(B) MIRACLES – Precognition, Visions, Synchronicity, Miraculous Manifestation, Divine Message, The Power of Being For the Greater Good, etc.

Continued from MIRACLES (A) …

Again, for this cannot be repeated often enough: There is no order of difficulty in the creation of a miracle. There is no great nor small miracle; they are beyond measurement.


Divine Message – Hearts Everywhere – Boulder, Colorado July 2014

I had been seeing heart shapes in clouds and in nature for a couple of months prior to meeting Chad (because I was looking for them most likely) and told him about this. I added that this that, to me, this was an indication someone of a romantic nature was about to enter my life. I could see that this clearly made him a little uncomfortable and he confirmed this when asked.

On the Fourth of July, one day after I had made the comment about the hearts, we packed a lunch and arrived at a small park in Boulder to enjoy a picnic together. Being as it was the C & L's heartFourth of July, the park was filled with many others enjoying the outdoors with family and friends for the holiday and, taking up the best spots for a picnic. Yet, off in the distance, I noticed a vacant wooden picnic table next to the creek and beneath a tree in the shade. It was an idyllic location and seemed meant for us; almost as though it was reserved for us. I had even mentioned this to Chad. Once having placed the food and beverages on the table and seating ourselves we discovered, directly in front of where Chad was seated, a heart with the letters C + L etched onto the table’s surface! And, adding further to our astonishment, the name “Chad” was also written on the table near the heart!

 Blue and White Journal  More Divine Messages or A String of Synchronicities – July 2014 (continued from “Hearts Everywhere” above)

I purchased a blue and white journal about a year ago (as of this original writing – July 2014). It was initially intended to be a flute journal (I play the flute) keeping track of lesson assignments and other information pertinent to my progress as flautist. However, I soon abandoned that project and instead, at some point (not recalling exactly when) I wrote at the top of a blank page “An Experimental Journal – Into The Mystic” and below that, I wrote a brief stream of consciousness entry. I hadn’t opened the journal nor reread what I had written until now (as of this writing), a year or so later, having decided to enter into the journal the carved heart story described above. In fact, I had completely forgotten about the stream of consciousness entry (below):

 “An Experimental Journal – Into the Mystic”

 “First of all, you need a boat. A ship is too much and you don’t need a body of water; you already are one (or One). If you don’t have a friend, make one up. They must sit behind you in your little boat built for two. That way you need not concern yourself with what they look like nor who they are; only what they say is of interest. Climb into your boat, feel it rock as your friend climbs in behind you. He/she/it will row the boat. Then, close your eyes, feel the flow … listen.”

This is significant because (again, a year after the above “into the Mystic” entry in the journal) Chad, whom I knew for less than two months at this time, and I regularly began sitting across from and facing each other on the couch in the study; reclining with our backs against the arms of the couch. We would practice a form of meditation with the intention of sharing consciousness; becoming as One. We attempted to accomplish this by synchronizing our rhythmic breathing and, while maintaining the rhythm, feel our consciousnesses, our spirits, flowing back and forth then merging with one another. We began to lightheartedly refer to the couch as “our little boat built for One.”


So then, having read the journal entry with considerable surprise being as I had completely forgotten about it, I decided to look up Van Morrison’s song “Into the Mystic” on the internet just to hear it again; having not heard it in years. And also, not knowing if Chad was familiar with the song and thinking, if not, he might enjoy it as well as learning of the coincidental journal entry.

I found a You Tube video featuring the song. I watched and listened, and it quite surprised me! It begins with an image, along with the music, of a woman seated in a park setting beneath a tree with a heart carved into the tree trunk. And, in her lap is a journal! Next to her is a wooden picnic table beneath a tree near a river. The video also features hearts naturally forming within the leaves of trees (recall my telling Chad that I had observed hearts in nature for some time prior to meeting him). And, of considerable significance are the words to the song and what the song is about. For example: “… as our bodies float as One as we sail into the Mystic!” The video then features a stream winding its way through a spectacular valley (should you listen to the “Healing and Oneness Recording” on this site you’ll note that this type landscape is accurately described in the recording). I had no conscious awareness of the words to the song since when it was quite popular decades ago. Perhaps I should add that the video features two hands holding: a male‘s right hand and a female’s left hand wearing an engagement ring. I do not entertain the possibility of Chad and I becoming engaged or married. For he is thirty years younger than I and, believe me, my hands do not at all resemble the girl’s in the video (keep this statement in mind).

Feeling a bit stunned after having viewed the video, I wrote and sent Chad an email about this during which time he, simultaneously, was writing an email to me that I had yet to read. And this is what it said:

“I experienced the most amazing occurrence this evening! I was providing a friend with feedback on a project of his, when he said he wanted to show me something on [his] computer. He turned on the computer, and there, in the middle of the screen (on the wallpaper background) was a cloud in the shape of a heart! I couldn’t believe it! Truly another synchronicity! It was a trip, and shook me up a little bit…”

Recall in the “Hearts Everywhere” post above I mention that I had been pointing out to him several heart-shaped clouds in the sky and some, surprisingly symmetric.

The “Into the Mystic” video: Removed due to copyright infringement unfortunately.


Divine Message – Hands Everywhere – Niwot, Colorado, April 2015

There were two events that I debated as to whether or not to include on this site and ultimately decided not to. One is another synchronicity involving hands featured in the “Into the Mystic” video (refer to post above) for, I thought it might bore the reader. And the other is political and, for the most part, I do not feel political issues and events are appropriate for this site. However, the political event does contain a meaningful message about the power of “the word.” Nevertheless, initially I decided not to include either account.

Chad offered to stop by my home early yesterday morning (Friday, April 24) to help me with the carrying and photographing of some of my artworks to include in this site. As I mentioned before, together we review and edit the written content on this site. He was aware of my decision not to include the aforementioned two accounts. Yet, the night before he stopped by, I was in bed, and not feeling inclined to read either “A Course in Miracles” or the April issue of “Astronomy” magazine. I removed a book from my night stand drawer that, although a very good book, I stopped reading it a third of the way through several months ago. It is titled: “The Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes; a philosophical / spiritual book. I opened to page 211 where I had left off and this is what is written there, the subtitle: “The Power of the Word.” Then on the next page, page 212, under the subtitle “Seeing Perfection,” it begins with “When Jesus said to the man “Stretch forth thy hand,” he undoubtedly saw a perfect hand!” Obviously, I now knew I needed to include the two posts; the one about the hands and the other an account of a political event.

DSCN0122In the post above I mentioned that my hands do not at all look like the girl’s in the “Into the Mystic” video (above). Not only is there an obvious, considerable age difference between the girl and I (made apparent by the image of her hand) but decades of handling rags saturated with oil paint and turpentine has not been particularly helpful either. The synchronicity though is this: the video also features a hand bent backwards at the wrist and in the palm of the hand is a painted image of a landscape. Last year, here in Niwot where I live, around twenty large cement hands bent backwards at the wrist, palms facing upwards (forming seats) were installed throughout the commercial part of town. Local artists (high school students perhaps) were then commissioned with the task of painting something on the hands; most of which were landscapes and garden scenes. Chad and I walk by them making comments (not necessarily favorable) about them, and not infrequently. They look just like the hand in the video!

When Chad was helping me move and carry paintings to photograph we stumbled upon a work that I had entirely forgotten about: “A study of hands and texture” (another synchronicity). So I photographed it along with the others and placed it here!


Miraculous Manifestation – If You Build it and They Will Come – October Halloween 2014, January 2015 and April 2015

Below are three synchronistic events that intertwine, that connect:

On Halloween, last October, Chad and I went to the Boulder, Pearl Street Mall to have dinner, listen to the University of Colorado marching band playing there as part of the celebration and, to observe the parade of people out in their costumes (some quite marvelous). At around 9:00 pm, we were walking toward where his car was parked with the intention of heading home. We had parked in a residential area near the mall and festivities. As we walked along the sidewalk, side-by-side, the sidewalk narrowed due to some overgrown bushes encroaching on it. So I stepped off of the sidewalk and onto the grassy area between the sidewalk and the street. Almost immediately, I tripped on a pipe sticking out of the ground which resulted in my fracturing my arm in two places. We spent several hours afterwards in the emergency room at the local hospital. I won’t go into how much pain I was in.

A couple of days later Chad was out for the evening and I was at home watching a 1990’s movie on my computer called “Remains of the Day.” The phone rang and it was Chad. Before answering it I reached for the mouse then sought and found the pause button, stopping the movie. Chad and I immediately began discussing the fall: how it happened, was my arm still hurting a good deal? did I sleep alright? etc. Then suddenly, I noticed the scene in the movie where I had paused it and burst out laughing. The butler in the movie had tripped and fallen in an area between the grass and a cemented area. The scene showed him flat on the ground, on his stomach with both of his arms extended up over his head; just as I was positioned when I fell! (In fact, when asked to describe what happened by the physician at the hospital, I had described the position of my arms and body being exactly like the butler’s in the movie).

I was considering building this art and miracles website, as was suggested to me by Chad, several months prior to actually beginning the project in February, 2015. As I thought about it, and before embarking on the project, I kept repeating in my mind the words “If you build it they will come.” I’m not sure why this particular sentence came to mind (it never had before) other than to encourage myself to construct the website. The source of the phrase may be due to my having watched a movie several years ago about baseball called “Field of Dreams” starring Kevin Costner. If recall correctly, this phrase, or something close to it, is often repeated in the movie. I have since wondered if my internal voice repeating the phrase suggested that more miracles will come, or people will come to my website, or both.

I had attended an ‘open to the public’ physics lecture at the University of Colorado on a Saturday afternoon (in April 2015). Chad and I had arranged to meet up after the lecture at a local organic foods market and café, Alfalfa’s. I arrived before him and, while waiting in the café area of the market, I overheard one of two men seated together a couple of tables over from me, say to the other, “If you build it they will come.” This surprised me!

hand with LegoChad and I had just completed a jig saw puzzle featuring a map of the world. We dabbled in it mostly;  working on it now and then. We considered getting another when I suggested that, instead of a puzzle, we get some Lego blocks and build something: a sky scraper, or a sculpture of some kind, or a castle, I went on. He thought this was a fine idea. So, a couple of days following the lecture and getting together at Alfalfa’s (as mentioned above) and having completed the puzzle, we had dinner at a restaurant in downtown Boulder, near the Pearl Street Mall. And, it was our intention to go to a toy store afterward and check out their Lego products.

Chad parked on the same street where I had fallen and fractured my arm five months before. We stopped at the place where I fell and noticed that the bushes that were encroaching on the sidewalk had since been trimmed back. We then looked at the pipe, which was still sticking out of the ground, when suddenly, our eyes landed on a bright blue object in the grass next to the pipe – a Lego! That Lego, featured in the image above, is here on my desk symbolically reminding me: If I Build it they will come.

I need to add that when we did go to the toy store and looked at the Lego products I was shocked to discover the violent themes of many of the products. I did not have children and have had little reason to go into toy stores most of my adult life. The same with is true with video games and movies. This is disgusting and needs to change.   



This project has begun to take on a life its own, so-to-speak. Not only since I began this project am I experiencing miraculous, synchronistic events almost daily (more frequently than I’ve ever experienced them) but Chad is now experiencing them too, whereas he never had prior to meeting me. In fact, when we first began seeing each other, nearly a year ago now, I told him that I experienced miracles rather frequently. He didn’t say anything, he just rolled his eyes. Now he is reading “A Course in Miracles” and doing the daily exercises.

Besides my experiencing an increase in miraculous, or synchronistic, events what else is surprising is how the format of the website is working out: meaning that where the written accounts are placed are contextually connecting with other accounts of miracles placed just prior to the new entry. I am not at all planning and placing them with the intent of connecting the events in any way. I’m selecting and placing them almost randomly. Nor is there any chronological order for I am not concerning myself with that either. The format of this site is working itself out on its own it seems.

The best thing though is that my artwork is fitting in with the text so very well, illustrating the accounts. I have dozens and dozens of paintings on my walls, in my basement, and stacked up in the studio because my career did not go anywhere no matter how hard I tried. This has bothered me great deal over the years. I put so much into my art career for heaven’s sake! And now look, here they have found a home; a place to display them that almost, dare I say, miraculously seems as if it has always been intended for them to be exhibited in this way; to illustrate these miraculous accounts.

I cannot encourage the reader enough to write down their own synchronistic, miraculous experiences for, if you write them down more will come. And, believe me, you are experiencing at least some whether you recognize them as such or not. Not only are they joyful but, rarely are they trivial; nearly all possess a message … a meaningful message.


The Power of Being For the Greater Good – The 1992 Presidential Elections – Denver, Stapleton Airport, Election Day, November 1992

In 1992, having been inspired by the upcoming presidential elections, I decided to volunteer with the Boulder County Democratic Party. The candidates at that time were: the incumbent President George H. W. Bush, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton and Texas businessman Ross Perot. As I watched the three candidates speak on various news channels and televised debates there was a particular instant, while watching Bill Clinton speak, that it suddenly dawned on me: the great power of being for, not against anyone or anything, but for what best serves the greater good, the good of all. It felt like an epiphany; like I suddenly realized the power of words, and the importance of how something, an intention, is worded. For example: Being for a beautiful, healthy and thriving planet, rather than against air pollution, fracking, nuclear waste; or, for economic prosperity for one and all rather than against Wall Street shenanigans, or tax evaders taking advantage of tax loopholes. Or politicians speaking of their working along with their colleagues in congress to build cooperation and consensus rather than their fighting special interest groups and the opposing party on behalf of their supporters. We don’t need fighting. We need peace!

When Clinton spoke it was my impression that he was always affirmative and inclusive, meaning including one and all. And, I felt that was what suddenly got through to me when he spoke during a particular debate with Bush and Perot. I suddenly knew that words matter greatly in that if expressed in the affirmative they have far greater creative power than otherwise. In fact, the creative power of “the word” is the what is being referred to in numerous faiths (not just Christianity). There’s even a Beatle’s song that goes “say the word and you’ll be free … say the word and be like me … say the word I’m thinking of … and the only word is Love.”

Anyway, it was the very last day of campaigning for the candidates just prior to the opening of the polls on the morning of Tuesday, November 3, 1992, and Clinton’s last campaign stop was to be at Scan0007Stapleton Airport in Denver at 5:00am that Tuesday morning. And, given all the volunteering I had done, I would not have missed this political event for all the world. The night before I made a large three by four foot sign with big red and blue block letters that read: COLORADO WELCOMES PRESIDENT CLINTON.

The polls indicated that it was a tight race between Bush and Clinton and no one could predict which of the two candidates our next president would be. Also, in 1992 many people still voted at their precincts on election day, and not by mail prior to election day. Therefore, in my mind, the words on the sign, in particular the words PRESIDENT CLINTON, had to be seen by him and as many others as possible. I actually believed that this could potentially, affirmatively influence his winning the election. (Political activists can place an undue amount of importance on their signs).

Unfortunately though, as we were about to depart from Boulder for Stapleton Airport in Denver at around 4:00 am that morning, I discovered that the sign was too big to fit into the car (I hadn‘t factored that in). I ran around the car frantically trying every position possible to get the sign into the car. Eventually, with seats down, a door and window left open, and some rope my husband brilliantly accomplished the task (his MIT education came in handy now and again). It was dark, snowing and freezing outside and therefore, inside the car as well. And, during the entire forty five minute journey to Denver a loud, piercing beeping noise continued to relentlessly inform us that a car door was left open. None of this mattered, we were excited.


Clinton signOnce we had arrived at where the event was to be held, an airplane hangar, I was shocked to see what must have been hundreds of cars flowing into the area. One would have thought it was a Rolling Stones’ concert! I tightly clutched my sign as we walked towards the structure. Yet, as we and the thousands of other people were directed towards the entrance of the hangar, security guards were informing everyone that no signs were allowed inside. What? No way! My husband and I, and a few others I had convinced to help us out, did our best to cluster around the sign thus hiding it, as we walked so we could sneak it inside the hangar. I will not put in writing what I said to the security guard as he insisted that I hand the sign over to him; which I did ever so reluctantly.

A & L StapeltonOnce inside, the atmosphere was exhilarating. Clinton’s plane pulled up alongside the hangar, the airplane door opened and both Hillary and Bill stepped onto a steel platform rolled up next to the airplane door. For a brief moment only, you could see the candidate’s complete exhaustion. Yet, when he saw the crowd and how enthusiastic we all were, his vitality was instantly restored and he gave us a rousing and most encouraging speech. It was great!

The event had come to an end; most of the Clinton supporters had left and Bill and Hillary had gone back inside the plane. Yet, around fifty us remained, lingering inside the hangar. Then next, the guard, the one who took my sign and I was so rude to, kindly informed me that I could go get the sign and bring it in! I ran for it and returned to the hangar with the sign and my husband and I held it up high above our heads facing the closed door of the plane. The other Clinton supporters still there turned their attention towards us, looked at the sign, and soon everyone began loudly and repeatedly chanting, OPEN THE DOOR! OPEN THE DOOR! The door of the plane opened. Clinton emerged and he just stared at the sign for how long I could not say. No one said anything; it was a quiet, meaningful moment.

Once we arrived back home, still rather early that morning, we turned on the television and clicked about the channels scanning the major news networks. All were covering the last campaign stops of the three presidential candidates, and on every channel we saw, images of Adam and I holding our COLORADO WELCOMES PRESIDENT CLINTON sign appeared upon the screen!

The three mages above are from a recording on a VCR of one of the newscasts on that election day morning. A photo lab was able to print these three images from the video as a momento of the event.


“Return of the Wolves”


“Return of the Wolves”  oil on canvas  48″  X 48″  artist: Leslie Taylor

License Plate Synchronicity – Not Weak – Rocky Mountain National Park, September 2014

Chad and I had been hiking for several hours in Rocky Mountain National Park and were departing in my car headed towards the mountain town of Estes Park for a Starbuck’s coffee prior to the drive home. As I was driving I was telling Chad of my concerns regarding how much stress I had experienced during a couple of phases in my life for, I had recently read that prolonged periods of stress can contribute to an individual developing Alzheimer’s disease later in life. One of these phases, I added, was much of my childhood. However, I went on to say, that those formative years (having had a difficult mother and a psychologically distant father) helped me to develop an internal strength, an ability to effectively deal with difficult circumstances later in life that otherwise I did not think I could have. Just as I was saying this, Chad, in the passenger’s seat, noticed the personalized license plate on the car in the lane next to us traveling in the opposite direction, and the letters on the plate were: NOTWEAK.


Detail – “Return of the Wolves”


Street Sign Synchronicity – Learn How to Play – Niwot, Colorado, April 2015

play detailChad and I had gone into the basement of my home and we retrieved a painting I did of an electric guitar that I thought he might want to hang up in his apartment. I hadn’t looked at it in at least four years and, once we found it, it looked better to me than I remembered. I then decided that I would photograph the painting and hopefully find a place to include it in this site. He carried it upstairs for me (it’s rather large) and placed it on my easel in the studio following which, we then went to my computer. We wanted to research online better recording equipment and software for the recording on my page on this site titled “Healing and Oneness Suggestions”. We immediately found and clicked onto an Intel site titled “How to record on a computer.” And, next to the title at the top of the page was a young boy playing the very Fender Clapton Stratocaster guitar featured in my painting.

The next evening Chad and I went for a walk down the main street of the commercial part of the town where I now live. We noticed the new banners hanging from the street lights advertising the upcoming local Summer outdoor music and dance concerts which, in the past, we’ve made a point to attend whenever possible for, they‘re a total blast! On the banners, along with the written information, was a cartoon-like illustration of a similar looking black and white electric guitar!

This synchronicity, albeit not necessarily fascinating, it did produced the perfect location for the placement of the image of the guitar painting on this site:

 “Learn How to Play”


 “Learn How to Play”  oil on canvas   36″ X 48″  artist: Leslie Taylor


Sarah, My Hairdresser – Boulder Colorado, July 2014

I have been a client of Sarah’s, my hairdresser, for several years now. One afternoon in July, and once having sat down at her station, I mentioned Katy Perry the pop singer, being as I saw her photograph on the cover of one of the magazines there. I then went on to state that I thought she was a good person because of a song she had sung called “Firework” and that I believed she sang the song to encourage young girls struggling with cancer. (This was later confirmed when I viewed a video of Katy Perry’s featuring the song). Sarah then responded stating that she had just finished reading the book “The Fault in Our Stars” about a young girl dying of cancer.

Sarah then, changing the topic of conversation, mentioned a client’s son, Bill Sanders (not his real name) who had recently contacted her about his mother. Bill’s mother had mentioned to Sarah, at some point, that he was associated with The Cosmology Group. And Sarah wanted to know if I knew him being as I had been a member of the group for several years, which I did. (Notice the “Fault in our Stars” and cosmology connection).

When I got home and checked my emails there was one in my inbox from a friend forwarding an email sent to him from Bill Sanders. I had not, at this time, had contact with Bill nor any other members of the group for over a year. Nor has this friend ever before forwarded a Cosmology Group email to me.

The forwarded email mentioned an upcoming lecture at University of Colorado by an author who had written a book about space and time, dark energy, and dark matter (which I have a relatively high degree of knowledge about; for a layman anyway). In fact, I wrote a theoretical piece on dark matter and dark energy that also includes gravity and the weak and strong forces. I did attend the CU lecture and following the physicist author’s talk I was able to share with him a bit about my theory which he, and others, found rather interesting.

Note: I have since published on this website in the chapter titled “The Space-time Universe” the aforementioned theory. It is applicable here, to this metaphysics site, because I believe the theory also explains certain paranormal phenomena (precognition, ESP, knowings, etc.).

It is not at all unusual for Sarah and I to experience synchronistic, connecting events. She also seems to exhibit an ability to anticipate my thoughts then bring them up in conversation prior to my verbalizing them. She does this naturally; without effort. I have mentioned to her that perhaps given her career, a hairdresser, she has developed empathy and good listening skills; skills necessary for her success. And, that these skills, along with the personal and touching quality of her profession, that being to groom another, may contribute to her aptitude here.


 “Here Comes the Night”


 The painting above is titled: “Here Comes the Night”  24″ X 24″  artist Leslie Taylor

“Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair, shining, gleaming …” Lyrics from a 1960’s song from the Broadway musical “Hair” – September 2014

I was in my car driving home to Niwot from Boulder and, for some reason, I reflected on an incident that occurred decades ago, in the 1970’s. I was waiting on tables in a restaurant and bar in San Francisco and a group of young people entered, one of whom had long, straight, shinny, pure white hair. (Upon reflection, after the incident, I determined that she was probably an albino). Initially, I only saw her from the back and with my hand I touched her hair and said “how beautiful.” She quickly turned around and venomously told me not to touch her hair while looking at me with extreme hostility. I have no idea why I was reflecting on this event that had occurred so long ago.

Later that evening I turned on the computer and found a Ted Talks video that interested me; a comedy. The comedienne had extraordinarily big bushy hair which she referred to during her stand-up comedy routine. She mentioned that it was irritating to her when people touch her hair without even asking for permission first. (I guess that explained the woman’s reaction to me in the restaurant years prior).

Nancy Devine’s Divine Message – Boulder, Colorado 2014

I had mentioned to Chad, my romantic partner, of two comedians, sex sirens, of the early 1950’s: Mae West and the lesser known Diane Devine (the actor’s name; or so I thought for I remembered very little about her). I found some great YouTube videos of old movies featuring Mae West but could not find anything online about Ms. (although in reality a male) Devine. One reason I was having difficulty finding anything about the personality, Diane Devine, was because a number of other Devine’s showed-up when the name was searched. So I dropped the subject believing my memory to be too vague about the actor and instead turned my attention to the local newspaper, the “Daily Camera”. To my surprise, on the front page, was an article about a 41 year old woman named Nancy Devine. She had overcome colon cancer and a broken neck, and was to compete in her second Ironman triathlon competition. Quite amazing! Nancy Devine had expressed in the article how serous setbacks in life can produce unforeseen favorable circumstances later in life. It was a very inspiring story.

What is of note here are the names (or homophones: words that sound the same but spelled differently) “Devine” and “Divine” and, more importantly, Nancy Devine’s message. Truthfully, I don’t know that I would have read the story if not for the synchronicity. Later, I did find some information on a very eccentric Hollywood personality named Diane Divine (rather than Devine).


 Visions – The Pantheon in Ancient Rome – Niwot, Colorado 2013

I was in a meditative-like state during which I experienced a strong knowing and vision in my mind’s eye. I was at the Pantheon, a place I have never been to nor researched. I only knew that it was located in Rome yet I knew very little of its current or past structural design nor of its use presently or in ancient Rome when it was originally built. But, I was aware during this experience, this vision, that I was inside the building and that I was a Roman Senator. I saw that there was a circular hole in the center of the domed ceiling allowing for the “light of heaven” to shine from above to the floor of the Pantheon below. This was to allow the light during midday, when the Sun was overhead (or at its highest point in the sky depending on the season) to shine onto the reigning Emperor giving him a celestial appearance and bestow wisdom, or enlightenment, upon him during important meetings and announcements. I also knew that only the Emperor was allowed to stand in the light and this was strictly adhered to. However, on very rare and important political occasions, he would invite another to stand in the light with him.

According to the vision, the main floor of the Pantheon was circular and the circumference of the circular floor was surrounded by various statues and columns. When the Senate would congregate in the Pantheon, the senators mingled with one another, discussed the issues and their positions regarding such and, while doing so, they would strategically meander about eventually congregating in groups or by themselves (should no other share their position) around a particular statue that symbolically represented their position on an issue and/or allegiance to another or others. This effectively cast a vote.

My perspective, during the vision, was such that I was standing between and a bit behind two columns, alone and in a rather darkened area. I seemed to feel uncomfortable as I observed the other senators whispering, mingling and congregating, then later the arrival of the Emperor and his taking his place in the circular beam of light shining from above onto the Pantheon floor. When I experienced this knowing of this particular event, I was certain of my having been there and that I was a Roman senator. So convinced I was of my having been there and how the interior of the Pantheon was structurally designed, where the statues and columns were placed, and how all was politically utilized, I drew a sketch based on this rather involved and detailed knowing experience.


 “Angels and Demons” Visions – Boulder, Colorado,  January, 2015 (continued from the “Pantheon in Ancient Rome” above)

Around two years had passed since the vision and knowing experience (see “The Pantheon in Ancient Rome” reported above). Chad and I were watching the movie “Angels and Demons” by Ron Howard on my computer. At one point during the movie, and to my amazement, a scene was flashed of the interior of the Pantheon. It perfectly depicted what I had seen in my mind’s eye all the way down to the position of the observer in the movie being exactly where I envisioned myself to be standing: in a darkened area between two columns looking outward at a circular interior surrounded by statues and columns. The movie also briefly flashed the circular beam of light shining from the ceiling above! Stunned, I paused the video and told Chad about the vision and its striking similarities with the scene in the movie. In fact, I went on quite a bit about it describing the vision and knowing experience I had a couple of years prior. I even brought it up three or four times over the next few days so amazed by the similarities between the scene in the movie and my “vision” from the past. Chad contributed further stating that the Rotunda at the University of Virginia where he attended college was designed to resemble the Pantheon.

The Pantheon and The Rotunda at the University of Virginia – Boulder, Colorado, April 16 (and continued from “The Pantheon in Ancient Rome” and “Angels and Demons” above).

Chad reviews and edits my posts and therefore, together, we discuss their content as I continue to input text and artwork on the website. As we were reviewing the two above posts he checked Wikipedia online for further details about the Rotunda at the University of Virginia for any additional information about the structure that may be of general interest to us and this is what was written:

“The Rotunda was designed by Thomas Jefferson and inspired by the Pantheon in Rome. Construction began in 1822 and completed following his death on July 4, 1826.  The collegiate structure and Jefferson’s nearby home in Monticello are one of only three man-made sites in the United States protected and preserved as international World Heritage sites by UNESCO. The other two being the Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were debated and decided upon.”

Note: Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were both members of a five man committee assigned to draft the Declaration of Independence. They were also the second and third presidents of the United States and political adversaries. Adams, whom had been George Washington’s Vice President, beat Jefferson by two electoral votes. In the next presidential election, Jefferson beat Adams. Both died on the same day fifty years following the date of the birth of the nation – July 4th 1776. At the time, many felt that the coincidence associated with their deaths, along with the mending of the two men’s political and personal acrimony, just prior to their deaths, augured well for the newly forming nation. 

The WikipediCopy - Copy - DSCN0096a article continues: “Being as the university was the first here in the U.S. where students could study astronomy, Jefferson considered painting the interior of the Rotunda dome depicting the night sky. He even went so far as to design a mechanism with which students could “float” through the air and study heavenly bodies. It also would have been constructed with a control allowing for the movement of the stars around the dome. Had this been accomplished this would have been the first planetarium in the United States.”

I was a little stunned as I read the above information on Wikipedia about the Rotunda that, only now (as I write this), have I learned about. For, recall my considerable interest and learning of cosmology (which naturally includes astronomy) mentioned in previous posts. But, what is even more striking, is the piece I wrote and recorded prior to having learned anything at all about the UVA Rotunda (other than it resembles the Pantheon as Chad had conveyed to me). If the reader follows up here by going to the page on this site titled “Healing and Oneness Suggestions” and either listens to the recording and/or reads the script they will understand my amazement. The reason being, that during the recording (and written in the script posted on that page) following the relaxation suggestions, I take the listener on a walk through a spectacular valley which leads to a large white marble gazebo-like structure with Corinthian marble columns. And, in the dome shaped ceiling above is a large circular window that a beam of light shines through and downwards. The listener is then led to stand in this beam of light. Then, towards the end of the recording I suggest that the listener feels as though they are “floating in this light … floating in pure love.” I wrote the script and made the recording based on my own “holy instant” experience (go to the Home page and scroll down to “A Holy Instant”) and my walks through the Estes Park valley in the Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park never consciously considering the Pantheon or the UVA Rotunda when I wrote the “Healing and Oneness Suggestions” script. There are even more synchronicities associated with the Rotunda, the Pantheon and the recording but, I feel the message is clear enough as is.

The image above is a detail of a larger painting that could be titled “Frame of Reference” or “The Equivalence Principal”


Magpie’s Synchronicity –  Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, September 2014

Magpie was a childhood nickname of mine (when other children intended to taunt or tease me) being as my maiden name was Maggy. Magpies are relatively large blue, black and white birds; possessing a striking and formidable appearance. Years ago, I saw a woman feeding Magpies directly from her hand in Rocky Mountain National Park alongside a road at an area where cars could pull over, park, and from there, view the spectacular vista of the powerful mountainscape surrounding the Estes Park valley below. The birds would swoop up to her hand, take the food, then fly off. I had no food with me at the time so I could not do the same but, the memory of incident has remained with me ever since (probably because I am fascinated by birds in general).

Chad and I were hiking to Bierstadt Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park and, once having trekked approximately three miles to the lake from the trailhead, we hopped onto a comfortable rock in the grassy marsh-like area surrounding the lake thinking it a fine place to sit down and have a bite to eat. From there, the view of the lake before us and the mountains and glaciers off in the distance was quite fantastic. I removed from my backpack a granola bar and, while unwrapping it, the crackling noise of the cellophane paper seemed to attract three medium-sized gray birds (Gray Jays I later learned) into the pine trees nearby. Recalling the Magpie incident years prior I tried placing a small chunk of the granola bar in the palm of my outstretched hand to see if the birds would fly up to my hand and take the food offering. To my surprise, within but a few minutes, one did just that. I replaced the food and another bird of the same species did just the same. Then another, and this went on for some time. One bird in particular seemed less skittish than the other two and would stay at my hand a little longer. At one point it perched there for several minutes while we just looked at each other.

Chad and I marveled at this unexpected experience and he asked me if I knew that the birds would take the food directly from my hand. I said no, I did not, but then told him of the incident with the Magpies years ago and thought perhaps I might have a similar experience with these birds.

Once we, and the birds, had eaten all the food we brought with us Chad and I departed heading for the for the trailhead where we could catch a bus that would drop us off where we parked our car. On the crowded bus, standing next to us, was a man wearing a T-shirt with the words “The Magpies” written on it.


Precognition – Red and White Flowers – Boulder, Colorado, June 2014

I attended a political fundraising event for Senator Mark Udall who was up for re-election in November. The event was in a lovely home in Boulder, Colorado. On the dining room table along with the appetizers were three small flower vases each with white tulips in them. Observing the simple, yet charming, centerpiece arrangement I internally thought, or fantasized, how wonderful it would be if the hostess offered as a gift to a few of the guests (me in particular) one of the little vases of white tulips to take home with them.

After the event I caught up with Chad at an outdoor concert and dance. We had a lovely evening dancing together after which he wanted me to follow him to his car to give me something (prior to my getting into my car and heading home) . And from the trunk of his car he took out and surprised me with a little glass vase with red roses in it.

“White Centerpiece”

white lady

“White Centerpiece”  oil on canvas   36″ X 24″  artist: Leslie Taylor (Leslie Maggy when painted)

More Red and White Flowers and the Della Terra Mountain Chateau – Estes Park, Colorado, July 2014 (my birthday)

Aflowers victorian couple of weeks later following the political event for Senator Udall described in the post above, Chad treated me to a beautiful romantic surprise for my birthday. He had reserved a room at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau; an elegant hotel in Estes Park, in the Rocky Mountains here in Colorado. We checked into the hotel then went for a hike and afterward, we had dinner at the renown, historic Stanley Hotel about a mile from the chateau.

That evening, as we were departing for dinner at the Stanley Hotel, we stopped by a small alcove just outside our hotel room which was decorated with photographs, artifacts, and newspaper clippings; a memorial and tribute to several of the proprietor’s ancestors. We could see that a deceased male relative of his had been commemorated with a U.S. flag folded into a triangle, military style, as is the custom having received a military funeral service being as this relative had served in the armed forces. We noted the folded flag displayed there, observed a photograph of the relative in uniform and read some of the newspaper articles also on display in an attempt to determine whether or not he had lost his life in combat and, discovered that he had not.


child SF victorianUpon our return from dinner, as I was showering, Chad had sprinkled red rose petals on the bed. It was a fantastically romantic birthday. The next morning, I noticed that the red rose petals were as fresh as the night before so I scooped them up and put them in a plastic bag to take home with me. When I arrived home, I scattered them all over the white petunias in the planter box at the front of the entrance to my home. I then returned a phone message I received from my mother while away.

Her second husband, Dale, had passed away a few days before. He was elderly and had been suffering from emphysema for quite sometime. During the call she described in detail Dale’s funeral in California. And, that he had been commemorated with a military style funeral and a US flag folded into a triangle upon during the service having been a veteran; serving in World War II (which I was unaware of). The service ended with my mother and his daughter placing red and white roses on the casket.

It sounded as though it was a touching service and she sounded quite at peace and well looked after by neighbors and other relations.

The two images above were a part of a larger painting of a Victorian home in San Francisco. It was one of my first paintings, perhaps my third, painted years ago. I didn’t care much for the whole of the piece so I cropped out these two parts and discarded the rest.

“Journey to the Center of the Earth” Synchronicity – Estes Park, Colorado, July 2014

Rocks can be quite beautiful and I enjoy collecting them. I was telling Chad that as a child I was enchanted by the movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (the one made in the late 1950’s). I told him that I remembered two scenes in particular: One where the adventurers were shot out of the center of the Earth in a huge bowl from the crater of an erupting volcano. And the other scene was where one of the characters chipped off a large ruby crystal protruding from the wall of a cavern deep inside the Earth filled with gemstones which then led to a flooding and other perils. I told Chad that the scene of crystal cavern struck me as particularly beautiful and I’ve since wondered if that particular scene is what sparked my interest in rocks and rock collecting. I then went on to say that during our upcoming trip to Estes Park for my birthday I would like to browse through some of the excellent rock shops while there.

Two days later, on my birthday and following our hike in the mountains, we were sitting in the Starbucks coffee shop in downtown Estes Park. Chad had gone to order our coffees while I remained at the table. While waiting for him to return, I decided to look at the local Estes Park newspaper. But, before doing so, I silently told myself I would like to experience a synchronistic event involving one of the newspaper’s articles. I then randomly opened the newspaper landing on a picture of an old poster advertising the movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth” along with an article announcing the local library’s free showing of the 1950’s version of the movie.


Teleportation Perhaps?  Ruby and Diamond Necklace – Boulder, Colorado, December 2003

In 2002, on my birthday, my husband, Adam, surprised me with an extraordinary present: a ruby and diamond necklace with earrings to match (ruby is my birthstone). This was most generous and I was not at all expecting such a lovely gift. The necklace is not a piece of jewelry one wears everyday, but rather, on special occasions.

I had taken the necklace with me on a trip to San Francisco to wear during our visit with relatives over the Christmas holidays in 2003. We were staying at the lovely, historic Palace Hotel there. This hotel is quite renown for having survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire. It is also famous for its scrumptious Sunday City Brunch in the Garden Court Restaurant. My grandparents and other relatives of mine had dined at the Palace Hotel for Sunday brunch since well before I was born. The hotel is also famous for a mural painted by Maxfield Parrish on display in the hotel’s Pied Piper Restaurant behind the bar. It is such a beautiful painting. Maxfield Parrish is one of my favorite artists and, when I was very young, I thought … oh, how I wish I could paint like him! (I still think that actually).

We had a lovely time being tourists and catching up with relatives. But, to my horror, once we had returned home and unpacked, I discovered my necklace was missing. I could not locate it anywhere. I had kept it in a small, brightly colored, cloth pouch Adam’s parents had brought me from the Philippines. The next morning, following our return from San Francisco, I still could not find the necklace or the pouch anywhere and thought perhaps a member of the hotel staff had stolen it from my luggage while we were out. I called the hotel and they forwarded my call to the individual in charge of hotel security. He was genuinely concerned and together we went over where I could have misplaced it. He asked if I took the precaution of insuring it; which I hadn’t. I told him of its sentimental value to me and he continued to listen and sincerely sympathize.

After the call, I went into the bedroom, sat on the bed, and said to myself, “I want my necklace. I do, I want it returned to me.” I then went into the bathroom where there was a long tile counter with two sinks and a set of three drawers beneath the counter between the sinks. In the small, thin, top drawer was a plastic tray filled with toiletries. I opened the drawer with the intention of grooming; brushing my teeth, combing my hair, etc., and the pouch seemed to fall out of nowhere onto the tray, making a noise as it did! I had probably opened and shut that drawer at least two or three times since our return from San Francisco the day before. After I looked inside the pouch and assured myself that the necklace was indeed inside, I then placed my hands in the area under the counter above the drawer to feel if it could have been caught there. There was nothing but a flat sheet of plywood and the strait edge lip of the counter; nothing could have been stuck there.

Being as the man I spoke with at the hotel was so kind and concerned I called him back and told him that I had found the necklace and he was genuinely relieved and glad for me.


“Ole!”  oil on canvas  36″ X 48″  artist: Leslie Taylor. Notice the “diamonds” on her blouse. I did this painting years ago. If I were to paint it today I would not have included the bull and picador for my sentiments about how animals are treated are quite different now than in the past. Chad is a vegetarian and I eat very little meat.  


 What’s in a Name? A Surprising Coincidence – Boulder, Colorado, June 2014

When Chad and I first met we soon learned that we both had the same last names. This is not so very surprising as our last names are Taylor, and Taylor is a common surname in the United States. However, a few weeks following our having met, I discovered that his middle name is Warner. Chad’s grandfather’s middle name is also Warner, John Warner Taylor, as is my ex-husband’s father’s middle and last name, Henry Warner Taylor. Both families have traveled around the globe extensively with a number of family members living and working both here in the U.S. and abroad (not military families). Chad, while growing up, lived in five different countries: Mali, Niger, Bolivia, Nepal and the United States. His home base however was Arlington, Virginia and my ex-husband’s family is in Baltimore, Maryland. The distance between the two cities (by car) is but forty-four miles.

The reader is encouraged to, at this point in the website, go to the top of the home page on this site and click onto the page titled “The Plan for the World’s Salvation” from “A Course in Miracles” and read what is written there. Once having done so, they will see why now is a good time to be referred to that particular piece.

Infinite Potential Synchronicities– Niwot Colorado October 2014

I was in the process of writing a paper based, partially, on a book I had just finished reading titled “Infinite Potential – What Quantum physics reveals about how we should live” by the quantum chemist Lothar Schafer. I decided to include a physics concept called the Pauli Exclusion Principal where I made a statement, a conjecture, about electrons and the principal (that being that no two particles can occupy the same quantum state) which I later learned was completely wrong. I found this out by, once having finished writing for the day, and scrolling through my numerous (at least a hundred) bookmarked sites searching for an online game I had played several months before.

While searching for the game I happened to come across a 2004 bookmarked article titled “The Pauli Exclusion Principal.” I had completely forgotten that I had bookmarked the article and was rather surprised to find it there. And, since I had just included the Pauli Exclusion Principal in my paper I figured I should postpone playing a computer game and instead click onto the site and see what the article had to say, which I did. Well, once having read the article, I could then see that what I had written, my conjecture, was wrong, very wrong, and I needed to either rewrite or delete that part, which I did. The since completed article titled “The Higher States” can be found at in the Miracles For All chapter (J) “Brilliant / Scientist Philosophers.”

Also, for some weeks prior to the aforementioned incident, I had not had any synchronistic or miraculous experiences. Whereas before that I was experiencing them almost daily (they do come and go). I began to wonder if this was due to my having temporarily abandoned “A Course in Miracles” teachings in favor of reading books and articles about recent as well as established scientific findings and concepts. (I thoroughly enjoy science and a number of fields). Anyway, it was as though I was questioning if my loyalty, or in this case disloyalty perhaps, to the “messenger” of the teachings in “A Course In Miracles” (that would be Jesus Christ) was preventing my experiencing miracles (as absurd as that concern may seem to some).

Back to the “Pauli Exclusion Principal” article: Once having finished reading the article, and discovering my mistake, I scrolled further down and saw that the author, the nuclear physicist Dan Sewell Ward, had referenced works by two other scientists: the first being Lothar Schafer! Lothar Schafer is not particularly renown, currently anyway, in either scientific or metaphysical circles as is, for example: Rupert Sheldrake (“Morphic Resonance” and “Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home”), Deepak Chopra (“Quantum Healing”), Fritjof Capra (“The Tao of Physics”) and Amit Goswami (“The Self Aware Universe”).

From that moment on, the miraculous experiences returned and almost daily. One can clearly see here the help (as in what was wrong in my paper) or the answers to questions (regarding my spiritual loyalty) provided by synchronicitic events which are rarely, if ever, insignificant.


Miraculous Manifestation – Birds Everywhere –  – Boulder and Estes Park, CO 2014 and 2015

It was an early evening in July 2014 and Chad and I were sharing descriptions of what we each thought would be an idyllic home environment. He described his following which I described mine. Then, as an after thought, I added: birds would be a significant aspect of my life at my ideal home. The next morning he got up before I did and was downstairs working on his computer. Later, a considerable racket just outside the French doors of my bedroom leading to the bedroom deck woke me up. I peered through the curtains and could see that there were around 25 to 30 blue jays on my deck, on the roof just above the deck and in the two small trees just beyond the deck. This had never occurred before nor has it happened since, now a year later.

A couple of weeks later Chad and I headed up to Estes Park to do some hiking. The weather did not cooperate and we decided to picnic at the lake in the valley instead of going hiking up one of the many mountain trails. After selecting and situating ourselves at a picnic table I walked towards the lake and announced I would like to see a bald eagle. Soon one appeared, circling overhead for several minutes then flew off. Then, but a few minutes after that, another larger bald eagle did the same; again circling overhead for five minutes or so before flying off.

SOARINGI’ve seen bald eagles in Boulder; perhaps one, occasionally two, annually. However, I’ve never seen them in the Summer; only in February or March. Every year for the past five years (up until last year) my mother and her husband would drive their RV to Rocky Mountain National Park (among other national parks) and stay in Estes Park for two weeks. And, when asked, she told me they never once saw bald eagles while vacationing in Colorado.

A couple of weeks ago Chad and I were hiking along one of the Boulder Front Range hiking trails. On the trail we came across a robin. It did not move as we got closer and I got the distinct impression that it wanted to hop along with us which it did for 15 minutes or so. We kept our distance behind the bird, around eight feet, so as not to frighten it off as it would waddle and hop ahead occasionally stopping and turning sideways to check on us.

I had a very similar experience several years ago with a sea turtle while snorkeling in a cove in Maui. The sea turtle came right up to me, its face but a couple of feet from mine, turned around and slowly swam ahead, directly in front of me, and I constantly maintaining about the same distance from the turtle as we did with the robin; eight to ten feet. And, like the robin, the turtle would periodically look back checking up on me. In fact, I had mentioned the turtle incident twice a few days prior to our hike along the Front Range: once to Chad and, on another occasion, to a boy who had told me he was going to Hawaii later on in the summer. So, when I saw the robin standing in the path and not flying off I thought of the turtle and got the same impression, that being that it wanted to along, on the path with us, for a while, which it did.


Lucid Dreaming and Synchronicity – Just Because  – Niwot and Estes Park, CO – June 2015

I decided to attempt to develop lucid dreaming; dreams where the individual is fully aware that they are dreaming and able to intentionally and consciously direct the circumstances in the dream. Like most people, I’ve had a couple of dreams where I knew I was dreaming yet they were brief and I did little to further the experience either during those particular dreams or endeavoring to have additional and more advanced lucid dream experiences. A bit over a week ago, as of this writing, I purchased and have been reading a book by Robert Waggoner, a highly experienced lucid dreamer, and applying some of the suggested techniques in his book, “Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple.” For example: when you find yourself flying or floating down stairs in a dream note that these are not natural experiences and say to yourself, “I must be dreaming” or, by looking at your hands while dreaming, or feeling a wall then seeing your hands go through the wall. For, these too are opportunities to launch a lucid dream.

I have been informing Chad of my intentions, the book’s contents, and my progress. That being that I immediately began recalling more dreams but until two nights ago, again as of this writing, I had not experienced a lucid dream. Chad did however. He became aware, while asleep and dreaming, that he was dreaming during which he observed his body sleeping yet noting that while his body slept he was fully conscious.

In one dream I had I was observing a number of people floating around in little seats similar to the ones placed on chairs so a small child can sit like an adult at a table: booster seats. The seats in my dream were made of a dense, spongy rubber material. When I awoke I thought about the material that the little seats were made of for, the material seemed a significant aspect of the dream. Then a few nights later I dreamt I was in a building trying to find my way to stairs leading to the ground floor and kept turning into hallways that lead nowhere. Then, I touched the walls of the building and discovered that they were made of the same dense spongy material that the booster seats were made of in the dream referred to above. This launched a brief, but completely lucid dream experience. And naturally, when I awoke, I was quite happy about this.

Chad and I had made plans to hike in Estes Park the following day and he had arrived at my home early in the morning for that purpose. He brought with him a little vase filled with small white flowers and one large bright pink daisy-like flower. I asked him what the occasion was and he responded “Just because.” So, I said I would like the flowers to signify the beginning of lucid dream experiences and I then explained that now I too, like him, have had a lucid dream.

We then drove to Estes Park and hiked on a relatively steep path for 1.7 miles to a destination called Gem Lake. We took our time, not only because it was particularly steep, especially the last 0.5 miles, but because there were so many beautiful wild flowers of varying species and in a variety of colors to pause and enjoy looking at. The weather was perfect, and the views along the way of the spectacular mountains surrounding the Estes Park valley below made this our best hike ever; almost surreal everything was so beautiful.


Dear reader, please bare with this seemingly, silly account:

Soon after we began our descent down the mountain, I needed to relieve myself. I ventured off the path a substantial distance, for privacy, and was making my way toward an upright slab of DSCN0137granite I could hide behind. Next to the rock was a bush and as I passed it I saw a bright pink object nested well inside and at the base of the bush. When finished, I turned my attention to the object and reached through the branches and leaves of the bush, a full arm’s length, grabbing a dense, spongy, about six inches in diameter, ball. It was a child’s, probably a little girl’s, toy soccer ball; bright pink with black pentagons. And, in excellent condition; not at all soiled as though it had recently been placed there. The material that the ball was made of was the very same material the little seats and the walls in my dreams were made of. Few things that I am aware of are made of this material; toys generally. I wondered what was the significance of, or reason for, this spongy material appearing in my two dreams and later, the ball’s substance. Chad put the ball in his backpack and we brought it back with us.

As we were driving home a flashy red sports car zoomed past us. It had personalized license plates that read “JUST CUZ.” Recall when I asked him why he brought me flowers he responded, “Just because.”

“The Continuity of Consciousness”

I have been editing an abridged version of Rudolf Steiner’s “How to Know Higher Worlds,” that I wrote a couple of years ago. Both the book and author are quite fascinating. The morning following my lucid dream experience and our hike to Gem Lake in Estes Park I began editing while having coffee. This is where I had left off the day before beginning at a section titled “The Continuity of Consciousness”:

Revelations in dream life are not actual knowledge so long as the events or messages do not also reveal themselves during ordinary waking life. But, in time, the student achieves this as well; they develop this faculty of carrying over into waking consciousness a condition they created for themselves out of their dream life. Thus something new is introduced into the world on one’s physical sensory experience and enriches it.”

Hotdog Spirituality – Boulder, Colorado – June 2015

Chad was online searching for jokes to include in an electronic folder where he keeps jokes he likes and came upon one which he stored in the folder. Here‘s the joke:

“What did the Zen Buddhist say to the (presumably tofu) hotdog vendor?”

“Make me one with everything.”

The next day his father told him that he and his mother had gone to the Boulder Bookstore the night before to hear a talk by the author, Lama Surya Das, about his newly released book titled: “Make Me One with Everything.



For more miracles click on chapter (C) above titled:  MIRACLES – Precognitive Occurrences, Divine Message, Help from a Higher Source, Lucid Dreaming, Synchronicity, etc. Or, click onto the link below: