(I) The Spacetime Universe and Metaphysics Implications

The Spacetime Universe and Space-Time Collapse

Theory of the evolution of the universe proposed by Leslie Taylor with philosophical and metaphysical implications (original paper introduced to the Cosmology Group – Boulder, CO 2012).



Space and Time are intrinsically linked – thus Space-Time

Space and time are intrinsically linked: one only exists because of the other which only exists because of the other. Surprisingly, scientists still speak of space and time as if they are separate and different phenomena and this is misleading. In space-time, information, events and material objects are all moving, transmuting, interacting and evolving, in a causal, forward direction. All the material content in the universe (great and small), and the forces involved in the formulation and stability of these material structures, are evolving along the way: intersecting, interacting and combining with other structures proceeding forth from the beginning of spacetime to the end of spacetime. There is a beginning and an end to spacetime just as there are beginnings and endings to all that exists within spacetime (i.e., galaxies, stars, planets and people) as well as beginnings and endings to increments of spacetime (seconds, light years, meters, parsecs, etc.). What exists outside the spacetime universe is unknown other than what is conjectured metaphysically and, in some cases, actually personally experienced (as in the mystical and near death experiences).

Like two sides of the same coin nothing nor no one can travel backwards in space any more than go backwards in time; what laws apply to one side of the coin also apply to the other. Or, stated differently, if traveling back in time is not possible, which it isn’t, then neither is traveling back in space. For, as already stated not only are space and time intrinsically linked but, all events in space-time occur in a forward, causal direction. For example, on a macro level, one does not travel back home from a journey, from a specific location, or event position, rather they go forth to a new space-time event position (meaning location). Regardless of how familiar things appear to be nothing is the same as it was at the original, departure, event position. The same is true for events on quantum and cosmic scales.


The Big Bang – a Sudden and Rapid Expansion

Spacetime is that which initiated the “Big Bang” The Big Bang actually refers to what is more like a sudden and very rapid expansion of the visible, material universe: quarks [the constituents of protons and neutrons], electrons, neutrinos, and photons, etc. from a tiny point, or singularity, into an initially dense and very thermally active, hot, primordial soup, so to speak, or state. And, as the expansion, or inflation, continued the “soup” cooled down allowing for the photons (particles of light) to escape and extend outward as the matter (quarks), also later extending outward and began coalescing into minuscule (as in atoms) and, ultimately, vast and great (as in stars and galaxies) structures. Yet, it should be noted that size and distance is a mental concept, not an actuality, in relation to the (physical, material) observer’s state at and over spacetime. A door grows larger as you walk nearer to it; a sunflower is quite large to a bee but not so much to an elephant. And, it is exceedingly plausible that all matter, animate or inanimate, possesses mentality, awareness, to some degree or another.

Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Gravity

Though dark energy is considered by some a great mystery it is, quite simply, space-time. It may have been that which first extended from the singularity prior to the more dramatic appearance (the Big Bang) of forces and matter constituting the visible universe. Dark energy (a phase of space-time just as vapor and ice crystals are phases of water, for example) is that which preceded and facilitated the Big Bang by drawing forth all the matter from the hypothesized singularity.



Dark energy and spacetime are one and the same (I suspect it’s ‘granulated’ – thus quantified as is the nature of space-time) and that goes for dark matter and gravity as well; all three are space-time in varying densities and can be thought of as three phases of space-time. Dark energy is the least dense but is by far the greatest volume of the three. Then there’s dark matter; more dense but of leaser volume. Next is gravity, the densest regions of spacetime but present in the least percentage of the three. On the quantum level we have the strong force that binds atoms; a much denser aspect of spacetime but of much less volume than the other three. Also to consider here: The wave function of matter is, quite possibly, how information about or from a structure to another structure is transmitted, and is intrinsic to any and all structures; another aspect of spacetime. (Matter is, paradoxically, both a wave and a particle: wave particle duality). When a wave function collapses into a particle state this is a collapse of spacetime into a specific state, position, or thing, as it were; as when an electron orbital surrounding the nucleus of an atom collapses into an electron particle upon observation, or measurement.  Observation, or measurement (for that’s what observation is), in any and all cases interacts with, thus alters, interacts with, the observed phenomena given that all, matter and light (light is information), is both a wave and a particle. This is referred to as the observer effect.

Beyond the visible universe (that being all the light, or electromagnetic radiation, and matter that we humans can detect) dark energy, hereto referred to as or DE spacetime, is isotropic and homogeneous (meaning same stuff and uniformly spread-out) over an unimaginably vast region (in relation to our ordinary, physically confined, conscious state, that is). It is also, to a far lesser degree, present all about and around dark matter within the material universe. It is within the DM [dark matter spacetime] web-like structure extended throughout the universe that all galaxy clusters, and galaxies, and their constituents reside.

It is important here to note: DE spacetime is and has been expanding and extending forth, again prior to the Big Bang, at the speed of light. And, as is all light (or electromagnetic radiation) throughout the universe, it too is dissipating, becoming less interactive and energetic, as it expands and extends into infinity – the end of spacetime.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Now, regarding light: consider the microwave radiation that is now visible throughout the universe: Initially, during the radiation era (see chart above) these photons were emitted in a higher, more energetic wavelength frequency (gamma to ultraviolet frequencies perhaps). Yet presently, 13.7 billion years later, they are radiating outward in the much lower energetic microwave frequencies. It is an important factor that DE spacetime is extending and expanding at the speed of light for this adequately explains how and why there is no going back neither in time nor space (spacetime being intrinsically linked) which would be hugely unfavorable to evolution.

As the universe expands light stretches out. In the visible wavelengths [e.g.] it would eventually stretch into infrared, then microwaves, then radio waves, then flat line – thus infinity, beyond space-time.


The Expanding Universe

While the effects of DE space-time per cubic kilometer is negligible, its sheer volume is such that its influence is considerable and profound. Aside from being the force that facilitated the Big Bang (the appearance of the material universe) it continued, and continues to this day, to draw matter forth and outwards producing the observable ongoing expansion of the visible universe. And, that expansion is accelerating as is DM spacetime along with all of its constituents (galaxies, galaxy clusters, etc.). In other words, it is observable and measurable that galaxies are moving further away from each other and at a faster rate than in the past; from the early state of the universe to the present.

More on the Big Bang: Immediately following the Big Bang, for a tiny fraction of a second prior to inflation, all of matter existed in hot energetic state referred to as a quark-gluon plasma. Quarks are the constituents of protons and neutrons and gluons are the particle state of the strong force that binds the quarks together, thus we have atomic nuclei. It is believed that during this phase – that being prior to the escape of photons which is referred to as the radiation era from this cooling and expanding hot and chaotic, exceedingly dense soup, or plasma, at around 380,000 years following the Big Bang and is now observed as the cosmic microwave radiation background, as much anti-matter as matter existed in the universe. Yet, scientists cannot account for the disappearance of all this anti-matter. Anti-matter is hypothesized to be matter going backwards in space-time [Richard Feynman]. Rather, I would suggest, once DE space-time drew the matter outward in its causal forward spacetime direction, anti-matter was then in an inhospitable environment. An analogy would be that of a swimmer trying to swim upstream against a strong downstream current; the swimmer would soon drown. Anti-matter particles are observed today in particle accelerators most of which soon combine with matter particles and annihilate. This may be an ongoing system in which the Spacetime Universe is making a correction by eliminating that which is not evolutionarily favorable. Or, as some similarily posit there may be an anti Spacetime Universe. I say similarly for the spacetime universe, meaning that the forces are phases of spacetime, is a theory entirely originated by me.

Let us here review: First dark energy [DE spacetime] proceeded forth from the singularity at the speed of light, followed by dark matter [DM spacetime] extending forth (referred to as the Big Bang), spreading out, cooling, thus allowing for the escape of photons (light) to proceed outward, forth; all in a causal, purposeful, evolutionary process. Both dark energy, [DE space-time] and photons travel at the speed of light, and this is important to note, thus the preventing of anything, including light, going back in space or time [as depicted in diagrams below].


The Formation of Matter

Once particles formed into mostly hydrogen and helium atoms, dark matter spacetime, or DM spacetime, began coalescing these particles; accumulating them into great gaseous regions, referred to as nebula. Gravity spacetime, G spacetime, the densest of these three phases of spacetime then began its function of surrounding, spinning and forming objects, stars (denser stuff yet), from the matter in these nebula. Actually, I think that the initial forming and corralling of atomic particles within gaseous nebula was conducted by electrons from which G spacetime took over forming larger, more massive bodies. For example, gravity, or G spacetime, spins and compresses matter forming black holes. Also consider large end of life stars known as red giants (stars that expand due to their internal gravitational pressure which produces a counter pressure; an electron degeneracy pressure; a counter to gravitational pressure effect, thus increasing the star’s volume, or size, yet not its mass). This process eventually leads to supernova explosions where more and larger atoms fuse together. G spacetime, also formulates ordinary stars, like our Sun, neutron stars, brown dwarfs, planets, etc. (following the [initial] coalescing of atoms by electrons). One also has to add into the mix, and very early on whilst photons were escaping the hot primordial soup, the strong force [SF spacetime]; the densest of spacetime was binding quarks into protons and neutrons. And this process too may have been orchestrated by electrons.


Again, initially, electrons charge (quite literally) and coalesce atomic particles into larger and more complex particles. Then gravity, G spacetime, spins and compresses (compression produces spin) these clusters of particles, matter, into more massive structures. Thus we have what is observed to be the “warping” of spacetime surrounding, forming matter rather than the other way around – mass warping spacetime. Mass does not create a gravitational field (currently thought of as a warping of space around an object); rather, gravity forms mass.

While G spacetime is most responsible for the formulation of massive celestial objects (stars, planets, moons, solar systems) dark matter, DM spacetime, coalesces and organizes these objects into greater celestial bodies (galaxies and galaxy clusters) and, while doing so, forms its own cosmic web-like structure within which these great celestial structures reside and are held, connected, together. And, that web-like structure, along with the all the matter within (black holes, quasars, galaxies, galaxy clusters, stars, planets, nebula, and God knows what all else is out there) produces a resistive maxresdefault[3]force to the far greater in volume DE spacetime expanding force; itself expanding, stretching, ultimately into no space-time or the end of spacetime and taking everything with it. During which, the resistive DM and G spacetime forces allow for the ongoing creation of varied and increasingly complex cosmic structures within their DM and G spacetime regions. Again, this denser DM and G spacetime allows for the required amount of space and time for the manifestation of more evolved and complex cosmic structures. [General relativity states that time moves more slowly in a gravitational field – this has been measured, empirically verified.]

The End of Spacetime – Infinity

Within and beyond the material universe, the vast DE spacetime region, exerts the greater force, an expanding force, eventually stretching-out and dispersing all material structures along with their associated force fields (G and DM spacetime regions) as it (DE spacetime) and visible light, along with the whole of the electromagnetic radiation field [see chart above] also dissipates; anything and everything extends outward and onward to the end of spacetime toward infinity. Of course this poses the question: what becomes of the atomic particles held together by the formidable strong force [SF spacetime]. Perhaps their extreme force is depleted being as all other phases of spacetime are thus nearly no more when all else (from molecules to galaxy clusters) surrounding atomic matter and its concomitant strong force is stretched out and dissipated. And, the particles, baryonic matter (quarks) and leptons (electrons and neutrinos) will be revealed for what they are not and never were, matter, as had long been suspected to be the case.


Again, dark energy, DE spacetime, is present throughout the visible universe surrounding through the dark matter web, DM spacetime, and its internal cosmic structures (galaxies and galaxy clusters) and their constituents (black holes, solar systems, stars, planets, etc.) formed by gravity, G spacetime. (There is a scientific concept known of as conservation of spin – think of compression, thus construction, by spin – nearly everything is spinning). Recall however, the greatest volume of DE spacetime extends well beyond the DM spacetime web and its internal constituents. Thus, due to the ongoing stretching and dispersing of G and DM, along with separating, the dispersing, of the celestial structures within, we have the observable accelerating expansion of the universe as DM and G lose their grip (the Moon was closer to the Earth long ago). It is important to note, astrophysicists tell us that there have been a couple of different rates of expansion in the early universe following the Big Bang (or the appearance of the visible, material universe) as the Universe has unfolded to its present state.

We also need to consider the formation of atoms and atoms into elements. Electromagnetic forces function in a similar fashion as does the other three phases of spacetime [gravity, dark matter, and dark energy]; electrons surround, neutralize or charge and combine atomic particles (as in ionic and covalent bonds) into more complex atoms and molecules. For the non scientist – this is referred to, by the way, as chemical reactions. Electromagnetism also directs high speed atomic matter into other atomic matter producing fusion and fission reactions.

Fusion and Fission

Fusion is the process by which larger (meaning larger than hydrogen and helium) atomic products are formed in high pressure electromagnetically active regions (such as inside a star or outside in thermal dynamically active regions of supernovae explosions). Fusion can be thought of as a creative force that when atoms combine they release energy in the form of photons (thus stars are powerfully radiant). Fission is something of a destructive process by which particles collide, break apart and in doing so release tremendously dense energy; the strong force that, again, binds quarks into protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei. And, is what occurs during an atomic bomb explosion. Whilst dispersing the constituent particles of matter (atoms), these reactions also generate short-lived particles; such as anti-particles thus producing particle – antiparticle collisions. This is observed in particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland). It should also be noted that non-constituent, (meaning not part of an atomic stricture) massive particles are also generated in these high energy collisions: for, E=Mc2 meaning energy equals mass therefore, conversely, mass equals energy. Mass is energy and visa versa and thus the total mass of the particle products produced in these accelerator collisions can equal more than the mass of the original colliding particles due to the kinetic energy, the motion, of the colliding particles.

The most remarkable thing to me about the electromagnetic force is that it produces light, visible light, so that we, having been given appropriate sensory perception organs combined with a cognition organ, can observe, discover and marvel at and participate in this magnificent creation, extension and, evolutionary process. Wow!

Photos above: courtesy of NASA




There are exceptions to the second to the last paragraph above. For example, gravitational forces, G spacetime, may override the expansion of the universe causing two close-by galaxies to merge. In-other-words, these galaxies would not continue to spread-out away from each other as the Spacetime Universe extends and expands. Also of interest, other celestial bodies, such as two neutron stars, or a neutron star and a red giant star, or a neutron star and a black hole within galaxies are also observed to be spinning closer and closer together theoretically, ultimately merging, becoming black holes. And, just this month (April, 2015) it has been reported that the universe is expanding faster than was previously calculated [by 8%] from 151,000mph (as stated in the diagram above) to 163,000mph. 


ST diagram 3

Events prior to the I billion years following the Origin – the inflation of DE spacetime then the appearance and rapid inflation of light and matter otherwise referred to as the “Big Bang”:

  • At .01 milliseconds, following the origin of the Space-time Universe, the inflation of dark energy, DE spacetime, and neutrons and protons formed from quarks within the hot primordial soup (otherwise referred to as a primordial plasma). Also banging around within this plasma were electrons, photons, and neutrinos.
  • At 380,000 years photons escaped the expanding cooling plasma. Then, what is [unfortunately] called, the “recombination,” occurs; hydrogen atoms form (1 proton nuclei and 1 electron [existing as a particle/wave state in an orbital region surrounding atomic nuclei]). Heavier atoms and elements formed much later within stars and in highly energetic and active regions of the cosmos, such as outside supernova explosions. 
  •  Hydrogen (one proton nucleus including one or no electrons) accounts for 75% of all matter and Helium 24% (two protons and two neutrons in the nucleus with two or less electrons). All other matter, elements, (oxygen, sodium, phosphorous, carbon, gold, etc.) accounts for but 1% of the material universe!
  • At 400 million years the first stars form and light (electromagnetic radiation) ionizes (stripping atoms of negatively charged electrons) thus [positively] charging these atoms (being as inside the nucleus protons are positively charged and neutrons are not charged, neutral) allowing for chemical reactions; meaning heavier atoms, helium mostly, now began to form.
  • At 400 million years after the Big Bang stars and nascent galaxies began to form.



Special Relativity

Special Relativity (SR) is the generally accepted and experimentally confirmed physical theory regarding the relationship between space and time (or more correctly, space-time). It is based on two postulates:

  1. That the laws of physics are the same in all inertial (meaning no change in velocity; otherwise referred to as non-accelerating) systems. Systems are also referred to as “frames of reference” (a term often used in scientific parlance). Frames of reference are that which are specifically experienced by one or more observers within a particular system. As in two  travelers both observing the same explosion occurring somewhere in the vicinity of their positions in their moving vehicles. In this case the system is not an inertial one. The information from the event may arrive at different times for each observer depending on where the explosion is in relation to their positions, velocities and trajectories at the time of detonation. Therefore, their frame of reference in relation to the explosion varies. Neither can say exactly when the explosion occurred.
  2. The speed of light is constant: meaning that the speed of light in a vacuum (as opposed to in water, for example) is the same for all observers regardless of the motion of the light source. For example, if you throw a ball from inside a boxcar of a moving train the actual speed of the ball is faster as measured by a stationary observer outside the train than it is for you inside the train. For, his measurements include the velocity of the train as well as how fast the ball you tossed is moving. The speed of light, however, from a flashlight in a similar circumstance is the same as measured by you with the flashlight inside the moving box car as it is for the stationary observer outside regardless of how fast the train is moving.

Special relativity implies a wide range of consequences:

  • Length contraction and time dilation (see “Spacetime Collapse” below).
  • E=mc2: relativistic energy-mass equivalence; meaning that energy equals mass, or conversely, mass equals energy.
  • A universal speed limit – meaning that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light (186,000 miles per second or, roughly, 300,000 kilometers per second) For, according to my theory, beyond ‘c’ [the speed of light constant] is infinity and infinity is beyond the Space-Time Universe.
  • Relativity of simultaneity – that being whether two events spatially separated actually happen at the same time or not depends on the observer’s frame of reference. For example, an observer being closer to one event and further away from another event experiences the  two events to have happened at different times (the one closer sooner) whereas an observer positioned exactly between the two events would experience them as occurring simultaneously. This is due to when the information about the events is received by the observers. Stated differently, two events that occur at the same time for one observer (at equal distances between the events) can happened at different times for another observer (closer to one of the event than the other) and therefore, simultaneity is relative.

General Relativity

GR (general relativity), like SR (special relativity), is a theory of gravitation developed by Albert Einstein based on the warping (the density actually) of space (space-time actually) surrounding large masses producing gravitational effects; rather than the Newtonian model of universal gravitation described as an attractive force between massive objects. Einstein’s description of the gravitational force between masses accounts for observable effects such as: the elliptical orbits of planets around the Sun, gravitational lensing 320px-A_Horseshoe_Einstein_Ring_from_Hubble[1](light from a star, galaxy, or quasar, for example, otherwise shrouded behind a massive celestial object appears distorted and adjacent to, or surrounding, the object), gravitational waves (recently reported, in 2016, as being detected) and gravity’s effects on time referred to as time dilation (meaning time moves more slowly in a gravitational field).

My theory (above) states that G spacetime and DM spacetime (and electrons at nano scales) have much to do with the forming of celestial objects  rather than the current theory that massive objects warp space thus producing gravitational effects.

Spacetime Collapse

The explanation for: entanglement, or non locality (immediate, faster than the speed of light, communication, interaction), how advanced beings can travel vast distances throughout the universe (no need for wormholes) and extraordinary experiences such as: knowings of past present or future events, ESP, remote viewing, spontaneous , telekinesis (the sudden appearance of a material object), spiritual communications, etc.

Miles per hour is your time and units of space your distance. The faster you travel the more space contracts. This is considered space contraction or can be viewed, conversely, as the stretching of time, or time dilation (the slowing of time, also referred to as time dilation,  also occurs in a gravitational field). For example:

At 30 miles per hour you travel one unit of space:


At 60 miles per hour you travel .5 units of space (space has contracted or, conversely, time has stretched, dilated):


At 120 miles per hour you travel .25 units of space:


At 240 miles per hour you travel .125 units of space:


At 480 miles per hour you travel .0627 units of space (again space has contracted thus time has stretched, or dilated as it is referred to in scientific parlance):


And so on (until there is no space thus no time) …


… now you’ve surpass the speed of light ‘c’ wherein space-time collapses (or is transcended by the traveller). For, beyond ‘c’ you have no amount of miles per hour increments; or an infinite amount of time. Space contracts to nothing and time reaches to infinity. And, to count nothing or increments of infinity is meaningless being as nothing and infinity have no beginning and no end and increments are measurements of beginnings and endings. Therefore, time collapses having no beginning and no end. And, given that space and time, space-time, are intrinsically linked (one only exists because of the other which only exists because of the other) space also collapses having no beginning and no end. Once having accelerated past ‘c’ you would then transcend space-time.

How beings from distant solar systems can travel to Earth:

It should now be apparent how extraterrestrial beings can travel to Earth from a distant solar system: a solar system thousands, more even, of light years, parsecs even, away. They can preprogram their craft to accelerate to surpass the speed of light then, at the appropriate space-time, given their intended destination, the craft would decellerate to a lesser than ‘c’ speed. The problem of acceleration, the reason scientists say that nothing can go faster than ‘c’, is overcome by an energy source that continually, exponentially, heats itself up, almost instantly, then again, almost instantly, reverts to a cooler phase. It requires very little of this energy source for, the spacecraft exits and reenters spacetime practically immediately (as the space travelers experience it). It basically jumps in and out of space-time; not through wormholes in a universe folded over on itself like a bath towel as is the current popular theory.

Non-locality or entanglement; what Einstein referred to as “spooky action at a distance” explained:

Simultaneity, or simultaneous events, such as that which occurs between two formally entangled atomic particles; for example, two particles having been part of the same atomic structure (both being aspects of the same atom’s waveform) then later separated still interact as one. For example, if the spin is reversed on one particle the spin on the other immediately, simultaneously, reverses regardless of how far apart the particles are separated. For, the particles, still, spread out, wave-like one-like (not particle-like) and therefore not confined to the laws of space-time, continue to be as they were, are, and will be; not separated; as one. This is an actual observed, measured effect and upon observation, or measurement, the waveform of the particles collapse – thus appearing to the observer as separated yet still interacting simultaneously. Some theorize that this brings into question the reality of space-time; that it may be but a construct of our consciousness’ operating through our physical, material, brains.

The Metaphysics Implications of the Space – Time Universe

Knowings explained:

Knowings are direct knowledge; they surpass cognition; they are holistic and unambiguous.

Knowings’ are the sudden knowledge of an event (past, present or future) or, a solution to a problem or, an answer to a question and, like ESP (described below), the knowledge is conveyed whole, not incrementally imparted over space-time; they are beyond analysis and dissection; measurement. Also, like ESP, they are due to a space-time collapse, so to speak, or a state of cognition involving the individual and the event transcending the properties of space-time.

When one experiences such they know the information received is true. In describing it to others who have not experienced knowings and wonder how one discriminates between a ‘knowing’ and a deduction or hunch I use the example of a sudden knowing about a circumstance that ordinarily one could not possibly know anything about because they had no previous exposure to anyone or anything associated with the event. Yet, the information received feels as certain as though they had the exposure – like a clear memory of it. This is actually a reasonably good description for, knowings are beyond the confines of space-time. One may actually, unintentionally even (in my case it is always unintentional), tap into information having somehow transcended spacetime (and most likely subconsciously) where information about the event, about its exceedingly likely occurrence in the future or its actual occurrence in the past, is accessible. They can and frequently do occur in dreams (precognitive dreams) where the subconscious may be more active.  Knowings sometimes arise amongst several parties over distances – a collective knowing. They may also involve information imparted to an individual from a spiritual, non-physical, being.

Our list here of exceptional experiences (although, they are not necessarily exceptional) overlap as it is not easy to describe the subtle distinctions between knowings, ESP, precognition and spiritual communications. Yet, regardless of the apparent repetition, I will cover them all separately. This is good a time to point out what all these seemingly exceptional experiences have in common. They transcend ordinary thought processes; how we are trained (mostly academically) to use our minds.

Some philosophers and scientists describe humans as subjective measuring instruments cognitively quantifying and qualifying, analyzing and dissecting, the external objective world. However utilitarian this thinking may be, and it is, it is over-valued and overly relied upon whereas holistic cognition development is virtually ignored; which is unfortunate for it is probably far superior. For example, the practice of empathy, would, in fact, further develop telepathy (cognition coherence); thought extended beyond one’s self as one-like with another or others. The greater development of this quality alone amongst our species would naturally produce a safer, kinder world then the world we currently are experiencing.

Cognition coherence amongst many does happen and for good or ill. Mostly ill, sadly, as in group think producing great harm (as was the case with Nazi Germany, and other similar circumstances elsewhere; happens all the time in fact), or mass media marketing producing gross over-consumerism which is on the verge of destroying the planet.

Anyway, back to our list:

Extrasensory perception explained:

As I have stated previously on this site I experience ESP on occasion. Many people do. It is as if whole information (not incremental as in written, spoken or any other similar type form) is shared between two minds (or, potentially more individuals but lack of cognitive coherence amongst three or more generally comes into play confusing the information). The information mentally arises holistically, simultaneously (conveyed faster than ‘c’) and generally realized in the mind of one person but there is no reason why both persons cannot realize, cognitively share, a mutual ESP for, ESP is always shared; it is a spacetime collapse, or transcendence, between the consciousness’s of the individuals involved.


We must add here, there are plausible reasons to consider that inanimate matter, as well as animate matter, possesses awareness thus consciousness. The astronaut Edgar Mitchell provides a very good theory on this topic which I included in the MFA chapter (L) Astronaut Edgar Mitchell – The Way of the Explorer [link below]:




Synchronicity (I do not have a plausible explanation for these events other than what one thinks about that includes feelings (not just mundane, rote thought) they attract, connect, into their lives as actualized experiences). Please go to the end of chapter (C) MIRACLES on this website for an analysis and hypothesis:

Synchronicity is probably the most common of experiences that defy ordinary cause and effect circumstances. The renowned psychologist Carl Jung and physicist Wolfgang Pauli were very interested in discovering the nature and meaningfulness of synchronistic events. In fact, Carl Jung was responsible for having named these non-temporally causal, similarly themed, linked events ‘synchronicities’.

DSCN0118I experience them quite regularly and sometimes more than others; as often as twice daily as was recently the case where a friend and I shared a series of synchronicities that lasted for days involving wolves. The initial incident was an individual inquiring about the price of a painting of mine featuring wolves titled “Return of the Wolves.” Then several other wolf themed events followed including my friend and I having actually seen a wolf but sixty feet or so from us on a hiking trail near town where they are rarely observed. In fact, I’ve never heard of wolves sighted there nor had either of us ever before encountered one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy friend initially believed that synchronicities were statistically probable events that seem little more than merely due to one’s interest in noting them. In some cases this seems a likely explanation but, certainly not all. He now agrees that statistics cannot possibly explain all synchronistic occurrences. Before we met and I introduced him to the concept he never before experienced them. Now he does and rather frequently.

It’s worth it to write them down for it definitely brings more on. And besides, they are joyful to observe and ponder over their potential significance for, they are always meaningful to the experiencer.

Precognition explained:

I experience precognition enough so that anyone who spends much time with me will on occasion observe this. Or, it can happen, and often does, with persons whom I’ve come in contact with only briefly. I may suddenly know something that is about to happen which they then witness, and no apparent previous information was or could have been supplied to me about the event. I cannot intentionally produce these effects whereas some people can.

Having given much thought to how precognition occurs (either in dreams or during the waking state) I have come up with a reasonable explanation, or so I believe, for at least some) of these events. There are times when I know what will happen in a movie or, what someone is about to say or, what will next be written in a book; the latter two in particular occur quite often (I don’t go to movies much nor have a television). A man once asked me how I knew what he was going to say and I responded that it was logic. I can actually feel, as it were, a rapid cognition in some of these circumstances. Consider the unique case of the calculating savant for, I believe it is much like that.

What I would like to further consider in order to make my point here are genius memories. It is now realized that persons with no previous extraordinary ability to remember vast amounts of digits, names, and objects can, with practice and utilizing certain proven, effective methodologies, develop genius memories. I’ve tried some of these techniques (i.e., the “Memory Palace”) and, not only do they work but, my memory in general (including dream recall) has improved. My point here is that precognition, like a genius level memory, may be a natural human faculty once recognized as such and developed. Some (the author physicist Russell Targ, PhD “The Reality of ESP,” for example) refer to this as “remembering the future.”

Let us now consider a circumstance told to me by an attorney friend decades ago whilst living in San Francisco. He mentioned that he had never believed in precognition or any other similar types of paranormal events until he personally experienced one. There was at that time a tragic commercial airplane crash that took the lives of hundreds of passengers at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. My friend reported that he had dreamt of the crash accurately and in considerable detail the night before.

In the dream state one may better transcend space-time and perceive vast amounts of past and present event data from which imagery in the dream state is produced conveying an exceedingly likely future outcome. Although, I do believe this sort of outside space-time calculating process can occur as well at the subconscious level while awake also providing useful information. There are many persons who report of having dreams or, in the waking state sensing a premonition or, seeing a vision, or of hearing a voice (internal or external, their own or not), warning them not to travel on a plane, or boat, or not go to work on the next day, and so on, who heeded the warnings which, most likely, saved their lives.

Let us look at it this way considering that only the present exists within the space-time universe. However, what exists in the present is due to massive amounts of past events affecting specific present space-time states, thus events, in specific ways. (See events ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, etc., their origins [cities] and the expanding light cones [the information about those events] in diagrams above). Information [light] about those past events extend outward producing our present experience which also extends beyond toward infinity [the end, or outside, of space-time]; the details of which are knowable outside space-time. Which, under certain circumstances, are accessible to the subconscious and sometimes conscious mind. To have a precognition of a future event is a highly likely outcome, specifically detailed even, (not a seeing into an absolutely inevitable outcome) given past and present events. Sometimes we can avoid a tragedy and sometimes the tragedy is beyond our personal experience, and is out of our hands.

To come: Spiritual Contacts explained …