rather prone to foolish dreams and desires and therefore, had not chosen wisely. Maybe she did me a favor.


I started reading “Mountains Beyond Mountains” that evening following our conversation, and the same day I had purchased the book. The book begins in Haiti where Dr. Farmer is treating very poor and sick Haitians. The doctor goes on to describe Haitian beliefs in voodoo and why he thinks some Haitians take voodoo curses seriously.

In my recent post above, dated July 2015, Be a Hero, (note: Dr. Farmer seems genuinely heroic) I state in response to Chad’s concerns for my safety that, “…I felt not a hundred percent certain that publishing the above accounts about organized crime and how local enforcement officials handled the case was a hundred percent the right thing to do but rather, more like eighty-five percent; meaning a fifteen percent uncertainty. “Then later that evening I read on page 28 of the “Mountains Beyond Mountains” book, “… Farmer says, “He feels eighty-six percent amused. And, I suppose that means, 14 percent sad.”

It is not unusual for me to experience a string of synchronistic events throughout a book. In fact, there have been times when I’ll finish a book that I would otherwise put aside unread (I refer to a similar situation in the post on the (A) MIRACLES chapter of this website titled, “Email to the Cosmology Group”) but, because of the ongoing and sometimes quite startling synchronicities associated with persons, places, or events in my life throughout the contents of the book I’ll keep reading it. Quite often thoughts I have or statements I’ll make are precognitive to the contents I’ll later read in a book and I’ve often wondered, how could this be? what could this mean?”

Here are two excerpts from “A Course in Miracles” on page 4 and 6 in the first chapter of the actual book (not my chapter on this website dedicated to the book) titled “The Meaning of Miracles”:

13. Miracles are both beginnings and endings, and so they alter the temporal order. They are always affirmations of rebirth, which seem to go back but really go forward. They undo the past in the present, and thus release the future. (This brings to my mind the reason for reincarnation, among other things).

47. The miracle is a learning device that lessens the need for time. It establishes an out-of-pattern time interval not under the usual laws of time. In this sense it is timeless.

Here are a few related excerpts from “A Course in Miracles”:

All your difficulties stem from the fact you do not recognize yourself, your brother, or God. To recognize means to know again. The questioning (not knowing) mind perceives itself in time (for knowing is outside space and time) and therefore looks to the future for answers. The closed mind believes the future and the present will be the same thus establishing a seemingly stable state that is usually an attempt to counteract an underlying fear that the future will be worse than the present. And, this fear inhibits the tendency to question at all. The miracle is the right answer to a question. Questioning illusions is the first step in undoing them. The miracle, or the right answer, corrects them.

Here is the Link to the “A Course In Miracles”  Chapter (D) on this website:

(D) The Book “A Course In Miracles”


FREE LOVE! – Niwot, Colorado – August 2015

MORNNG-GLORY[1]Here is one of several similar daily lessons in “A Course in Miracles” : “I am upset because I see something that is not there.” You can put whatever worries you in place of the something. For example:

I am upset (frightened, worried, depressed, etc.) about global environmental destruction because I see something that is not there.

We worry due to information acquired in the past either the result of personal experience or conveyed to us from other sources. This worry is then projected onto the future. The future then seems fearful, the result of what we perceive, and understandably so, to have occurred in the past. For example: the Japanese, Fukushima nuclear energy facility destroyed due to an earthquake off the coast of Japan then the subsequent release of radioactive substances into the ocean.

What is of concern here is not whether that, or any other incident, large or small, that occurred in the past is of, or should be of, concern in the present, but rather what we do know to be true in the present.

– The past (when the alleged incident occurred) no longer exists – not at all.

– The future has not yet happened and therefore, also does not exist – not at all.

Every moment of our physical, space-time existence is determined by the past anywhere from but seconds ago to what we are told about what happened eons ago. For example: The mass extinction of dinosaurs was due to a cosmic impact of a comet or asteroid; an object about six miles [or ten kilometers] across releasing the equivalent of 100 trillion tons of TNT. (If you read scientific accounts of this and other cosmological events they are often quite dramatic – intending to frighten). Therefore, we must defend ourselves (quite expensive) against the possibility of yet another similar and horrifying catastrophe occurring in the near future. This is a perfect example of how our current thoughts, activities, plans and preparations for the future are formulated based on the past, and often a presumed, terrifying past at that.

– When our thinking is engaged in assumptions about the future, which does not exist, and these assumptions are based on the past which, like the future, also does not exist we are not truly thinking at all.

EVENING-STAR[1]The present does not include the past nor the future, not even but for a nanosecond prior to or after the present. For, the past and the future, and this cannot be stated enough, do not currently, presently, exist. Therefore, the present is a collapse of space-time. (“Spacetime” because space and time are intrinsically linked; one only exists because of the other which only exists because of the other; they are two sides of the same coin, so-to-speak). So, what that means is either all that exists in the present does not, like the past and the future, exist at all. And, we know this not to be true for, at the very least, you exist or you would not be reading this which therefore must also exist. Or, that which does exist in the present does indeed exist yet, the concepts of space-time are not applicable in the present (again, not even for one nanosecond of time, thus nanometer, either backwards or forwards, of space) which would then suggest that the other possibility is true: The present and all of that which exists in the present exists beyond, or outside, spacetime and is therefore eternal.

Therefore you, me, everyone and everything, are eternal but, due to our mental preoccupations with the past and the future, we’ve lost seeing what that looks like, what that feels like, knowing what that Is. Love perhaps? For, Love is all inclusive and extends forever (as does light when not obscured) and is therefore eternal. It is wholly creative; never destructive. Love heals, miraculously, in the present (and it doesn’t cost anything).

Miracles occur in the eternal present.

The two paintings above are a pair titled “Morning Glory” and “Evening Star” and they are oil on canvas paintings, 46″ X  24″ and the artist is Leslie Taylor


Rainbows AND a Pot of Gold Miracle! – Niwot, Colorado, September 2015

The last few evenings I’ve been riding my bike to various nearby locations, each approximately a mile from my home, where I could get a good view of the sunset for, they have been rather spectacular lately. Chad was to join me last evening, Saturday evening (as of this writing). And, just prior to his arrival, the sky which had been partly cloudy all day, grew quite dark and it began to rain. When he arrived we were not certain what we should do instead being as a sunset was quite unlikely; to say nothing of the rain.

The rain soon ceased. Yet, from our perspective as viewed from the studio upstairs, the western sky over the Front Range mountains where the Sun sets, was entirely overcast except for a thin horizontal sliver of blue sky along the top of a couple of the mountain peaks. Regardless, a sunset seemed not at all likely to occur. Yet, the temperature was comfortable so we decided to go for a walk instead of a bike ride taking an umbrella along with us.

As we walked, perhaps three quarters of a mile, we arrived at a flat, plains-like landscape. From there we were then able to view the vast sky in all directions and could see that the cloud cover was breaking up a bit, westward, and noted that perhaps something of a sunset, albeit a rather dull one at best, might indeed appear. We continued walking turning eastward onto a dirt path and, as we did I spoke of a circumstance in my life where I never considered for a moment, even though I faced considerable odds not in my favor, that I would not achieve my objective. I went on to say that I believed it was because I was quite motivated and focused on the intent throughout and, in this particular case (I don’t always do this, unfortunately) I instinctively looked beyond what seemed to be the difficulties always bearing in mind the objective. I added that I did indeed encounter obstacles and would get frustrated at times (quite frustrated in fact) would vent my frustrations (I’m like that) then proceed onwards. I continued explaining that over the course of the undertaking, and during or following a considerable difficulty or obstacle, then being provided with even the slimmest possibility, the slightest glimmer, of success I would go forth never once measuring, quantifying, the potential, or lack thereof, of success.

Ultimately, the venture was surprisingly successful; beyond my expectations even. I went on to describe the situation to Chad as being abstractly similar to a drawing I had made depicting an individual looking at a desktop globe and, rather than seeing all the seemingly insurmountable difficulties facing humanity,  the individual is looking instead beyond the globe at a large, bright light; a light representing Heaven on Earth. I then added that it has appeared to me at times (either based on my own experiences or the reports of others) that should the objective be truly heartfelt and serve a greater good, a greater creative power asserts itself (Itself maybe?) through the individual. I went on to mention that “A Course in Miracles” states that there is no order of difficulty (no measure, no higher / lower classification, of difficulty) in the producing of miracles.

Then suddenly Chad’s and my attention was drawn to the most astounding rainbow before our eyes. And, as we continued walking it grew more and more brilliantly colored eventually producing a double rainbow. It was spectacular! The original and main rainbow’s left arc appeared to end at the very path we were walking on and I said to Chad, “I wonder if we will come upon a pot of gold at the end the rainbow at the end of our journey.” Following which, at that very location, at the far end of the path (again, given our perspective from where we were and what appeared to be the rainbow’s end) a brilliant light appeared. Chad said, “Look! A pot of gold!” The brilliant light remained there during much of our walk in that direction.

As we approached the source of the light we could see that it was due to the reflection of the setting Sun hitting a gold metal sign with two symbolic images: one representing a little bicyclist and, beneath that a little person walking. (Recall that in order to view the sunset we initially intended to go for a bike ride then switched to going for a walk instead). Anyway … seeing this as a sign, we then placed our hands upon the sign’s pole and both prayed for Heaven on Earth. Following this, we headed back towards my home and, once having again arrived at the plains, we viewed a beautiful fully complete and colorful sunset, not just westerly where the Sun was setting along the Front Range Mountains but all over, in all directions, in the sky above.


Thanksgiving and a Birthday – Boulder, Colorado, November 2015

Having been entirely immersed in writing an abridged version of William James’ book, “The Varieties of Religious Experience” [chapter (F) on this MFA website] I have temporarily ceased keeping track of and posting synchronistic events for, the incidents had diminished considerably. Yet now, they have greatly returned since I returned to the MFA book project (as many as twice a day and, Chad is experiencing quite a few himself). Chad’s birthday was on November 17 and I wrote a poem for him in honor of the occasion and placed it inside a card which was then followed up by a synchronicity; both of which I feel compelled to post. (The spacing on this website does not allow for proper poetry formatting).

Chad Warner Taylor – November 17, 2015

A beautiful life, despite the strife for, Love hath made a landing.

And all along the shore, of life evermore, there is no need of planning.

Pour the wine and toast the Son, for, at 34, you are just beginning.

We shall celebrate each and every day, your being born anew and never ending.

~ Leslie Taylor

Later, that same afternoon, Chad had lunch with his parents during which, his mother, knowing nothing of the poem I wrote for him, mentioned that she had a copy of a poem written by the renowned poet, E.E. Cummings, for Chad’s great grandmother, Betty, for her birthday! Chad and I thought this a bit of a synchronicity. He then asked his mother to forward to him a copy of the poem. As it turned out she was mistaken; it was not a birthday poem but a letter to Chad’s great grandmother. However, we were surprised to see at the bottom of the letter (dated 1951, the year I was born) where Cummings writes, “Don’t let anyone make you (least of all thou) stop painting. Please.”

I have quit painting, as of around 4 years now, feeling it a useless career, nor do I enjoy it anymore. Chad used to try and encourage me to pickup painting again. Maybe I’ll give it another attempt one of these days. The Cummings’ letter does seem a bit like a message.

A week later, Chad wrote a poem for Thanksgiving and here is a verse:

Our lives of miraculous and synchronistic joy bring us pleasure, like a child’s toy.

The Poet and the Plant – From the book “Beyond Physicalism– posted March 2016

In chapter 2 titled “Mystical Experiences as Windows on Reality” the author, Paul Marshall, reports:

Poet and scholar Kathleen Raine (in 1975) was gazing at a hyacinth on her writing desk when the following occurred: “I found that I was no longer looking at it, but was it; a distinct, indescribable but in no way vague, still less emotional, shift of consciousness into the plant itself.  Or rather, I and the plant were one and indistinguishable; as if the plant were part of my consciousness.  I dared scarcely to breathe, held in a kind of fine attention in which I could sense the very flow of life in the plant’s cells. I was not perceiving the flower, but living it.  I was aware of the life of the plant as a slow flow or circulation of a vital current of liquid light of the utmost purity.”

Although this is not a spectacular type of mystical experience I find it quite profound nonetheless. It is as though she experienced what many near death experiencers report of the world they find themselves in: the “one with” relationship between the subjective and objective world, the light-like quality of persons, places and things, and the aliveness that abounds throughout. Throughout this “Miracles for All” website I refer to spiritual “seeing” and I believe that Ms. Raine experienced this “seeing” in its purest and true sense. I’ve come to consider the possibility that many extraordinary experiences (not just mystical) are due to an overlap between this denser, material world and the next, the lighter, spiritual world. When an individual experiences, for example, spiritual contacts, miraculous healings, precognitions, remote viewings, synchronicities, crisis apparitions, etc., a collapse of space-time, of separation, occurs between the individual and the object of their focus.


Books, Movies, and Synchronicities – Niwot, Colorado, April, 2016

One source of synchronicity that never ceases to amaze me involves the literary content of a book I am reading and my experiencing in my actual life the same, if not quite similar, events, persons, places or things described in the book. This has also occurred with movies. In one case synchronicities occurred at least 25 times with a movie involving an antique book collector and a particular antique book, fiction, he was in search of and, in another case, a reference in a book that I was reading about a movie the author had seen that centered on a fictional tale in an antique book. There were many synchronicities in that particular book as well. In both cases the tales are about females being held captive by evil men in dark, castle environments. Quite remarkable! I’ve kept detailed records of these book (and the movie about a book) related synchronicities one of which is described in chapter (A) MIRACLES, page 29, in reference to an essay featured in a book about, what else but, synchronicity.

I will here mention but two of these synchronistic chains of events (there were several, at least one every few pages) in a book I was recently reading about dreams (in an attempt to improve the recall and quality of my dreams). I began reading this particular book on the couch in my living room with my feet propped up on the edge of the coffee table in front of me.

On the coffee table is an ikebana plate I purchased several years ago; a square, flat, black plate intended for artful Japanese, floral arranging. And in it I display small, very pretty rocks of various kinds that I have accumulated over the years. Also on the table is a pictorial Hubble Space Telescope book featuring on the cover the Cat’s Eye Nebula. Within but minutes of reading the author describes both a nebula (could be the very same one based on his description) and an ikebana plate and, within a couple of paragraphs of each other.

The author also mentions a young ailing and endangered female character in a fantasy movie he saw who looked strikingly like his sister whom had died in her early twenties of leukemia. The central theme of the movie is based on a tale in an antique book (as previously mentioned). Just one day prior to reading this, I had mentioned to a friend of a forgotten incident I had suddenly recalled for some reason: Years ago, while living in San Francisco and working in a restaurant as a hostess and cocktail waitress, a women who was a frequent customer asked if we could get together at some point, which we did, and during which time she told me that I looked strikingly like her sister whose name was also Leslie and had died of leukemia.

For some reason the written word, and sometimes movies, produce synchronicities. Add to that, should the subject matter include miraculous, then even more occur.


University of Virginia’s Pantheon Rotunda – Niwot, Colorado, April 2016

I was reading a book which I thought was about dreams titled “Lincoln Dreamt He Died.” It is really more of a non-fiction historical book yet, actual documented dreams of various persons involved in the revolutionary war and the forming of the new nation are featured in the book. It cites a potentially precognitive dream (potentially, according to the author) that a prominent individual, at the time, Dr. Rush, had associated with the coincidental circumstance involving Thomas Jefferson and John Adams having died on the same day, July 4, 1826, fifty years following the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The book also mentions that, at that time many felt that this coincidence, along with the mending of the two men’s political and personal acrimony, just prior to their deaths, augured well for the newly forming nation.

The day following having read the above and placing my bookmark there, I went to this “Miracles For All” website (as I was reviewing and editing the entire works) exactly where I had, coincidentally, left off: at the post titled “The Pantheon and the Rotunda at the University of Virginia” chapter (B) MIRACLES, page 44, and this is what is written there:

“The Rotunda was designed by Thomas Jefferson and inspired by the Pantheon in Rome. Construction began in 1822 and completed following his death in 1826.”

In that post I mention a number of synchronicities I had experienced associated with the structure and that there are many more but I felt that what I had written was plenty. However, given this recent synchronicity, I added this:

“Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were both members of a five man committee assigned to draft the Declaration of Independence. They were also the second and third presidents of the United States and political adversaries. Adams, whom had been George Washington’s Vice President, beat Jefferson by two electoral votes. In the next presidential election, Jefferson beat Adams. Both died on the same day fifty years following the date of the birth of the nation – July 4th 1776.”

The book I was reading, up to this point, had been about the War of Independence, the first three American presidents, the signers of the Declaration of Independence, etc. The day following the above circumstance Chad and I were in a car and noticed the frame around the license plate on the car in front of us. It read: “taxation without representation” a slogan that summarized a primary grievance of the early American colonists and an incentive for the revolutionary war. Recall that I thought the book was about dreaming (it was shelved with books about dreaming at the library) not early American history.


In Conclusion: A theory About the Cause of Miracles (and a poem)

The intent of this “Miracles For All” works is to discover the meaning of the miraculous experiences that I and so many others have; especially synchronicities for they are very common. And, how these miraculous experiences might become more useful rather than something to simply marvel at. It has also been my intent, as I am creating this website, to inquire as to what the meaning of life is: Where did we come from? Where are we going? And what is it that we should best be doing with our mortal lives? (A typo I just made was moral rather than mortal, “… doing with our moral lives?”). This is why I have included in the various chapters on this website the findings, experiences, and philosophies of others (William James and those whom he has referenced in his work, Rudolf Steiner, Leo Tolstoy, and excerpts from the book “A Course In Miracles” and a number of scientists, etc.).

One thing that has become increasingly plausible to me is that the ordinary “awake” experience, or state, is indeed dream-like, albeit less malleable than a dream given its dense, material properties. Or, is a dream malleable? Lucid dreaming is, and perhaps lucid living is as well. (I could also cite daydreaming, hypnotic, mystical, and narcotic induced states but, for simplicity’s sake, I will stick to comparing the two states we most commonly experience: the dream state with the awake state). The awake, material state’s density (albeit variant as in gas, liquid, solid and plasma states) does give it some stability and, in order to induce change it requires time and effort (excluding miraculous occurrences experienced in this state). In lucid dreaming states some of the experiences are consciously and intentionally induced whereas in ordinary dream states the changes seem to occur unintentionally and randomly. They can be delightful, horrific, nonsensical, banal and insightful, as is also the case in the awake state, but not apparently as cerebrally, nonsensically, made manifest as is seemingly so in the dream state.

As I have reviewed the completed material on this site up to this point, in particular the common experience of synchronicity (of which I have many), a pattern has emerged from which I can now begin to make deductions. All of my synchronistic experiences are chain events and several can occur along the lines of a particular topic. And, I can now see how my mental state, that which I think about, has indeed created these actual, awake state, experiences. Every one of them do possess a certain degree of meaningfulness to me, to my personality. Meaningfulness generally produces an associated feeling and feeling is an important quality; a necessary actualizing component. They all involve something that has been on my mind and/or I have experienced repeatedly and repetition too is a significant component (after all, synchronicity, by its very nature, is a form of repetition).

I have noticed that a high emotional state regarding a concern, or interest, is not likely to produce a synchronistic or other miraculous event (as in precognition). Perhaps the emotional state overwhelms thus blocking the receiving of subtle information. Yet, one can, at times, feel lesser states of emotion associated with otherwise emotionally charged concerns. I have  observed, based on my own experiences, that precognitive events, material manifestations (teleportation), knowings, visions, telepathy (ESP), etc., like synchronicity, seem to occur in a relatively relaxed, not a desperate wanting or fearful, state of mind. These helpful events can also occur in dreams. Again, as I have already mentioned, feeling is required in order to produce these types of experiences; just not to a high degree – the middle way, as the Buddhist might say.

The other factor that is quite apparent is “the word” be it written or verbalized either internally or externally. In my personal experience I am amazed at the many synchronicities I experience associated with books I am reading. But also, and seemingly trivial, yet never are, are the significance of synchronicities associated with words on personalized license plates, road signs, on T-shirts, tattoos even, words in poems, in visions, sang in songs, etc. This, however is not to negate the meaningfulness of any pictorial symbols one might experience synchronistically in dreams, visions, movies, online, etc., for those occur, and rather frequently, in my life too.

Here is an example of another series of synchronistic events where the cause, or creative source, I believe, should be apparent:


Theory continued: Horse Drawn Carriage – Niwot, Colorado, December 2015

Chad had brought to my house a jigsaw puzzle for us to work on that his mother had kept in her basement for years. It featured a painting of a quaint scene in the North Eastern part of the United States: a street in front of some small shops and houses (all gray and white with wooden shingled rooftops), a white picket fence, and on the street were two horses harnessed to a  carriage. There were persons posing for a photograph in front of the buildings and one could tell from their dress that the scene took place in the later part of the 1800’s.

We had completed the puzzle over a couple of weeks, working on it now and then, and I decided to acquire another. I wasn’t particularly concerned with the image on a new puzzle I just wanted to work on one. So, I went into the toy section of a local Target store thinking I could pick one up there. They did have some but the images were far too juvenile for me to justify buying one (hulky action figures, angel Barbies riding unicorns – that sort of thing). However, there was one puzzle (and only one, the others had several copies of each), very different from the rest, and although it was not a particularly interesting looking puzzle, I thought it might suffice. Plus, it cost considerably less than the others; but six dollars total. So I bought it. Once home with the puzzle and looking at it a bit more closely I realized it featured a very similar image of a painting similar to the one on the first jigsaw puzzle. The buildings were of the same style and colors, there was a white picket fence, and in the foreground on the street in front of the buildings, was a horse drawn carriage. However, there were no people depicted on this puzzle.

Chad arrived at my home later that evening and as soon as he entered he announced that down the street, but a block or so from my home, was a horse drawn carriage. I had to see this for myself and, indeed there it was! I have no idea what it was doing there nor did I inquire of the driver why he was there. For, it had been snowing and it was a very cold and inclement night. Although, I’ve since thought, I should have.

A horse drawn carriage is a nostalgic and lovely image for me that I think of around Christmas time. I can even imagine the sound of the horse’s bells. Years ago when a friend had read aloud to me the Robert Frost poem, “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening” it so moved me that it brought tears to my eyes and I recall that event now and again. (This website program will not allow for proper poetry formatting):

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening – by Robert Frost

Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village though;

He will not see me stopping here to watch the woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer to stop without a farmhouse near

Between the woods and frozen lake, the darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake to ask if there is some mistake.

The only other sound’s – the sweep of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely dark and deep but I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep …


Theory continued: Synchronicity and the “Law of Attraction”

Many will read what I have written thus far and say that synchronicity is but the “law of attraction.” It is in a sense. But, my own personal experience associated with this concept and the paranormal and spiritual (the non-physical and eternal) aspects of life, are not simply matters of material manifestation. In order to further explain I feel compelled to mention the book, “The Secret” and in particular the movie based on the book. ”The Secret” is about material manifestations; the result of the so-called, “law of attraction.”

Note: I did not experience any associated synchronicities in this particular case but, some of the visual symbols in the movie are significant in and of themselves.

The movie features individuals whom, having applied the theory promoted in the book and movie, have attracted into their lives, for example, a mansion, a sports car, lots of women even. In order to illustrate this point, the movie repeatedly features the image of a genie that exists specifically to satisfy one’s corporeal desires. This made me uncomfortable. I was also uncomfortable with The Secret’s proposition that those who are experiencing unfortunate circumstances (poverty, ill health, injury, war, enslavement, etc.) are not to be of concern to others for they know not “the secret” and that is their problem; suggesting also that they have attracted misery into their lives and, revel in it even. I cannot disagree wholesale with this proposition. However, on the other hand, the religious, spiritual concept of oneness (oneness with everyone and everything – All that Is) is more along the lines of my spiritual, philosophical, and social views.

There was a man in the movie that immediately, from the first moment he appeared, struck me as looking like the fictional character, the Wizard of Oz, in the classic 1939 movie of the same name which is still popular today. According to the story, the Wizard is highly venerated by his subjects that believe he is the only man capable of solving their problems. Eventually, it is revealed that the wizard is nothing more than a conman who had been using magic tricks and props to make himself seem great and powerful. Also, on a couple of occasions, in the movie, images of upside-down lightbulbs appeared symbolizing [unintentionally] none other than, upside-down enlightenment. The forth image, or symbol that was intended to be favorable, was that of a man’s finger reaching out and touching a statue of a beautiful young girl and it turns to gold. Immediately what came to my mind was the allegorical tale of avarice and greed: of King Midas who turned anything he touched into gold; the result of a wish granted him. Tragically, when he touched his beloved daughter she turned into a golden statue. The point here being made I need not elaborate on, for it is quite apparent.


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