(A) MIRACLES – Divine Message, Enlightenment, ESP, Precognition, Visions, Teleportation, Dreaming the Future, etc.


The Musical Path

“The Musical Path”  oil on canvas  48″ X 36″  artist : L. Taylor


Divine Message – Seeing Heaven – San Francisco, California 1987

I was in my early thirties and living in San Francisco when this miraculous event occurred. It was the middle of the night and I was sound asleep and in the midst of a dream when a voice sharply interrupted asking, “Leslie, would you like to see what Heaven is like?” Initially, the voice having startled me and interrupted my dream, I was rather annoyed. Yet, moments later, while still not entirely alert, I realized the opportunity being presented to me and eagerly responded “yes!” At once, I felt the sensation of traveling upwards at a surreal, unearthly rate of speed, then suddenly finding myself standing on a lightly colored floor with two large columns, one on either side of me. My eyes immediately moved from one side of the vista before me to the other to take in the Earth-like, only far more splendid in radiance and beauty, panorama of mountains, flowers and trees. It was an experience lasting for only a few seconds when I suddenly felt myself traveling downwards at again the same remarkable speed as before. I swiftly came to complete consciousness and, astounded by what had just happened, I sat up in my bed and reached for a cigarette (having been a smoker then). Next, I observed my bedroom door open slowly and completely on its own.

More On Seeing Heaven – Walnut Creek, California 1967

This one occurred when I was sixteen years old and therefore, several years prior to the one above. It was a Friday night and a friend and I had made plans to go to the movies. I was experiencing a bout of teenage melancholy so, instead of getting ready to go out for the evening, I lay on my bed on my back staring at the ceiling above and it was my intention to remain so. This friend, I’ll call her Julie, had a strong personality and could go into quite a rage should plans change and not to her liking. Regardless, although fully aware of what her reaction would be, I  was not about to move from the bed. Once she had arrived in her car to pick me up a member of my family let Julie into our home. She entered my bedroom and, surprisingly, rather than being angry with me as I had expected, once I had expressed that I did not feel like going anywhere she pulled the chair out from my desk over to my bedside and inquired, almost therapeutically, “What’s the matter Leslie?” I responded by asking her why she believed in God. Julie grew-up a Catholic and I knew she believed in what the church had taught her about God yet I knew little more about her religious, or spiritual, sentiments than that. Religion was not at all a part of my upbringing.

Following my question she calmly began speaking. I cannot recall what specifically she said, but suddenly I felt as if I were traveling upwards at the same remarkable speed as described in the above “Seeing Heaven” account. And, just as described above, this was followed by the same traveling at an unearthly rate of speed downwards. However, in this particular instance, and why I mention it second to the one above although it occurred many years prior, I did not recall seeing or experiencing a heavenly environment or any other scene; only the remarkable and indescribably fast sensation of being transported somewhere then back again. I was stunned! as was Julie, exclaiming she hardly recalled what her response to my question had been; “As if the words flowed from my mouth on their own,” she exclaimed. And, quite surprisingly, following this experience and from then on on to this very day, I have had no doubt of the existence of God. Yet, I could not say why I should emerge from that experience without any doubt of God’s existence for I only recall the feeling of having traveled upwards and back down again at a remarkable speed.


A Miracle – The Minstrel’s Song – Niwot, Colorado, January 2015

I awoke early on this January morning and, while still in bed, I could see and hear outside my bedroom French doors a great deal of bird activity. And, so very many and of different species: sparrows, finches, blue jays, doves, pigeons, etc., were joyously singing, chattering, flying to and fro from tree to tree as if they were playing tag with one another. It was exceedingly cold outside with snow on the ground therefore, this degree of bird activity struck me as odd for a cold January morning.

I went downstairs, made some coffee, and positioned myself in front of the computer to send Chad, my partner, a good morning email. From downstairs the bird commotion was still quite apparent and, to the extend that I mentioned it in my email to Chad along with my wonderment as to what could possibly be going on in bird land (as I described it to him) on that morning. Following having sent the email, I headed back upstairs to the studio to read for a little while as I finished drinking my coffee. As I was reading I found it too difficult to concentrate due to the birds singing, flying past the large, dome shaped window in the studio in one direction then back again along with the many other birds flying to and fro from tree to tree at a further distance in the little park across the street.

Later, after breakfast, I planned to exercise so, at the computer I clicked onto Spotify to play some lively music to exercise along with. To my chagrin the songs I had downloaded into my Spotify library were all ‘grayed-out’ indicating that, in all my five different libraries, or categories, of music (Songs, Rhythm and Blues, Classical, Christmas and Romantic) the approximately 500 songs were inaccessible.  By that I mean all the songs, every single one, were grayed-out and, if I clicked onto anyone of them a picture of a woman snoozing with her head resting on a skateboard appeared along with words stating that without internet access the song was not accessible. I had lost my connection to the internet and was unable to regain connection at that time. That is, every song except “The Minstrel’s Song” by the Moody Blues, which I had downloaded into both my ‘Songs’ and ‘Christmas’ libraries. For some inexplicable reason I could play this song and only this song!

The Minstrel in the song is Christ and this is why I also downloaded it into both my ‘Christmas’ library as well as my ‘Songs’ library. I had mentioned to Chad but a few days prior that it was my favorite Christmas song and that I had only discovered it during the Christmas season a couple of years ago during a particularly difficult time in my life. At that time I played ‘The Minstrel’s Song’ over and over as I danced and sang along with it to cheer me up and, as I recall, it was rather effective. So, just as I did a few years ago, I played ‘The Minstrel’s Song’ (for it was the only song I had access to on this morning) over and over as I exercised to it.

The words of the song are important here. They begin: “There’s a simple song, a Minstrel sings a way of life in his eyes. Hear the morning call of waking birds. They are singing, ringing, loooove, love, everywhere love is all around, everywhere love is all around …” My internet connection was restored on its own a couple of hours later. I should also add that a friend researched all technical possibilities seeking an explanation as to how this could have occurred and found none.


The Moonstone Ring – Walnut Creek, California – Summer of 1965

One of my first experiences with what might be regarded as a miracle that I can recall occurred when I was a teenager in Walnut Creek, California. My grandmother gave me an interesting looking ring. It was gold, probably made in the 1930’s or 1940’s, in the art deco style. Within the gold setting was a round moonstone.

I was sunbathing by the pool in our backyard following a swim when I happened to notice that the moonstone was missing from its setting. Alarmed, I looked all around me and did not find it. I then decided that perhaps it came off during my swim so I dove into the pool and, with my hands feeling all about the bottom of the pool, I searched for it. At last I felt something hard and round and the size of the small stone and, certain I had found it, surfaced. Yet, to my surprise, it was not the moonstone, but a pearl instead! And amazingly, it was the exact same size as the moonstone so I glued the pearl into the ring where the stone had been set feeling quite satisfied that my moonstone ring had been transformed into a pearl ring. Some weeks, or perhaps months later (I do not exactly recall the time passage), I was sitting on the couch in the living room and, to my dismay, the pearl was missing from its setting in the ring. I looked all about me, on the couch and on the floor. I then removed the cushions from the couch and, to my astonishment, I found the moonstone!

Miracle or a Remarkable Coincidence – Uncle Darrel – San Francisco, California 1980’s

My artistic ability is genetic and this ability was apparent as a small child. I did not study art I just knew how to draw and paint. My father and grandfather also had this ability and this was known throughout the family. My very first paintings were as complex and as competently painted as the ones I create today, decades later.

Uncle Darrel, one of my father’s brothers, was quite ill and had not long to live. He and his wife traveled from their home in Portland, Oregon to visit with his nieces and nephews during the final year of his life. Neither my siblings nor I had seen Uncle Darrel since we were children and therefore we did not know his children that now were, like us, adults. His visit to San Francisco was an opportunity for everyone to become acquainted. We all had a lovely lunch during which the topic of my artistic endeavors came up. Uncle Darrel, reflecting on his brother’s, father’s, and my artistic talent, expressed an interest in seeing my work. So, following the reunion meal, I invited him and his wife to my apartment.

I had a studio apartment on a street in downtown San Francisco called Dashell Hammet Street named after the famous author. He lived in an apartment on this street, or alley (only one block long) and, I believe, in the very same building where I lived when he wrote one of his famous novels “The Maltese Falcon” and, much of the story takes place in the surrounding neighborhood. Upon our arrival at the studio Uncle Darrel got very quiet for a bit. He then spoke, informing us that he too had lived in San Francisco when he was a young man and, in that very same building! If this is not a miracle, it is certainly a remarkable coincidence.


????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? “Monterey Cyprus”  24″ X 36″  oil on canvas  artist: Leslie Taylor

This is my third oil painting. I was in my early twenties and had, by that time, become quite accomplished in black and white mediums (pen and ink, charcoal, pencil on paper). Oil painting is far more complex and I would quickly become discouraged whenever I tried to paint and, as a result, would give up and return to that which I was already rather good at. Eventually, I decided to complete a painting no matter how long it took. The photograph from which I painted “Monterey Cyprus” was featured in a “National Geographic Magazine” published in the 1970’s. It is a famous scene of a Cyprus tree growing out of granite rock and has been depicted many times in paintings, drawings and photographs. The tree became a symbol of the strength of a determined will.


Precognition – Penn and Teller – Boulder, Colorado

Penn and Teller are renown magicians and comedians. They were to perform at an auditorium at the University of Colorado in Boulder. The year, I would guess, was 2004 (or thereabout). Adam, my husband then, wanted to go and purchased two tickets for us to attend. I’ve never cared much for magic shows and, while I agreed to accompany him, I wasn’t particularly excited about attending the performance. When the time arrived for me to dress for, what I had no doubt of, was that I was going to be called on stage to participate at some point during the show and realized I needed to be wearing proper attire for being on stage in front of two (or more) thousand people. I had no previous knowledge of this nor had I any contact with any persons associated with Penn and Teller and the night’s performance. I simply knew, a precognition, that I was going to be called on stage even though I had no desire to be on stage whatsoever. SELF PORTRAIT We arrived at the auditorium and took our seats in the middle of the auditorium; a considerable distance from the stage. Then, following several acts, Penn, the larger of the two and the one who speaks (the other plays a mute) requested that an artist from the audience volunteer to participate in the next act. People throughout the audience were eagerly waving their hands and many cried out, “me! me! me!” I ignored the request for, as I said, I did not wish to go on stage. Penn, having selected no one, began slowly and for several minutes visually scanning the crowd and, as he did, he described the kind of paintings the artist he was looking for created. “Very detailed, realistic paintings, flowers and trees painted with a small brush…” he went on. This is exactly what and how I paint! Unable to withstand it any longer, I reluctantly began raising my hand. My arm was barely extended when Penn pointed directly at me and announced “You!” Well, of course I went on stage and, although I was quite nervous, I did enjoy myself.

I shall here include another less entertaining and dramatic precognition experience yet, I think they are both important in that they share a similar quality which I shall elaborate on a bit on in the paragraph below. Adam and I were attending the annual Democratic fundraising dinner in Denver. Prior to our taking our seats inside, where the meals were to be served and politicians were to speak we, along with the other attendees, were in the lobby having a glass of wine, catching up with familiar, fellow Democrats and, perusing the silent auction items available for purchase. I caught sight of a woman selling raffle tickets and confidently told Adam I shall win tonight’s raffle and, being as I had no doubt or this, I purchased a ticket and, won!

What is significant in both cases (the Penn and Teller performance and the Denver Democratic Party dinner) was my absolute certainty. It wasn’t confidence exactly, it was a certainty; a knowing. I could not say whether this knowing I experienced was due to a precognition of future events or was an element, if not the element, or cause, that manifested the two outcomes. If the latter is the case, it does require that on stretch one’s concept of reality to include the manifestation of an outcome involving the participation of another or others which I do not wish to elaborate on further. I will only say that it is not a solipsistic view that includes a manifestation involving others, regardless of how many. I leave it up to the reader at this point to reflect on such, philosophically or spiritually, should they chose to do so. Also, I should mention that throughout this document there are other accounts of precognition that I tend to qualify instead as knowings.

“So There!” The painting above (30″ X  40″ oil on canvas) is a self-portrait I did a “few” years ago.


Miraculous Manifestation, Teleportation, or What? – Boulder, Colorado 2010

There is no order of difficulty in the creation of a miracle. There is no great nor small miracle; they are beyond measurement.

Forgive the banality of the subject matter here and bare with me: a kitchen mat. I had just finished remodeling my new home which had been a rental property prior to my purchasing it in 2010. I needed a kitchen mat for the floor area underneath the sink. I was at Target (a discount department store chain) and saw what I thought would be perfect. Being a careful shopper: I hate to shop and I hate clutter and, I’m careful with my money therefore, I generally ponder, sometimes for days, prior to a purchase. At Target however, they can carry a particular item or style of an item which, once they run out of, they do not necessarily replace. This is the case particularly during the time of year when college students arrive in town. Target will stock-up with household goods that, once the rush to furnish student dorm rooms and apartments is over, other items may then take their place. In the past I’ve waited a couple of days before deciding to buy something at Target only to return and find it not available then, nor in the future. I considered this might happen with the rug I was interested in. Nevertheless, I waited for a couple of days then returned to the store certain I wanted it and, just as I suspected might happen, there were none available. In fact, most of the rugs displayed in the rug isle were gone.

The rug display took up one side of one isle and each style and size stood rolled and upright in their designated bins. Having seen that the bin with the kitchen mat that I wanted was empty I continued to look in other bins and amongst the items on the other side of that isle thinking perhaps I might find one misplaced. This was not the case. I then dispassionately, internally, said to myself, “I really want that rug” as I walked along turning into the adjacent isle thinking, “Who knows, maybe I’ll find one here.” Of course, there were no rugs on either side of that isle (only shower curtains, garbage cans, hangers, etc.) let alone the one I wanted. Again I said, or thought to myself without passion or neediness, just calmly and emphatically, “I really want that rug.” So, I walked into the isle on the other side of the rug isle and did the same thing. And, not surprisingly, there were no rugs there either (like before, entirely different household items). Having gotten to the end of that isle I then internally repeated my desire to have the rug as I continued walking and turning back into the first isle, the rug isle and, at the far end of the isle, rolled, upright, and leaning against the bins (not inside) there was the very rug I wanted!

I need to add I was at Target fairly early on a week day morning and there were few customers. In fact, I saw but one other shopper in that area and I asked her if she happened to place the rug there. Realizing that the question could seem like an odd or even accusatory thing for another customer to ask, I was careful as to how I posed the question. But, I was so taken aback by the sudden appearance of the rug I wanted to look into how this might have occurred. She replied stating that she had not placed it there.

One thing that stands out to me here is that this was not a desperately desired need or want. After all, it was just a kitchen mat. Nor did I set out to manifest it in some way or another. It’s just how I responded once I discovered that the rug was not available. I did not visualize the rug or anything like that; I was just looking for it basically. There may be something to the dispassionate emotional quality of my state of mind that facilitated its sudden appearance; its manifestation or teleportation perhaps. Kind of like, “I know it’s here somewhere I just have to find it” that allowed its miraculous manifestation, or teleportation, or whatever.


Dreaming The Future – San Francisco, California 1980’s

There is worthwhile information here for those interested and capable of perceiving such for useful and worthy purposes.

"Nights of Wonder" oil painting I was in my thirties, single and living in San Francisco. I had a friend who was an emergency room physician and, being unhappy with his occupation, he was attending law school planning on becoming an attorney instead. Having not been a student for many years he was having difficulties, particularly with passing exams. He mentioned to me that what seemed to be helping him a good deal was using his dream state to prepare for the next day’s exams. He would go to sleep with the suggestion that as he slept he would review the material he was to be tested on the following day. I found this very interesting and, using what I had learned from him, yet altering it considerably, before falling asleep that night I, in a self-hypnotic, or meditative state, suggested to myself that, that night I would try dreaming the future.

I awoke the following morning recalling a brief, final dream of me throwing a softball in a much exaggerated manner. It seemed to me at the time a silly and unimportant dream and pretty much forgot about it and my attempt to dream the future. Later that same day I received a phone call from a fellow I had dated only once before. He mentioned it was a warm and beautiful San Francisco, summer evening and he had just picked up his motorcycle from a repair shop. He wanted me to go for a ride on his bike with him. I had planned on staying in for the evening but eventually he coerced me into joining him. Then, once outdoors and on the back of his bike, was I glad he did! It was indeed a warm and pleasant evening (unusual weather for San Francisco anytime of year) and up and down the city’s hills we rode until, eventually, stopping at the Marina. I strolled out onto the grassy area next to the bay shore as my date was opening up the trunk on the back of his motorcycle. He then called out my name and tossed me a softball. I caught the ball and, in a much exaggerated manner, like a character in a cartoon or comedy, I threw it back to him. Suddenly, and feeling most surprised, I realized my plan to dream the future had actually worked!

That having been so successful I was determined to immediately try again that very night. The next morning I recalled a brief and final dream just before waking where I was speaking with a fictitious woman with her young daughter who, in the dream, I knew not well and hadn’t seen for sometime. She had blond hair as did her little girl. In the dream we were laughing at how her daughter was such a remarkably exact but little version of her. Again, I paid scant attention to the seemingly insignificant dream. Then, later that afternoon I had a chance encounter with a female acquaintance with whom I had once briefly worked with. She was quite striking looking; extremely tall and long-legged with thick, very long and wavy brown hair. During our short conversation she mentioned something about her daughter at which time I stated that I did not know she had a daughter. Oh yes, she exclaimed, and pulled from her wallet a photograph of the two of them. Soon we were laughing at how her daughter was an exact, little version of her! This went on for a couple of days. The dreams grew more and more abstract from their predictions of the actual experiences in my awakened state. Still, there was little denying that many were precognitive; the result of my efforts to dream the future.

The image above is of a 30″ X 40″ oil on canvas painting titled “Nights of Wonder” by Leslie Taylor 


Pen from Heaven – Tucson, Arizona, August 1997

My father and his second wife, Millie, lived in Tucson, Arizona. They moved there because he was suffering from congestive heart disease and, as my father had explained to me, the Veteran’s Hospital in Tucson (he was a WWll veteran) was known for its latest research and treatment of this disease. Dad was not particularly social and Millie, due to her own health concerns, was uncomfortable leaving the home for any significant length of time therefore, they had few social contacts.

One night, in the summer of 1987, around 2:00 am, I received a phone call from Millie from the hospital in Tucson and she, crying, informed me that my father had just passed away. Not only was I struck with the news of my father’s passing (although, given his health and age it was not entirely a surprise) but, I also thought of Millie’s situation. There she was, an elderly woman in her eighties, alone and at the hospital in the middle of the night having just lost her husband. I assured her I would be on the next available flight to Tucson (I lived in Boulder, Colorado) and, I did manage to arrive at her home around noon that afternoon.

amosThere was much to take care of regarding my Father’s funeral and also seeing to it that his widow was provided with a situation where she would best be taken care of. This required that I move her and all her possessions to California. My husband arrived in Tucson a couple of days after I did to help out. As the two of us were driving to meet with the pastor who was to conduct the service I read aloud the eulogy I had written for any edits or suggestions my husband, Adam, might have. I then reached into my purse for a pen to make a change he recommended and there was none. There was no pen in my purse, none in the glove compartment of the car, nor did Adam have one. This minor inconvenience set off a little mental breakdown. I cried as I kept repeating “I don’t have a pen, I don’t have a pen, …” Very soon after that we arrived at our destination. As I stepped out of the car and onto the sidewalk a black man approached me and said “here” then handed me a pen! I didn’t know what to say. I just took the pen and kept walking feeling a bit stunned. I shall add that my father pursued a career as writer during the last few years of his life.

Feed a Village and the Niwot Tavern – December 2014

This is another story of a miraculous manifestation that I had told Chad, my partner, about. It was one of my favorite episodes featured on the “It’s a Miracle” television series (like in the account “The Magic Penny” on the Home page of this website). This particular one involved perhaps half a dozen women, members of a church, who decided to provide a free man with fishThanksgiving meal at their church for any persons in the community in need of a meal or, just wanting to share Thanksgiving dinner with others. The ladies put signs up along the road leading to the church advertising the free meal and they personally provided and prepared all the food and other necessities. On Thanksgiving day many, many more people showed up then they had expected and knew they could feed. Yet, remarkably, down to the last of the turkey, scoopful of dressing, vegetable casserole, etc. they fed everyone who came. There was not a morsel remaining. After all were served and as the women finished cleaning-up and were putting on their coats, hats and scarves before heading home they heard a knock on the door of the church. And there stood a young mother and several little ones obviously in need. The women, although completely exhausted and knowing that there were absolutely no leftovers, had not the heart to turn the family away. So they let them in and sat them at a table thinking perhaps somewhere in the kitchen cupboards they would find a box of cookies or cans of soup; something to feed the family. When they returned to the kitchen in search of food they found in a cupboard a warm, freshly baked full loaf of bread. In the refrigerator was a dish filled with vegetable casserole and when they looked inside the oven they found a whole cooked turkey, dressing and all!

The image above, “untitled”, 12″ X 16″, was one of my first oil paintings done years ago. I don’t recall the source. I retrieved it from the basement thinking this would be a good location for it.


The Niwot Tavern (continued from “Feed a Village” above) – Christmas 2014

It was Christmas Eve, 2014, and Chad was to spend it with his family. They had an early dinner allowing time for the two of us to spend Christmas Eve together. Chad brought with him some prepared food and we had a fine meal together. The next day, Christmas Day, again Chad spent with his family then later showed-up at my house. I need to add here that I hate to cook; I always have. I’ve never used my oven. I eat but a few of the same type of food items over and over and keep little other than that in my refrigerator and pantry. I’ll often put grocery shopping off to the extent that there’s nothing more to eat in my house other the frozen vegetables in the freezer that have been there for years. (As an aside, this is not an attribute of mine men have cared much for). Anyway, Chad arrived and it was apparent that he expected we would have a Christmas Dinner together and that I would have seen to that since he provided the Christmas Eve meal the night before. Yet, unfortunately, there was nothing in my kitchen that we could pull together that might qualify as a decent meal. He then became rather fixated on having something special for Christmas dinner. We turned to the internet seeking phone numbers of every nearby restaurant we knew.  Not a single restaurant was open; all calls were not answered by an individual but went directly instead to voice mail recordings. The same was true of the two nearby supermarkets; King Soopers and Whole Foods. It was snowing and the road conditions were poor so we kept our search within twenty miles or so from where I lived thus eliminating hotels with restaurants, like the Marriott for example. The only alternative we could think of was the nearby gas station mini market. Perhaps there, we considered, we might find some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or some other Christmas treat.

Chad and I got into his car and drove to the small shopping center where the gas station was and, it was open. At the far end of the shopping center were three restaurants that I had called before we left and there was no answer. Yet, Chad wondered aloud if we should head in that direction anyway for, just maybe something will be open, rather than just settle for what we could find at the gas station mini mart. I told him I called all the restaurants there but, even though the weather conditions were not at all favorable for driving there were no cars around, driving or parked, and therefore there would be no harm in driving a little further on and checking.

As we got closer to where the restaurants were we could see some lights were on in one of them. As we got closer still we could see that it was the Niwot Tavern and it did appear that there were people inside. We parked in front and, as we looked through the large window on our way to the entrance door we saw a few people sitting in booths, apparently dining, and a man standing close to the window looking back at us. When we attempted to open the door to the tavern we found that it was locked. The man we saw through the window, the proprietor, unlocked, opened the door and asked us what we wanted. We told him we wanted something to eat and, he invited us in. When I asked for a menu he said that we did not need menus, that it was free. But, he went on to say, they were closed and we would have to take the meals with us; to go, in other words. He then gave us each a choice of one of four entrees. Chad, being a vegetarian, chose the pasta and I the turkey dinner. The proprietor then told us to have a seat at the bar and he retreated into the kitchen.

As we waited, the hostess, whom we learned was his wife, told us that on Christmas Day the Tavern provides free meals for residents of a local residential facility for the elderly. She went on to say that their grandchildren serve the meals to their Christmas guests and that they have been doing this for several years now to the extent that the kids and some of the elderly persons have come to know each other. She went on to say that they were just finishing up when we arrived and about to have a family dinner with their children and grandchildren at the tavern as is their Christmas custom. Her husband then emerged from the kitchen with large white bags with our meals inside. I hugged and thanked him as Chad took the bags and off we went. We even stopped-by the gas station mini market on the way back home and got some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for dessert. Needless to say, we had quite the Christmas dinner! We both acknowledged that our experience was much like the “Feed a Village” episode on “It’s a Miracle” that I had just recently told Chad of. We laughed joyously about this repeatedly as we drove home, as we ate our Christmas feast, and for a couple of days thereafter!


Paranormal Event – The Fighter Pilot – San Francisco, California 1980’s

I was in my early thirties and living in San Francisco. The radiator in the apartment I was renting began leaking water onto the floor. I contacted the building supervisor and he then sent over a maintenance man to fix the problem. The repairman was, I would guess, in his fifties and quite friendly. He told me a story about a paranormal event that I shall never forget …

He was a fighter pilot during World War II and on a mission in the Philippines. He was swooping down on a school yard as his gunner was shooting, horribly enough, the children desperately running away from the plane and for their lives. (For clarification, I need to add that I do not exactly remember whether he stated he had a gunner or was alone and able to shoot without one). He then went on to say that as his plane bore down on the children he was suddenly appalled by the sight of, to late to prevent, a little blond girl wearing a red dress with white polka dots being shot to death by him. (I was quite aware that as he is telling me this he was not concerned with the lives of the native Philippine children he was killing but was horrified that he had just killed a caucasian child). Years had passed and he returned to the Philippines very near where this incident had occurred for a reunion with his squadron. At one point, during the reunion festivities, he wandered off alone into the local market place where he encountered an elderly woman who gestured for him to follow her, which he did. This was a rural community and she led him to a cave not far from the market place and pointed for him to go inside the cave, which he also did. On the ground of the cave was a bloodied, little girl’s red with white polka dots dress. As he was telling me this part of his story he began crying.

Death Bed Visions – Uncle Bob’s Army Buddies – Massachusetts, July 2005

One summer, my husband and I were touring by car some locations on the east coast prior to our catching-up with relatives at Lake George in the Adirondack’s for our annual summer sojourn there. On this particular occasion we decided to visit with relatives I had not seen since childhood who have a property on the Cape in Massachusetts. Betty and Ray Cullins are an elderly couple and need help with their sizeable property and home. Their grown son, Steven, lives with them for this reason. During our stay Betty Cullins’ recently widowed sister-in-law was also visiting. Her elderly husband (Betty’s brother, Bob) had, only a few weeks earlier, passed away there at the home where he was being taken care of by the family during his final months as a severe stroke had left the entire right side of his body completely paralyzed. Steve was giving us a tour of the home and showed us the room where he cared for his Uncle Bob until his death. He then went on to say that “If I hadn’t seen this myself I would not have believed it.”

He had brought to his uncle, who was by this time unable to take in solid food, a glass of milk. Seeing that the elderly man’s health had deteriorated considerably he placed the milk on the nightstand next to the bed rather than attempt to get his uncle to drink some. Suddenly, Bob sat completely upright in bed and enthusiastically called out to some army buddies who had appeared to him; apparently having shown up for him to join them. Steve could not see the men. He said to his nephew “Don’t you see them? they have come for me!” Next, his uncle grabbed, with his paralyzed arm, the glass of milk and guzzled it down as if guzzling a beer. He then slammed the glass down on the nightstand, laid back down in his bed, and passed on.


allison edited

This is a 40″ X  30″ oil on canvas portrait of my niece I painted in the 1990’s. Allison is portrayed here sitting on steps leading to the dock at the Lake George cabin in the Adirondacks in New York.


Visions –  Illuminated Kaleidoscope – Portland, Maine, Summer of 1995

My husband, Adam, and I were en route from our home in Colorado to join his family for, as referred to in the previous post, our annual Summer sojourn in the Adirondacks at Lake George in New York. As was our custom then we would rent a car and tour other states besides New York during our visits to the northeastern part of the country. On one such visit we included Maine in our itinerary and were staying at a hotel in Portland, Maine when I had a most unusual experience …

It was early in the morning and we had just ordered breakfast to be brought to our room. I was in the bathroom and, while seated on the commode, I had placed over my head and face a cool, wet hand towel to refresh and further awaken me while waiting for room service to arrive. As soon as I applied the towel and, with my eyes closed, I could see a small, dynamic and very brilliant and sparkling point of light in the center of the otherwise blackness of my vision. It appeared much like a tiny Fourth of July sparkler. Then, off to the lower right side of my field of vision appeared a smaller and less illuminated point of red light which I determined, for some reason, that I could will in the direction of the sparkling white light. I did this until the red light intercepted the sparkling white light. At once, following the union of the two lights, the sparkling light began to grow in size and splendor forming brilliant white, yellowish and violet colored images in the pattern of a changing kaleidoscope. I saw lit forms of ducks, flowers, stars and other recognizable shapes as well as designs. It was remarkable! While marveling at the images before me I could hear the sounds of the arrival of room service with breakfast and my husband’s discourse with the hotel staff person quite lucidly. Therefore, I had not drifted back into a sleep nor semi-sleep state and was dreaming.

Having not come out of the bathroom for sometime and not responding to Adam’s knocks on the bathroom door (I was concerned the images might disappear should I speak) he, having grown concerned, entered the bathroom. Then, following a brief period of silence, he said “peek-a-boo!” Not at all offended, I began describing to him that which I was experiencing and while doing so the images remained. I removed the towel, hung it back on the rack, went into the hotel room and reclined on the bed and closed my eyes curious to know whether or not the images would reappear. Lo and behold they were still there! Only now they were not so brilliantly illuminated white, violet and yellow shapes but rather the more subdued colors and symbols of fall; beautiful orange, yellow and brownish leaves kaleidoscoping about before me. As lovely and remarkable as these visions were, having grown hungry as well as needing to get on with the day, they ceased once I opened my eyes, sat up, and began eating breakfast.


ESP or Extra Sensory Perception and a Deck of Cards – Boulder, Colorado 2007

I have always had a bit of extra sensory perception; otherwise referred to as ESP. Enough so that it can be apparent to others and, on occasion, persons have advised me to do something with this gift. Once I was accused of being a witch and another time someone advised me to hide this ability for people don’t like others knowing their thoughts. Generally, it is not something I can rely upon as it seems to occur for the most part randomly and not at my beck and call. So, to do something with this gift, as has sax bestbeen suggested to me, is not so easy. Nevertheless, following my divorce I decided that, for a while, a somewhat reclusive, contemplative life would be best and during this time I could investigate the possibility of ESP development. I purchased a deck of cards. But, even though this particular deck had fifty two cards as does a typical deck of playing cards they were not the at all like playing cards. The back of them all had the same dark blue colored background with a white zigzag design on them and the face of the cards had fifty two different animals of five different species on them; insects, birds, mammals, reptiles and aquatic life. What I had hoped to accomplish was to be able to guess which animal was featured on the cards before turning them over to see what was actually there. Having read a little about how scientific experiments are conducted I went to considerable effort to be certain that absolutely no information could be received by me either consciously or subconsciously that could contribute to my being able to correctly guess which creature would appear once the card was turned over. I shuffled dozens of different ways and dozens of times with my eyes closed. I shall also add that some of the animals were illustrated almost abstractly and many of them were images of just their heads. Therefore, no subtle imprint on the back could have provided me with clues. Also, I did not bother much beforehand to see exactly what animals were actually illustrated on the cards. I then placed, face down, four cards in a row and attempted to guess which animal was on the other side before turning them over.

The first attempt wOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAas so remarkably successful that my heart began pounding. I guessed three of the four correctly and in the correct order and my fourth guess was a small mammal or rodent yet not the exact one revealed on the card. Encouraged, I continued with my experiment and, while never having repeated that surprising outcome, I did have quite a long run of always two of the four being correct. Then, as if the cards had a mind of their own, it began to appear as if they were playing with me! For example, I would, after conscientious and considerable shuffling, certain I could not have consciously nor subconsciously seen any of the creatures on the cards, try to guess what creature was on the other side of the top card on the deck. On the first attempt I guessed a swan and, after going through approximately a quarter of the deck and with no swan to be seen, the swan, I discovered, was the last card in the deck positioned face down in the palm of my hand. Or, I would guess bear, for example, and it would not be the first card on the deck but one or two after. This sort of “just out of my reach” success kept happening as if to taunt me. I then returned to trying to guess which animal, or critter, underlie four cards placed faced down. My success rate was quite low yet, there were approximately four or five cards that would detail clarinetrepeatedly appear over and over again within as much as ten trials (sometimes one of the four or five “regulars” appeared and sometimes as many as three). Wising up to the situation, I started to guess those animals at which time another set of four or five cards began to repeatedly appear instead. There was one card, different from the rest that, instead of an illustration of an animal on it,  it featured a blank circle with the words “Unlimited Potential” written underneath it. This card began to appear within nearly every set of four each time during the next six trials. So, naturally I began to include in my guesses the “Unlimited Potential” card and following three encouraging successes, even down to where amongst the four it was, it too ceased to appear. It has been a couple of years since I conducted this experiment but someday I may give it another try.

The first image above is titled “Gettin’ Down” and the second, “Cool Cat”  and below that, directly above is a detail of “Cool Cat”. Both paintings are oil on canvas, 30″ X 30″, and the artist is Leslie Taylor. 


Synchronicity Defined:

This definition of synchronicity here is derived from the quantum chemist’s, Lothar Shafer’s book “Infinite Potential” within which he makes references to the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s views on synchronicity: “Synchronicity is a concept introduced by Carl Jung to describe the simultaneous appearance of two of more events that are connected in meaning but not in their visible causes.” Jung’s German term sinngemabe koinzidenz is difficult to translate. It means something like “a coincidence according to meaning” or “meaningful coincidence of two or more events.” According to Jung, synchronistic events occur so frequently that they can’t be explained away as merely random events. And, with such events, our mind seems to transcend space and time. For, within the framework of classical physics, no explanation can be given for how such phenomena can occur or what the means of communication are by which events, ordinarily separated in time and space, suddenly become joined in our experience. The only thing that’s clear is that the connection doesn’t involve physical energy or forces, nor does it involve causality. “No one has yet succeeded,” Jung writes, “in constructing a causal bridge between the elements making up a synchronistic coincidence.”

Love and Synchronicity – Boulder, Colorado, February 2015

This just now happened so I decided to include the synchronistic event here; where I am currently in the development of this document.

I have been working on a pencil drawing for the past week and the theme is “Love”. The word “Love” is featured across the center of the drawing with several smaller images depicting love surrounding the word. I had worked on it quite a bit today. Ready to quit, I put the drawing down and clicked onto one of six “Hidden Objects” games I have links to on my desktop. It has been at least a year since I last played any one of the games but, today, it seemed a good way to pass the time. The one I selected is called “Amazing Adventure” and the scenes in the game are located in Switzerland. After having found all the hidden objects in the boathouse scene, that screen closed and an image of a map and diary appeared. I clicked onto the diary and it opened. Depicted on the page inside the diary was a small torn map piece along with the words: “The back of this map piece has just one word, Love.” I’ve never seen that before.

Along with that, my friend Chad is reading “A Course in Miracles” (having experienced so many miraculous events with me he’s become quite interested in the book) and I am reading it along with him. I have already read the book and done the exercises but, it certainly warrants repeated reviewing. Today’s daily lesson (number 99) states, “God still is Love and this is not his will” (“not his will” referring to the suffering in the world). The word “Love” in these three cases (the drawing, the game, and ACIM) is capitalized and is in some, yet very few, of the 360 ACIM daily lessons.

In the, aforementioned, pencil drawing below titled “Love is Everywhere”  (14″ X 18″  artist:  Leslie Taylor) there are 24 hidden hearts. Here, you can see a few.

FInal Scanned File Image


Seeing – Boulder, Colorado, 2002

I had recently (as of the time this account was originally written) finished the book “A Course in Miracles.” One main teaching of the book is the concept of “seeing” truthfully. The book states that truth in seeing (seeing all as they are in truth) is necessary in achieving wholeness or oneness with God. It encourages that one pray specifically requesting “above all else I want to see.” So I gave praying for “seeing” a try. I next began reading Daniel Boorstin’s book “The Creators.” The book is about great artistic, creative minds and endeavors throughout human history. However, the first couple of chapters are about (and this is all I had read at this time) human concepts of creators of Heaven and Earth; in other words, Gods. The book begins describing the Hindu belief that gods, Heaven, Earth, and Earth’s inhabitants, are inherently radiant and “seeing” brings sanctity. Darsan, as it is referred to, is a two-way flow of vision, or seeing. This is how it works: the Holy Spirit, place, person or thing gives Darsan and the people receive, then give Darsan back again. As I am reading this, I am thinking that this concept nicely falls in line with my recent prayers for “seeing”.

Enlightenment or a Holy Instant – Seeing Continued 

A holy instant, often referred to as enlightenment, can occur at any time: during meditation, a dream, during the course of a normal activity such as hiking, a conversation with a friend, etc. For a description of a holy instant click onto the page tab above titled “A Course in Miracles” then scroll down the page and click onto the section titled “The Holy Instant”.

Following my prayer for seeing (referred to in the post above) I had a dream that I was at a political event where President Bush was speaking. Few people showed up and those who did were jeering him. (In reality, he still had substantial support in the U.S. at this time). I was close enough to the stage to see that the expression on his face indicated that he was quite distraught by this. He then looked directly at me from the podium where he was standing. Then suddenly, our eyes, and only our eyes, no body nor face, were separated by just a few inches as we continued looking directly at one another. Next, it was as if we both looked through and beyond our eyes and deep into one another’s soul. It also seemed as if there was a third, yet not visible, presence with us. Next it was as though we were one, not two (or three?) separate beings, completely immersed in a non-physical, spiritual state; floating in pure love. All was white, not a brilliant white light, just white. It was the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced and it lasted a bit even as I awoke from the dream.

When I had this dream I was quite active politically with the Democratic Party here in Colorado and, at that time (and still to this day), George Bush was so exceedingly disliked amongst Democrats to the extent of being reviled. Many Americans, not just Democrats, felt his international, environmental and economic policies seemed intent on setting the entire world in a wrong-way, and potentially dangerous, direction. These sentiments were felt even more strongly outside the U.S. beginning with his administration’s determination to invade Iraq. At political gatherings my fellow Democrats and I were severe and relentless in our criticisms of Mr. Bush.

I believe I dreamt of George Bush not so much because of who he was but rather because of what he symbolized. In my judgment, he was quite possibly the most dangerous world leader at that time given the scope and potential outcome of his influence; particularly involving the invasion of Iraq. Yet, I could not deny that the dream of him and I together, seeing beyond the body, and beyond the body’s eyes, and experiencing our souls as one immersed in the peace and love of God was a message from a higher source about all our inherently true, pure nature regardless of the opinions and judgments one holds of another, or others and, no matter how justified they seem. Following the dream, I could no longer engage in political discussions and criticisms about President Bush and his administration without the memory of it jumping to the fore of my thoughts. It seemed I now had a higher truth that supplanted any political opinions I had previously coveted.

I shared the experience with a couple of persons with whom I usually engaged in political discourse with and it seemed to inspire their even more acrimonious commentary regarding Bush. Therefore, I could no longer be politically active as I could not be against President Bush and the conservative, Republican Party and yet, I could not be supportive of their policies either. That dream pretty much put an end to my political activism and to this day, years later, the dream still strongly influences me.


A Miracle and a Devine Message – More on Seeing

Then, a day later, following the dream, this occurred: I watch TV very rarely (in fact, now, I don’t even have one) and never look at a programming schedule. Yet on this particular occasion I did stumble on a program I liked and have mentioned on this website couple of times called It’s A Miracle. The featured episode was about a woman who was asked by an adoption agency to consider adopting a new born baby who was desperately ill and not likely to live. And, If the baby were to survive, she was informed, the cost and care of the child throughout its life was likely to be considerable. The woman arrived at the hospital for her first sight of the infant. When she looked at the child she did not see the tubes and medical machinery, nor the physical malformations, nor any of the other visible signs of the baby’s unfortunate condition. Instead, she said, “All I saw were his eyes; they looked right into my eyes as I looked directly into the baby’s eyes.” She continued, “I then felt this profound and overwhelming feeling of love for the infant and decided then and there that this child was mine.” When next she saw the baby, the visible signs of the infant’s poor physical condition shocked her, for she had not seen them at all during her first visit although they were there. However, because of the miracle of her first experience she followed through with the adoption and, ultimately, quite happily so.

The next program I settled on that very same evening was a movie called “Heaven Can Wait” with Warren Beatty. It was a story about a young man who died before his time was up and is returned to Earth in a different body to correct the mistake. In this second body, he and a woman meet and fall deeply in love. An angel then informs him that he can not stay in this particular body and must again die and return to Earth in yet another body to complete the correction. Before this happens, he informs the woman he’s fallen in love with that he must leave her but, sometime in the future they will meet again. Yet, he continues, they not know each other by their physical appearances but rather by something that they will recognize when they look into each other’s eyes. When later they do meet (him now in a different body and with no recollection of the past nor the woman) they stare directly into one another’s eyes and claim to experience a strange familiarity and fall deeply in love (again).

I was amazed at the synchronistic events following my prayer for seeing as was recommended in “A Course in Miracles”: Daniel Boorstin’s book and his reference to Darsan (the Hindu word for “seeing”), my dream involving President Bush and seeing into one another’s soul and becoming as one, and the “seeing” themes on “It Takes A Miracle” and “Heaven Can Wait” television programs.

Admittedly, given my choice of television programs that night (It’s a Miracle and Heaven Can Wait) it is less surprising that synchronicities would occur because of those choices rather than “The Sopranos” or “Sex in the City”, for example. Still, I had no idea those programs were scheduled that evening nor of the similarity of the program’s content of seeing into another’s eyes, then beyond the body’s eyes and experiencing profound love as was also the message, perhaps a divine message, of my dream!


Precognition or Synchronicity – Africa – Boulder, Colorado 2001

I retrieved the globe out from downstairs to locate a specific country on it. Following which, I placed my hands on the globe and focused on the thought: “All earthy beings are light, peace and joy” a prayer. When I opened my eyes I noticed that Africa was directly in my purpleline of vision; it seemed to jump out at me. I thought to myself, how wonderful it would be if all Africans with AIDS were cured of their disease. I imagined African children inflicted with AIDS throughout the continent experiencing spontaneous healing. I thought of a little black boy in New York I had once seen on a television program who was born with and dying from AIDS. I was so moved by this child and his grandmother who was taking care of him that I shall never forget them. I thought of his beautiful spirit and imagined him healthy and hugging me. I then returned to thinking of Africans of all ages inflicted with AIDS healed, at peace and prospering. Later, I checked the “New York Times” news email I received daily. I had been deleting without opening these emails for the past several months relying on other news sources instead. Yet, without giving it much thought, I chose to open the NYT email on this particular morning and this is what appeared (and was all that was conveyed in the email along with the link to the NYT website):

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “If you are H.I.V. positive now, it doesn’t mean you are dying. If you want to go to school, you should go to school. If you want to buy a car, you should buy a car.” – DR. DAVID MARUMO, in Botswana, Africa, where the promise of access to AIDS drugs has brought new hope.

“Pink Pearl”


The image of the painting above this one is titled “Purple Haze”  a 12″ X 12″  oil on canvas and the image of the painting directly above is titled “Pink Pearl” (the brand name of the pink eraser) a 36″ X 24″ painting. The artist is Leslie Taylor (“Pink Pearl” is signed L. Maggy, my maiden name).


Two American Goldfinches at My Window – June 2012

I was upstairs sitting on my couch in the studio having my morning coffee and looking outside through the large studio window observing the local bird population and activity. I began internally lamenting how rarely I saw the brilliantly yellow colored American Goldfinch anbirds[1]ymore. I then recalled how my ex-husband and I had observed one in the field across the street from the home we lived in, perhaps seven years prior, and that we both noted, at that time too, that the sighting of a Goldfinch had become a rare occurrence. As I sat in the studio, sipping my coffee, I began to consider the possibility that unfavorable environmental circumstances or perhaps the migration of other bird species (Starlings for example) were responsible for their apparently depleted local population. Also, as I am contemplating this, I mentally recalled that it was my ex-husband’s birthday. Then suddenly, two Goldfinches, one male and the other female (the female being less brilliantly colored) flew up to my window, perched on the window sill and remained there for several minutes! And they stayed there even as I walked up to the window and placed my finger where their bodies were on the sill on the other side of the window, outdoors. Ordinarily, this gesture would have frightened them away yet, somehow I knew it would not and it did not. One of the Goldfinches, the female, would knock repeatedly on the window with its beak as the male remained at her side. This behavior continued for three days!

The image above is a 24″ X  36″ oil painting titled “Birds” by Leslie Taylor. The bird in the painting is a fictitious bird: a composite of two different birds (in reality) thus giving the suggestion the woman and the bird are, in ways, quite similar.


A Parakeet Named Olie – January 2013

When I was a child in the late 1950’s, about seven years old, I was in Woolworths, a discount general merchandise store. I wandered into the basement level of the store and came upon a bird cage, probably one cubic meter in dimension. There must have been twenty five or more parakeets crammed into this cage. I was completely enchanted by the adorableness of the little pastel colored birds but also felt concerned for their well-being. How I wished they could be free or, at the very least, kept in a much larger cage. This seemingly uneventful experience made an indelible impression on my mind and from that time on I developed quite an affection for birds, particularly parakeets.

artists fluteDecades later, I was at my flute teacher’s home where he and his wife had three parakeets. He told me that initially they had only one but it seemed so unhappy and lacking in any vitality whatsoever they decided to get their pet parakeet two parakeet companions and, from then on, the bird became an obviously much happier and vivacious little creature. A couple of years later I was volunteering at a Hospice Care facility two days a week. On one afternoon the receptionist, Lisa, and I were having a conversation and she was telling me about all the pets she and her husband had. They were animal lovers and had quite a number and variety of domestic animals one of which was a little pastel blue parakeet named Olie. I asked her about the size of Olie’s cage and she said it was probably too small and that she had been considering getting a larger one. I then suggested Olie might also enjoy having a companion or two. From there I elaborated further telling her of the circumstances involving my flute teacher’s parakeets. Lisa was quite receptive and agreed that her parakeet was probably lonely and needed some parakeet companions as well as a larger cage. That evening as I lay in bed I contemplated Lisa’s parakeet’s circumstances hoping that she would follow through and get a larger cage and another parakeet friend or two for little Olie.

The following week, when I arrived at the Hospice facility, Lisa came up to me enthusiastically exclaiming she couldn’t wait to see me again. She went on to say that a couple of days after our conversation she was taking the garbage out to the garbage enclosure in her residential community when she encountered a neighbor. They introduced themselves and during the course of their conversation and getting to know one another he had mentioned to her he had two parakeets that unfortunately he could not keep as he had developed an allergic reaction to them. You can probably guess what happened next: Olie now has two little birdie buddies. And, the neighbor also gave her his much larger cage in which the three little feathery friends tweet and flutter about and happily so.

The painting above is titled “The Artist’s Flute” by Leslie Taylor: oil on canvas  24 X 24″


Divine Message – Pornography – Boulder, Colorado 2014

I stopped into a local Mexican restaurant one evening for a bite to eat and a margarita. I sat at the bar. It was relatively early for dinner, around 5:00 pm, and there were few customers. I ordered my meal and beverage and soon afterwards a man, whom I would guess was in his too_sexy2[1]early forties, sat on the bar stool next to me and stared at me with his head tilted slightly back giving his eyes a particularly intense and slightly menacing expression. His irises were set partly beneath his lower eyelids leaving much of the whites of the eyes exposed above. He wasted no time alluding to matters of a sexual nature and it was rather obvious he was intent on the encounter resulting in a sexual outcome. I did not at all find him in the least bit attractive; not so much based on his physical appearance but because of his extreme sexual fixation and aggression and disinterest in anything else. He was not particularly threatening (being as we were in a public place) therefore I was not at all fearful. So I continued to listen to him and observe his behavior. For example: he kept taking my hand and attempt to place it between his legs. I deduced that he had probably been sitting in a corner of the bar somewhere staring at pornography on his cell phone getting “worked-up” prior to my arrival and this prompted his overtly sexual and inappropriate behavior.

As an aside, a number of women, including myself, feel that the current proliferation and easy access to pornography has had a significant and undesirable affect on many men, and men of all ages. They can become overtly sexual and, to many women, this is a turn-off. I’ve met a number of men whom I know not well yet will mention that they indulge in porn … now there’s an attractive thought. Worse yet, it is my understanding that rape incidents, particularly on college campuses, have increased.

He appeared to me as though he had a problem and I began to see him in that way rather than as an obnoxiously horny guy. Although, I did feel that if he wasn’t already inclined towards raping women, or girls, he soon would be. He appeared as though he was soulless, insect-like even; as though he was lacking in any humanity whatsoever and intensely and singularly focused on copulating or devouring his prey even. My position became that of a sympathetic observer and I gently and subtly alluded to the fact that he had a problem. Then suddenly, as I was facing and looking straight at him sitting next to me I heard, very clearly, his voice disembodied and to my right and slightly behind me, saying “I just need to be loved.” So taken by this I mentioned this remarkable occurrence to him which made him rather angry. He then went away in a huff and I’ve not seen him since.


The two part paintings above are titled “Too Sexy for My Shirt”. They are both oil on canvas and 24″ X 24″ and the artist is Leslie Taylor. I should add that the individual who modeled for the painting was not, to my knowledge, involved in pornography in anyway and this post is not to suggest that he is or was. In fact, he is a carpenter.


Miraculous Manifestation and/or Precognition – Women for Udall Event – June 2014

In June of 2014 there was a political event hosted by Maggie Fox and Women for Udall which I received an invitation to attend. Mark Udall, at that time, was a United States Senator representing Colorado and Maggie Fox is his wife. I wanted to address the group about concerns associated with the pornography industry. But, I am not a member of the group and therefore, I had no legitimate right to speak to the group on that or any other topic. I knew that if I asked either Senator Udall’s staff or the women’s group for the opportunity to speak they would think the request absurd. However, I did accomplish my objective.

The idea to speak to the group about the problems associated with the pornography industry and how to make that happen came to me all at once; in-other-words, whole.

A week or so prior to the event I sat down, relaxed, closed my eyes and sort of probed for an idea that would make my attendance at the event worthwhile, or productive yet, not necessarily associated with problems involving pornography, at least not at that time. (Note: I personally was targeted by individuals, members of organized crime involved in pornography and prostitution, as a forced recruit, or so it seemed, so I know of the concerns and dangers first hand). Anyway, due to this exercise, I knew I would be given the opportunity to speak. For, that information came to me whole and rather suddenly; almost immediately once I began the exercise. By whole I mean not linearly as in words in a sentence. I even knew (in advance and due to the exercise) two specific things Senator Udall would say to me before and after I spoke, which he did.

At the event, after the Senator finished speaking to the group, he then stated he would take questions. I was standing next to where he was and was the first to raise my hand. Once selected I requested of the Senator that I be allowed a couple of minutes to speak of a concern of mine (I did not volunteer, nor did he ask, what the concern was). He looked directly at me, did not say anything for a few moments, then said, “go for it.” I knew he would say those very words. Secondly, after I spoke, he asked me to give a copy of my talk to one of his aids. I had brought with me a second copy just for that purpose.

The reason I knew I would be allowed to speak (due to the exercise) was because it was as though the circumstance had already occurred and I vaguely remembered it. But, in order for me to actually realize this, or actualize the incident, there were things I needed to do in between. Such as: decide and write down that which I was going to say, figure out how to physically position myself at the event so that I would be speaking to and not from inside the group, and so on.

By-the-way, I received an applause from several of those in attendance and afterwards a couple of women thanked me for bringing the issue to their attention. They mentioned to me that one of their biggest problems as parents was their children’s access to pornography; that regardless of the parental controls they place on their home computers kids just find another computer to view it on. One woman stated that, “It robs children of their innocence.”

This is why this works (and, it is not the “power of positive thinking” as in “The Secret”): It is due to what I call a knowing. Knowing is like a memory yet it transcends space and time and therefore not confined to the laws of space and time (those being: cause and effect, past, present and future events). Knowing is perceived whole, not in linear, distinct, and sequential parts as are all things and events within space and time (temporal perception). It can occur suddenly and unexpectedly, in a dream, a meditative state, etc. Knowing is doubtless; it is so. It comes from outside space and time and can be helpful and lead to good.

Senator Mark Udall lost his bid for reelection in Colorado in 2014. I find this unfortunate for he was a very good and popular senator with people of all political leanings in the state. Senator Udall and his staff were accessible and responsive to constituent’s concerns regardless of their political party affiliation, wealth and influence. His wife, Maggie, is a fine person too. She was an attorney for the Sierra Club and worked closely with her husband; both being quite active in preserving the natural environment.  


 Three examples of Synchronicity – Denver Museum of Natural History – January 2011

1) I dreamt I came upon a newly hatched orphaned great white heron (also referred to as a great egret). It was terrified. I attempted to approach the bird to comfort it but it was too fearful of me. Some large dogs then menacingly came near the hatchling and it was then that it let me pick it up. I put a blanket over its entire body and held it close to my chest and began walking away from the dogs. I could feel the bird’s attempt at being nursed at my breast and, realizing I could not possibly nourish the newborn heron in this way, I considered getting some milk and a bottle to try to feed it. The next evening I went with friends to see a film at the IMAX theater at the Denver Museum of Natural History. It began with a preview of an upcoming IMAX production about two people who adopt newly born orphaned animals in Africa then nurture them as surrogate parents and raise them until they are able to survive on their own. It showed them feeding newborn animals with a bottle. This is the same theme of the dream about the abandoned, newly hatched white heron I wanted to save.

2) Following that preview they showed a second preview of mountain climbers ascending Mt. Everest in an effort to locate the bodies and any other materials from the ill-fated 1923 expedition by the famous explorer George Mallory and team to determine if they had accomplished their objective of being the first to climb to the top of Mt. Everest before expiring. The film preview showed a body was found (perhaps the explorer’s) surrounded by some objects. The following day, Saturday, I turned the radio on to a PBS current events and comedy program. The radio show’s host had just made contact by telephone with a law student named Chad (a different Chad than my friend referred to in other parts of this document) who was to attempt to guess, thus complete, the last rhyming words in three limericks. The student guessed the words to the first limerick correctly which were “the South Pole.” The host then elaborated that the limerick was about the ill-fated expedition led by Captain Scott to be the first to reach the South Pole of the Antarctic. He mentioned that the bodies had been found, along with other objects, thus determining that they did not reach their destination before succumbing to the elements.

3) Back to the Denver Museum of Natural History: Prior to entering the IMAX theater my two companions and I were marveling at the skeletal reconstructions of the tyrannosaurus rex on display. I commented on how scientists are very close to replicating live, from extinct, creatures such as the tyrannosaurus rex from DNA samples. One of my friends immediately referred to the science fiction movie “Jurassic Park” where this very scenario occurs with disastrous results. musee[1]Now back again, the next day, Saturday, to the PBS radio program: Chad then correctly guessed the last words in the second limerick which were “woolly mammoth.” This again was followed by the host elaborating on the topic. He stated that the Japanese claim to be seven years from using DNA from these ancient beasts’ remains to reproduce a live, infant woolly mammoth. Another person on the program chimed in stating that obviously the Japanese have never seen the movie, “Jurassic Park”.

I find that if I write down synchronistic events many more occur; it seems to bring them on. So much so that the writing of them becomes too time consuming. I experience at least two a week; and more if I write them down. A friend of mine who has witnessed many with me, and has now begun to experience them on his own, has encouraged me to write them all down anyway. Sometimes I think that if I do write them all down, thus experiencing more synchronistic events, I will run out of time to experience them spending so much time writing about them – it becomes a way of life. If you are not experiencing synchronicity at all, or regularly, having read this may very well encourage an event. Write it down and you will, most likely, experience more.

The  painting above is titled “Le Patron de Musee”. It is an oil on canvas, 18″ X 12″ and the artist is Leslie Taylor.


DIvine Message – Aunt Margarite – Boulder, Colorado, around 2005

I will state briefly that my mother was a difficult personality. My childhood was not a happy one; not solely because of my mother, but certainly that had much to do with it. For example, she would often ruin an important event for me (such as a graduation, a birthday party, a prom, etc.)that could otherwise be quite a happy occasion. I had always felt that they aroused jealousy in her. When I was to marry Adam she began to display the warning signs that I recognized and spikeL[1]understood to indicate that she could very well cause my wedding day to be a difficult and unpleasant experience for me. Fortunately, just weeks before the wedding (and I think she may have even done this intentionally, yet unconsciously, not actually wanting to ruin my wedding) she got quite angry with me during a visit and told me to leave her home. Her home was in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and my car was back in the San Francisco Bay Area hundreds of miles away. Her husband, fortunately, immediately offered to drive me to my car the next morning. On that morning, prior to my departure, she wanted to discuss the matter but, admittedly, I was not responsive. She reacted stating that I was very cold. She has always been inclined to get suddenly and unpredictably angry and exceedingly so and, quite often over the most minor of issues. I’m of the opinion she cannot really control this behavior. Still, over the years, I’ve grown uninclined to deal with it (or her for that matter). I do love her and she does posses some fine qualities; I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. Anyway, that morning, she then went on to suggest that “I probably would not want to have her at the wedding.” I replied that I thought it would be best if she did not attend (which she did not) and was grateful for the opportunity to express that. My wedding was perfect and beautiful and the happiest day of my life.

My mother was known throughout the family as a difficult person. However, a sister of my grandmother’s, one of my mother’s aunts, Aunt Margarite, was quite fond of my mother as my mother was of her. Aunt Margarite was not deceived by my mother in any way and had expressed the opinion to me a number of years prior to my wedding that my mother’s personality was the result of having been extremely spoiled as a child.

Margarite Maher was an interesting person. She attended Cornell University (at a time when spikeR[1]women generally did not go to college) and was the second highest ranking female naval officer during WWII. When my mother complained to Aunt Margarite about being uninvited to my wedding Aunt Margarite telephoned me and stated that she too would not be attending the wedding and went on to express numerous, harsh criticisms of me and my character. I was quite hurt and offended and she, knowing my mother as she did, should have known better than to make that phone call. We did not speak to one another again after that conversation. Aunt Margarite lived until she was ninety-eight years old. She was also a very wealthy woman and left a good deal of money to my mother and other heirs. I received, and expected, nothing; not because of our last conversation, I just did not expect anything. Yet, soon after she passed away, I had a dream involving her that was of more value than any financial inheritance:

I was at a party on the top floor of a three story apartment building. A friendly young woman approached me and inquired as to what my profession was. I told her I was an artist and she followed up with the information that she was in the Navy. She then gestured for me to follow her. We descended some stairs that eventually led outside and together we stood in the front of the apartment building. She informed me that I was absolutely not allowed to cross the street but to look over to the other side. And, standing there was my Aunt Margarite gently waving her hand and so very warmly smiling at me. She wanted me to know that she was indeed proud of and loved me.

The downtown art studio, mentioned below, was located in a three story, multiuse [residential and commercial] building. This dream occurred following my ex-husband’s and my purchase of the condominium and just prior to the difficulties that emerged there.


“Sugar ‘N’ Spike” (spiked jewelry below her lower lip)  is a 24” X  24″  oil on canvas painting. The smaller paintings are 12″ X 8″ and the artist is Leslie Taylor.


A Most Difficult Time – Boulder, Colorado (around 2006 thru ????)

I was in the midst of the most difficult time of my life. The condominium I owned was surrounded by a community of members of organized crime and I had been experiencing severe harassments and menacing by these people to, perhaps, get me to sell my home at a low price for a real estate development project. Or, quite possibly, something even more insidious; breaking me psychologically for sexual exploitation purposes. Prior to my ownership of the unit it was used as a place of prostitution and pornography production (these are not the only reasons I suspected this was their most likely motive). Neither my ex-husband nor I were aware of this when we purchased the property. I do need to add here that I am in my 50’s (as of this writing) and, while not young, I am still attractive and particularly so to men of mature years. Having to constantly defend and protect myself from their belligerence, hostilities, harassments, vandalism, threats, thefts, break-ins into my home, mailbox, computer, car, etc., etc., etc., had me in a state of extreme emotional duress. Seeking spiritual guidance, I decided to go to the local Unity Church for a Sunday sermon.

I have never been a church goer and, while I had attended this one briefly in the past, I had not been back in years. That morning, and just before leaving for church, I randomly opened the book “A Course in Miracles” (a more than six hundred page book) seeking an inspirational message. The paragraph my eyes landed on and read was specifically about seeing. At church, the topic of the sermon was on the spiritual concept of seeing: meaning seeing beyond the physical, the material, the empirical world; seeing instead the true, the eternal, the perfect and innocent. As part of the sermon the pastor projected a paragraph he had selected from “A Course in Miracles” and, remarkably, it was the very same paragraph I had opened the book to and read just before leaving for Unity Church that morning!

NOTE: I need to mention here for it may be of concern to the reader: It was constantly asked of me how these people were gaining entry into my home. I repeatedly changed and upgraded the locks in the art studio initially having a locksmith do the work then later learning how to change them myself. Constantly changing the locks was getting quite expensive, to say nothing of being exceedingly stressful, and it seemed to be of no avail; I could not keep them out! Then, one morning I awoke with the ‘knowing’ that I needed to measure the depth of the holes behind the lock plates that the foot of the locks slip into when turning the deadbolt levers, which I did first thing; before breakfast, or coffee even. What I discovered was that the hole in the left French door (French doors are a pair) of the main entrance was quite shallow, truncating how deep the foot of the dead bolt slipped into the hole by over half its length! My neighbors (a real estate sales, management and development company) were the developers of this and adjacent properties as well as many other properties throughout town. They also managed 1,600 university student housing units. I checked with a locksmith about this and he stated that with the deadbolts not being able to fully extend, thus fully engage the lock, any amateur thief could easily gain entry into the property.  


Precognition or a Knowing – Downtown Art Studio – Boulder, Colorado

daddys_girlL[1]To elaborate further on the difficulties referred to in the section above titled “A Most Difficult Time”: The condominium was purchased by my then husband, Adam, and I as a second property in the downtown area of Boulder, Colorado. Our primary residence was located in the outlying regions of town. We purchased the condominium partly as an investment, partly as an urban, second home for us to enjoy together on weekends and, as an art studio for me to work out of during the week. We were thrilled with the condominium as the price, compared to other comparable properties, seemed like a bargain. It was located in a three story building, on the rooftop, with east and west facing decks, lots of windows and, featuring all the latest in interior and exterior design.

Once we had invested in painting, new carpeting, refinishing the hardwood floors, etc., Adam and I were upstairs and just about to descend on the spiral staircase to the bedroom below on an inspection tour when I got what I refer to as a knowing. By this I mean a sudden certainty of an event, or situation,  occurring in the past, present, or future. I do not get them frequently but, I have experienced perhaps a dozen throughout my life. It is as if a sphere of whole information (not linearly and sequentially as in words in a sentence or a mathematical equation) descends upon my mind and, there is no doubting the information received. I immediately turned to Adam and relayed the information that something terrible had happened here and pornography was somehow involved.

There was an elderly man who lived in the unit next door, on the south side of the studio, and he was personally and professionally connected with the owners of the real estate company next door, on the north daddys_girlR[1]side of the studio (all within the same building). And, not coincidentally as I later deduced, he was the father of a neighbor of ours at our primary residence with whom we had some contact. (Although these connections with our neighbors at our primary home were not at all known to us when we purchased the condominium). This man’s daughter was also good friends and professionally associated with the owner of the real estate company. A couple of weeks following the knowing experience (that something terrible had happened there and pornography was somehow involved) the elderly man befriended me and began dropping by the studio quite frequently. During one of these visits he told me that the first owner of the condominium filmed pornographic movies in what was now our property. This was later confirmed to me when I met an artist and her boyfriend at a local art exhibit and, as we exchanged information about ourselves with one another, I discovered that the boyfriend was the original owner of the studio. They divulged that he was a film maker yet would not give any specifics when I asked what sort of films he produced. In fact, he then seemed to want to avoid the topic all together. I should add that the Elderly man’s daughter informed me around this time that she owned and operated an adult sex shop.

Adam and I divorced not long after our purchase of the property and the condominium became my full-time residence whereas he continued to live in the home we shared in the outskirts of Boulder. I had quite a rough time of it there alone (which I will elaborate on later) and was in considerable danger. Recalling the incidence of knowing that something bad had happened to someone in the studio I have often wondered if it foretold of circumstances involving me or it relayed past information about some other unfortunate person, or perhaps both.


The images above are a three part piece titled “Daddy’s Little Girl”, oil on canvas, and the artist is Leslie Taylor. The larger is 24″ X 24″ and the smaller two are 8″ x  12″. To my knowledge the model had nothing to do with prostitution or pornography.


Visions of Menacing Entities – Boulder, Colorado

While miracles are generally uplifting and inspiring experiences there are those paranormal experiences that are unsettling, a little frightening even. As a follow-up to the “‘Downtown Art Studio” account above, I had encountered many such disturbing experiences.

My first was in Mexico soon following our purchase of the condominium. Adam and I, along with his family, gathered at a time share resort in Cancun, Mexico as we had been doing annually for a number of years. We had just finished breakfast at one of the resort’s two restaurants and I happeninL[1]then headed for the beach with a book and plopped myself down on a chaise lounge under a grass umbrella to read and relax. I reclined with the book in my lap and closed my eyes to increase my enjoyment of the gentle breeze and the sounds of the ocean waves when instead, I was struck with a detailed vision of a face of a Mexican boy, around fourteen years old, whose countenance expressed extraordinary hatred and evil. It would be impossible to adequately describe the evil this image projected. The vision was as clear as a movie and as detailed. Also, like a movie, it was a two, not a three dimensional, holographic-like image and, it did seem to possess a life-like quality (unlike a photograph which possesses none). This shocked and frightened me and being startled, I quickly opened my eyes. Following that, and unable to forget the vision, I was never completely comfortable during our entire stay in Mexico on this particular trip and remained close to the resort rather than exploring as I would otherwise be inclined to do. (Upon reflection, now several years later, I wonder if the vision foretold of the horrific violence inflicted on the Mexican people by ruthless drug cartels).

Following the vision of the malevolent entity in Mexico and our return home I began to experience numerous other disturbing visions at the studio. Some of them specifically of my neighbors there. I need to include here that many of these people looked at me with hatred and contempt for no reason whatsoever from my very first encounter with any one of them up until the day I moved. They, I later discovered, were dangerous people; members of organized crime. And, this was one of their, too numerous to mention here, tactics utilized to intimidate and menace victims of their choosing which may very well be many. I deduce there were others having witnessed an incident where two of them (owners of the real estate company next door and the developers of this property) with a black Labrador retriever terrorize a young man after hours in their office. This harassment was going on while the receptionist, also not at all a nice person and appeared to me as one of these gang, or cult members, was sitting at her desk in the reception area calmly going about her office duties. To elaborate a little further here: I was invited to attend a neighborhood meeting at their office but it became apparent that what they actually intended was for me to observe this scene as I was the only one who showed up for the meeting.


On another occasion, my artist/business website was converted into a porn site against my knowledge (temporarily; I was soon able to have it restored to its original state). And on two occasions, that I know of, porn emails were sent out from a Leslie Taylor; presumably to give the impression they were from me.

happeninR[1]These and the numerous other intimidation tactics they employed on me were well orchestrated and collaborative;  often involving the participation of several persons living and working in the neighborhood as well as others not living nor working in the neighborhood. It took me some time to fully understand the nature, and danger, of my situation and therefore connect the ominous visions I was having with these circumstances. Note: During the course of these events I learned that these terrorizing tactics are commonly used by gangster organizations as mind-breaking techniques (during which there is no hope of living an ordinary, productive life) to get their victims to acquiesce to their will thus becoming profitable or useful to them in someway. Or, simply to destroy their target for whatever reasons (it can drive a person to a complete mental breakdown and/or to self-destruct). I was told by several persons (including some law enforcement professionals) that these methods are well known about but, they are conducted just under the law and difficult to prove and therefore, press charges.

Perhaps, as was suggested to me, given the low moral character and criminal nature of these individuals, they attracted low level dimensional, or evil entities and, given my sensitivities to the miraculous and paranormal aspects of life, I am able to “see” these entities in the form of visions. Yet, I’m inclined to think that visions can, and often do, warn of a danger, or dangerous persons. I have also considered the more pragmatic explanation that these visions are subconscious manifestations of the fear and isolation which is the state that I lived in, more or less, each and everyday for over five years given these circumstances.

I need to add: Prior to my experiences described above I did not at all consider prostitution or pornography as being a serious societal problem. I had even considered the likelihood that prostitution may be beneficial in some cases. I have a different perspective now and would be not at all surprised if as much as half (or who knows how many, maybe more) of all the individuals who are prostitutes or pornography performers are not doing so willingly. But rather, they are enslaved; forced into these professions.

Interwoven throughout this website (in the MIRACLES A, B, and C, and the William James “The Varieties of Religious Experiences” chapters in particular) are more accounts of the circumstances I found myself in for over six years as members of organized crime forcibly attempted to recruit me into their organization. I cannot stress enough, you do not want anything to do with persons involved in organized crime and/or pornography. They are predatory.

The three part painting series above and below are titled “What’s Happenin’?” All three are oil on canvas and the artist is Leslie Taylor. The larger image is 24″ X 24″ and the smaller are 12″ X 8″. To my knowledge the model had nothing to do with organized crime or illegal activities. 



Precognitive Vision – Fires Raging in Colorado – June 2012

On this particular summer morning after waking I lay in bed for at least 45 minutes, sometimes with my eyes closed and sometimes open. At one point, while they were closed, I saw a very clear vision of three signs, one after the other, with red and blue lettering on them. They flashed very quickly before me but I was able to read some of what was written on one of the signs. It had information about a fire on it. I also saw a barn-like structure engulfed in flames behind the signs. Starteled by the appearance of the vision, I immediately opened my eyes, for the vision seemed prophetic. In fact, so convinced I was of its prophetic nature I felt exceedingly anxious for several hours; I could not relax knowing that a fire was to occur somewhere but I knew nothing more. It was prophetic …

That evening, following the vision, a fire broke out in Fort Collins about 60 miles north of the town in Colorado where I live (as reported by the electronic version of the local paper, the “Daily Camera”). It raged out of control and was, at the time of this writing, declared to be the second largest fire in Colorado history having destroyed approximately 140 square miles including 260 homes and other structures.

Over the next few days several other large fires also brokeout in Colorado. The worst by far is in Colorado Springs where, thus far, 350 homes have been destroyed and the fire continues to rage on, again as of this writing, and it is purported to already be the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history. A fire also broke out in the front range mountains near the Chautauqua area in Boulder burning 230 acres, destroying dozens of mountain residences and prompting officials to notify 2,400 residents of a possible evacuation. I was quite concerned for my ex-husband for he lives in that area. Fortunately, that fire has, again as of this writing, been adequately contained. There are a total of nine major fires burning in Colorado as of today (June, of 2012) and there are fires raging in Utah and Montana that are nearly as destructive as the Fort Collins and Colorado Springs’ fires.


Sacred Geometry – Earth / Moon Ratios – Unbelievable! 

Perhaps many of you already know of these remarkable Earth/Moon geometric and mathematical coincidences. If not … marvels truly worth contemplating! Also, consider researching sacred geometry online if  you are not already familiar with the topic; there are many excellent sites that cover the subject.

Below is a small 3 X 3 unit square (on top of the large square) and placed inside is a circle representing the Moon (forgive my pathetic sketch). On either side of the small square are two right triangles where all 3 sides are the smallest integers 3-4-5 (3*2 + 4*2 = 5*2) ; the Pythagorean Theorem. The long horizontal line beneath equals 4 + 3 + 4 = 11 from which a second larger square is made with a circle inside it representing the Earth. These are the Moon/Earth proportions within a 99.9% accuracy! Or, another way of saying it is, that the Moon’s radius is 360 times 3 and the Earth’s radius is 360 times 11. There’s more …

Scan0004There are 360 degrees in a circle thus:

1,000 X 360 X 365.25 (days in a year) = 131,486,400 ft. or 40,077km 40,075km = equatorial circumference of the Earth!

The radius of the Moon: 360 X 3 = 1080 miles

The radius of the Earth: 360 X 11 = 3960 miles

Earth radius + Moon radius: 7 X 8 X 9 X 10 = 5040 miles

The diameter of the Earth: 8 X 9 X 10 X 11 = 7920 miles

Earth radius plus diameter: 9 X 10 X 11 X 12 = 11,880 miles

Feet in a mile: 5280 = 10 X 11 X 12 X 13 = 17,160 minus 11,880 (Earth radius plus diameter).

Approximate Moon distance from Earth (elliptical orbit varies 221,460 to 252,700 miles not being a perfect circle) = 11 X 12 X 13 X 14 = 24,240 times 10 = 10 X 11 X 12 X 13 X 14 = 240,240 miles.

If you multiply all eight angles of an octagon (135 degrees each) you get 8 X 135 = 1080 miles = the radius of the Moon!

Visually, from the human perspective on Earth, the Moon and the Sun are the same size; thus the perfect fit of the total Moon/Sun, eclipse! The ratios of the dimensions of the two celestial bodies and their distances from us cause them to appear to us as though they are the same size as seen from Earth! This is a human perspective as observed by humans standing on the Earth’s surface presently. It was very different in the past and will change in the future as the Moon moves away from the Earth (or so it is theorized).


Precognition & Synchronicity – Email to the Cosmology Group – Boulder, CO August 2012

I was a member of the Cosmology Group in Boulder for around five years. The group consists mostly of engineers, scientists and mathematicians but, there are a number of other individuals, like myself, an artist, who also attend the meetings, lectures, as well as together read and review books, etc. The group focuses mostly on the study of the physics of the universe from the quantum to the cosmic scales: the origin of universe, expansion rate, age, size, shape, content, processes involving the material content (from quarks to galaxies) and the forces acting upon (gravity, electromagnetic, weak, strong, dark matter, dark energy) and so on.

Moonlighting[1]I had crossed paths with a fellow member of the Cosmology Group at a local market and he inquired as to what I was doing with my time. I responded that I was studying molecular biology (another fascinating topic) as well as cosmology and particle physics for my own edification. (I did not mention my research into metaphysics, miraculous phenomena and the paranormal). He then said, “You are playing then.” Having been a professional artist I heard this remark quite frequently and, not being a particularly successful artist, I grew a bit sensitive to this comment thinking perhaps my life’s work was not of value. Today this comment was rather significant though. It began with the “Moon/Earth Ratios” post (see above) sent by me in an email to the Cosmology Group.

One member haughtily responded to the (above) Earth / Moon Ratios email by pointing out that this thinking does not include such intellectual feats and numerical correlations involving the fine structure constant, Plank’s constant, charge of an electron, speed of light, etc. Another member responded by commenting on the lack of utility of such numerical findings further stating that these people have little better to do than to find numerical coincidences.

I wrote an email in response stating that, if that is the case one should not invest their efforts arranging flowers in a vase for display on the dining room table, or take the time to appreciate a spectacular sunset, or to pause near a park or schoolyard simply to enjoy the sounds of children playing. For, what utility are these? I inquired. (I later changed the example of children playing to citing a Robert Frost poem, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” as an example of so-called inessential non-utility).

So, for a week following the email, partially due to these remarks from these engineers and scientists, along with my own doubts, I had grown increasingly uncomfortable with how I had been investing my time as well as spending it mostly in a state of isolation (which I had been doing for a few years at that point). After reading their email responses I felt confused, entirely without inspiration or a sense of purpose (there were other contributing factors as well). As I was sitting on the couch, staring into empty space mostly, I noticed that next to me was a book titled “Inner Knowing” that I had picked up at the library and was not particularly excited about having read two arbitrarily selected essays that I did not much care for. I planned on returning it unread.


The book consists of a selection of essays by renowned scientists, psychologists, and writers on the hidden powers of the mind. As I sat there growing increasingly depressed I told myself to pick up the book and read something. I then randomly opened it and began reading the chapter that first appeared titled “Synchronistic Knowing: Understanding Meaningful Coincidence” by Jean Bolen. It is an essay based on Carl Jung’s treatise “Synchronicity, An Acausal Connecting Principal”.

The author used Jung’s example of a woman he was psychotherapeutically treating who was exceedingly knowledgeable and rational in her thinking (like the scientists and engineers in the Cosmology Group) and his attempts to “sweeten” her harsh, rational thinking had, thus far, not been effective. Bolen writes that Jung describes a synchronistic event that occurred as he was listening to the woman telling him of a dream she had about a golden scarab beetle when, oddly enough, a scarab-like beetle began gently tapping on a window in his office directly behind where he was sitting. He turned around, opened the window, and the beetle flew in which he caught and handed over to her saying “Here’s your scarab!”. He said this beetle incident broke the ice of her intellectual resistance. A scarab is an Egyptian symbol of rebirth or transformation. Well, I thought to myself, there’s a synchronistic message here for me and perhaps my fellow Cosmology Group members as well given their scientific, rational thinking.

So I read further, my depression lifting as I proceeded. The author then cites another example of a synchronistic event involving her where she mentioned to her husband, as she was preparing dinner, of her desire for some flowers to be placed on the dinner table. Her young daughter then, coincidentally, arrives with a bouquet of carnations she had picked from the garden for her mother. Ms. Bolen also mentions hearing the sounds of her children playing at a distance outside; therefore her daughter could not have heard her expressed her desire for some flowers to her husband. More synchronicity: recall I had initially used the examples of the sounds of children playing (then switched to a poem) as well as flowers in a vase on a table in my email to the cosmology group.

Bolen then writes of Swedenborg’s “Vision of a Great Fire” (a historical fire in Stockholm in the 1700‘s) referring to an example of a dream, vision or premonition about something that then actually happens in the future. Emanual Swedenbourg was an avid scientist and writer who, in 1741, in his 50’s, entered into a spiritual phase of his life. Two months prior to my reading this, in June of 2012 as described above in “Fires Raging In Colorado”, a series of three devastating fires broke-out throughout Colorado destroying thousands of acres of land and hundreds of homes. Approximately twelve hours prior to the breakout of the first of the fires I saw a vision of three signs with writing on them, one mentioning a fire, along with an image of a fire engulfing a structure. Also, as I state in that account (see above), I knew this vision portended of fires somewhere yet I knew not where. Yet another synchronicity correlated with Bolen’s essay and my circumstances at this time. Ms. Bolen goes on stating “To appreciate cause and effect, one needs the ability to observe outer effects and think logically. To appreciate a synchronistic event one needs to appreciate an inner subjective state, a thought, feeling, vision, dream, or premonition and to intuitively link it with a related outer event.”

She then writes of Jung’s having become fascinated with mandalas which she describes as “Mandalas are drawings that have a center point, often a circle within a square.” Surely the reader sees the synchronistic connection to my cosmology, “Earth / Moon Ratio” email here; specifically the illustration of the Earth and Moon, circles within squares. She also mentions that his fascination with the mandala and other ancient Chinese text had broke through his isolation due to a falling out with his friend Freud and his colleagues at the university confirming to him the value of his solitary studies on the nature of the psyche! This perfectly described my psychological state and circumstances and, at this very time! My depression continued to lift and due to a book I did not initially at all find interesting. Eventually I did have a falling out with the group and ceased my participation. It was time to move on.

On another previous occasion I had shared a couple of similar synchronistic experiences with an engineer who regularly attended the Cosmology Group meetings and he responded that these experiences were indications of an insane mind. (This makes him sound less sensitive than he actually is; all-in-all I rather liked him). I responded that, to me, synchronistic and miraculous events are signs of a rational and intuitive, whole mind (utilizing both left and right brain hemispheres).

string theory

The image above is titled: “String Theory”  oil on canvas  24″ X 24″  and the image above that is titled “Moonlighting”  oil on canvas  10″ X  14″  artist: Leslie Taylor


Synchronicity – Believe! – Boulder, Colorado, September 2014

I awoke one morning and as I was becoming more alert I propped myself up in my bed and let my mind wander; perhaps thinking about something that had occurred the day before, or what my plans were for that morning, later that day, etc. Then, I heard a voice, my voice, a few feet from me on my right. The voice said, quite clearly, “believe”. I more or less ignored the voice being immersed in the thoughts that had been going through my mind. The voice then, very loudly and emphatically, again said, “Believe!” This made quite an impression on me. For, an important concept in the book “A Course in Miracles” (which, to me, best explains the source and the reasons for the miraculous experiences I have had and continue to have in my life) is that it is what one believes that creates their own experience and in doing so contributes to the collective, human belief system and experience.

Chad, my friend, is now also experiencing miracles, and as a result, is reading “A Course In Miracles”. And, like so many others who have read it, finds the book to be remarkable; for it is and, in many ways. I have been rereading ACIM keeping pace with him for the content never ceases to impress and amaze me. Yet, on this particular evening as we were walking towards a restaurant for dinner Chad expressed some doubts about the book’s teachings saying “What if it isn’t true?” One thing, among others, I mentioned in response was my having clearly heard my own voice telling me to “Believe!” We soon arrived at the restaurant and stood behind others gathered at the reception desk to put our names on a wait list for a table. The young woman standing directly in front of us was wearing a halter top revealing her left shoulder on which the word “Believe!” was tattooed.


“Papillon”  oil on canvas  24″ X 24″  artist: Leslie Taylor

Moon River Synchronicity – Niwot Colorado, April 2015 (the day following my having posted the account above!)

I have, for the past three weeks, been playing the song “Moon River” on my flute. The song was featured in a hit movie in the early 1960s called “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” starring the British actress Audrey Hepburn. It is a very pretty and easy song to play. Looking for something fun to click onto on my computer, I researched female movie stars of the 1960s and watched a brief YouTube video about the actress. The seven minute video featured photographs of Audrey Hepburn with “Moon River” playing in the background. At the end of the video a document appeared titled “I Believe” and under the title was a list of seven things the actress had written that she believed in. The last of which was “… most importantly, I believe in miracles.

Some individuals will attempt to explain away synchronicities by claiming that they are merely insignificant coincidences. They are not. And I encourage the reader to write such incidents down and they will soon discover that they happen far too frequently to be meaningless coincidences. Instead, they demonstrate threads of thoughts and experience and often contain significant messages. I experience two to five weekly. What is particularly fun, for example, is when a question arises and I know the answer because it is part of a recent chain of synchronistic events.


Tweety Bird in Putty Tat Trouble – Boulder, Colorado, the Cantina Loredo – March 2015

Chad and I went to one of our favorite restaurants for some Margaritas and appetizers. We sat at the bar and a television was on behind the bar featuring a sports event. I was telling him that while in the difficult situation at the art studio in downtown Boulder (see entries above: “A Difficult Situation” pg. 22, “Downtown Art Studio” pg. 23  and “Menacing Entities” pg. 24 & 25) I would imagine myself as being a, or getting assistance from, a formidable person or animal or several of each. I then listed them: Indians (several on their horses with war paint on their faces, or Geronimo in particular), a pack of wolves (I was working on a painting featuring wolves), the Chinese female protagonist in the academy award winning movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” (I had a painting I did of a Chinese woman hanging in the studio bedroom and, to me, she expresses a contemplative yet subtle warrior-like demeanor). But, I told Chad, my favorite was the cartoon character Tweety Bird and he burst out laughing.

Tweety Bird was a fictional animated character in the “Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies” cartoons that included Popeye, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, etc., that I watched on TV as a child in the late 1950s. I had always assumed that the gender of the bird, a bright yellow canary, to be a female. I also thought, because of the little bird’s large cranium relative to its body, this suggested that the bird was quite intelligent. Tweety Bird was constantly being stalked by Sylvester the Cat whose intention was to capture and devour Tweety. When Granny would leave the home and the two of them were left alone the combat would begin with Tweety saying “I tawt I taw a putty tat!” “I did! I did tee a putty tat!” Sylvester would then go to exceedingly elaborate measures to capture Tweety which always failed; ending-up with Granny tossing the cat outside in the cold and rainy night as punishment. That’s how I remembered the cartoons anyway.

Then, just as I had finished explaining to Chad why imagining myself as Tweety Bird felt rather empowering, our eyes caught what appeared on the television set: a bright yellow plastic bird whose head, on a spring, was affirmatively bobbing up and down. We immediately turned to look at each other and, in amazement and in unison, exclaimed “Tweety Bird!”

“Imported From Hong Kong”

China Girl

“Imported From Hong Kong”   oil on canvas  36″ X 24″  artist: Leslie Taylor



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